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Episode 139: Getting Started with SQL Server in Azure

"The move to the cloud is inevitable." Listening to Microsoft marketing and all the MVPs out there, it can certainly seem like we are getting further and further behind each day we aren't use cloud services. Sure, lift and shift of VM resources are straightforward at this point and they are happening with more frequency; however, this doesn't mean everyone is leveraging cloud services. How do you go about trying to prepare for the future when the company you work for isn't quite ready to...


Episode 138: Meeting of the Minds

I invited our fearless panelists Kevin Feasel and Eugene Meidinger to join me for a podcast discussion. We couldn't agree on a topic so we'll just call this episode Meeting of the Minds. You're welcome. The show notes for today's episode can be found at http://sqldatapartners.com/2018/06/06/episode-138-meeting-of-the-minds. Have fun on the SQL Trail!


Episode 137: You want to work with Analytics?

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by Any Other Name would smell as sweet. We could say the same for analytics -- there are plenty of similar or related words we use to describe the role or process of working with data. In this episode, we talk with Nicki Tinson about her journey into analytics, how others, like you, might break into the fields, and what has remained the same even when the names change. I am joined by Kevin Feasel and Eugene Meidinger, so you know we keep the...


Episode 136: Devops with Visual Studio

Everybody does things a little differently and this is one of the things I LOVE about the podcast--chatting with others about how they get work done. In this episode I chat with Tom Norman about how he uses Visual Studio for source control, deployments, and keeping his sanity. We explore the setup process and how we have a reverse 80/20 rule when it comes to importing databases with Visual Studio. The show notes for today's episode can be found at...


Episode 135: Seinfeld Episode

Normally we have one specific topic we focus on each episode. This episode is a little different. The show notes for today's episode can be found at http://sqldatapartners.com/2018/05/16/episode-135-seinfeld-episode/. Have fun on the SQL Trail!


Episode 134: CosmosDB

It is not very often the internal codename is used when a product is launched; however, when you think about a database designed with global distribution in mind, CosmosDB makes sense. I was a bit shocked to hear Microsoft was releasing another database technology in 2017; however, the team leading the charge was very impressive and it looked like it was solving problems other database engines could not. In this episode, we talk with Sidney Andrews about the Cosmos platform, what we can...


Episode 133: Shrinking Files

While the ability to shrink data files is available in SSMS, the conventional wisdom is don't do it. I was extremely curious when I read an email from our guest suggesting the opposite. In this episode we explain the 'real world' and discuss why you might consider shrinking files and the how it will affect you. Nigel has a great sense of humor and I know you will enjoy today's episode. The show notes for today's episode can be found at...


Episode 132: What technologists can learn from superheroes

Bang! Pow! Crash! Besides just awesome fighting techniques, are there things we can learn from superheroes? My guest, Will Fehringer, gave that very question some thought and came up with some very interesting ideas I thought were worth passing along. Wonder Woman and the Amazonians give us something to thing about preparing for our ultimate goal. Drax, from the Guardians of the Galaxy, gives a great example of the Fool's Choice in conversation. Every good superhero has a value system....


Episode 131: Big Data Solutions in the Cloud

Big Data. Do you have big data? What does that even mean? In this episode I explore some of the concepts of how organizations can manage their data and what questions you might need to ask before you implement the latest and greatest tool. I am joined by James Serra, Microsoft Cloud Architect, to get his thoughts on implementing cloud solutions, where they can contribute, and why you might not be able to go all cloud. I am interested to see if more traditional DBAs move toward architecture...


Episode 130: Use Case for PowerShell

Heroes in a half shell, PowerShell! Well, maybe that wasn't the original line, but you know from this program and other places on the internet, PowerShell is all the rage. In this episode, we wanted to chat about other ways people are using PowerShell and we are happy to have Warren Estes talk with us about some of his experiences. Warren shares some ways he has used PowerShell to push the easy button and how it lead to a contribution on the Microsoft SSRS toolkit. We are joined this week...


Episode 129: Graph Databases

Books online state: “There is nothing a graph database can achieve, which cannot be achieved using a relational database.” Why then are we putting graph technology in SQL Server? To help me answer this question, I invite my friend AZ to chat about the Graph feature in SQL Server 2017 and introduce how graph differs from a relational model. If you have every tried to implement complicated hierarchies in SQL Server, you know what a pain this can be. I, for one, am hopeful this new feature...


Episode 128: Database Doing DevOps

To Devops or not to Devops, that is the question. We've talked before about how the developers have all the cool new tools, but this is slowly changing. For those in development or dare I say agile (gasp!) environments there is more need for automation, but getting there can be a real challenge. In this episode, we chat with John Morehouse about how he actually put into practice automated deployments for the database, some of his challenges, and how long it took to get there. Are you...


Episode 127: Developing in the database

There has been a remarkable shift introduced in the new features of SQL Server--programming languages have been embedded into the database. This has led to a few "What are you thinking" questions from myself and others. It also opens new opportunities for those working with SQL Server and in this episode, I chat with Andy Roberts and Chris Hyde and discuss the new features of R and Python--why they are included, how data teams are changing, and what this means for the rest of us. As...


Episode 126: SQLSaturday Edition

Have you attended a SQLSaturday event? They are great events and in this episode we chat with a few organizers about what goes into putting on an event and what they think the future of these events looks like. The show notes from today's episode can be found at http://sqldatapartners.com/2018/03/08/episode-126-sqlsaturday-edition. Have fun on the SQL Trail!


Episode 122: Isolation Levels

Does not play well with others. Is this description appropriate for some of the queries in your database? In this episode, we explore the role behind isolation levels--why they are important, what they help prevent, and why so many people try to get around the rules they try to enforce. The show notes from today's episode can be found at http://sqldatapartners.com/2017/12/20/episode-122-isolation-levels. Have fun on the SQL Trail!


Episode 121: What makes a good manager?

I have heard it said "People don't quit jobs--they quit managers". At a recent event, I decided to ask people what they thought the qualities of a good manager are. Perhaps you aren't thinking of getting into management; however, at some point in your career you will have the opportunity to lead. We share your thoughts and comment on the challenges of having the qualities of a good manager. The show notes from today's episode can be found at...


Episode 120: SQL Injection

Shouldn't they have fixed that instead of putting out all these new features? That might be what you are thought when you saw the title for today's episode. SQL Injection is still a big deal in today's databases and we are pleased to have Bert Wagner on the program to talk with us about how it can affect you and the applications you protect. One of the most difficult aspects to deal with SQL Injection is to decide who is responsible for dealing with it? Bert does a great job giving us...


Episode 119: Getting started with Github

At first glance you might think our podcast topic is from way out in left field; however, as you think about it there are a number of reasons we should be talking about GitHub. Even if you don't need a public source control repository for creating code, GitHub is becoming the preferred place for creators to publish their content and the ability to interact with other is extremely value. In this episode we give some of our thoughts around getting started with GitHub and how it might differ...


Episode 118: How has index maintenance changed?

After having attended PASS Summit and seeing all the new features coming it out, it can be very easy to overlook the basics--they are boring. These features have been around forever. This may be true, but they still play an important role and ignoring them won't help get you those fancy new features any time soon. In this episode, our topic is index maintenance, with an emphasis on what has changed or what might change. Is the query store feature going to impact the way we maintain our...


Episode 117: PASS Summit Retrospective

Have you ever had a week without a Wednesday? Me neither, so for this episode, we recap our experience at PASS Summit and talk about all the amazing compañeros we met and give some thoughts around our very first meetup. It was so much fun to meet everyone and both Steve and I gave sessions, which was a great experience--and a first for me. One, we both realized after the fact is, we are not good at social media or taking pictures! We apologize we don't have a bit more to share on that...