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A podcast about Bigfoot from the glorious state of Ohio.

A podcast about Bigfoot from the glorious state of Ohio.
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A podcast about Bigfoot from the glorious state of Ohio.




Episode 132: The Great Pacific Northwest Expedition of 2018

What? Seth is back on the show? And Mark? Yes! Your ears do no deceive you! Listen as Mark and Seth regail you with tales of their epic journey to Bigfoot's homestead in the state of Washington. There's also information on a new show titled Monsteropolis, launching soon. Find us at: iTunes and Stitcher too... Greetings to our listeners at WCR 97.1 FM in Wadsworth, OH! Listen Saturdays and Sundays at 7 PM anywhere on the...


Episode 131: SasWhat Nation: Arkansas (Part One) with Jonathon Bevil

Our buddy Bevil, a real live Arkansas native, joins us for the first installment of Saswhat Nation: Arkansas! Wait until you hear the accounts he selected for the show. You'll feel like you're right down there by the Sulphur River. THE INVASION IS HERE! Small Town Monsters' "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge," featuring creature effects by Andy and narration by Mark, is now available, streaming on Amazon, and the DVD can be found at It's getting good reviews,...


Episode 130: International Cryptozoology Conference 2017

Hey, remember us? SasWhat returns with a full recap of our trip to Portland, Maine, for the International Cryptozoology Conference. It's like you were there with us, except you don't have to do a punishing drive through New England on Labor Day weekend! (Actually, it wasn't that bad. OK, parts of it were...oh never mind.) The phrase "once in a lifetime" gets thrown around a lot, but it truly applies in this case. The ICC was everything we imagined it would be, except way better. We will...


Episode 129: Listener Letters and Crackpot Science

SasWhat is back with a full bag of mail! Dr. Ruminski's article from our previous episode prompted a variety of responses, and you'll hear them all. Then it's on to an article featuring Dr. Richard Stepp and Dr. Jeff Meldrum, which underscores the professional price paid by scientists who are willing to investigate Bigfoot. A week from today, we'll be at the International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, Maine. Watch our Facebook page for updates from the conference. Find us at:...


Episode 128: Man-made: A Skeptical Viewpoint

We've always said that SasWhat is recorded for the skeptics...and we put that to the test with this episode. We are happy to have Dr. Jarret Ruminski as a listener, and he was kind enough to share an article with us, written by him, that appeared in The Skeptic magazine in September 2015. (I think I said November in the episode--a thousand pardons!!!) Anyhow, we share massive amounts of the article and then respond. It was a very stimulating exercise, and we obviously hope you will agree!...


Episode 127: SasWhat Reunion/Boggy Q & A

It's been a long time! We shouldn't have left you without some SasWhat to step to. Sorry about that, but we were out of town, and since getting back, quite a bit of our free time has been devoted to post-production on Small Town Monsters' "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge." All of this is covered in the episode you're about to listen to, plus news about being guests on the "Parent Pastor Podcast" with our pals Jonathan, Matt and Matt! Then, it's part three of our library presentation with Seth,...


Episode 126: SasWhat Reunion/Buckeye State Bigfoot

This is part two of Seth, Andy and Mark's presentation at the Willoughby Hills Library. The focus is squarely on classic Bigfoot cases from the great state of Ohio. From tales of Big Head and old Orange Eyes to the legend of Salt Fork State Park, the guys have got it covered. The entire Q & A session is also included, and the trio gets to talk about some issues that have long gone unaddressed...until now. Once again, thank you to Holly and Mark at the Willoughby Hills Library for working...


Episode 125: SasWhat Reunion/What Is Bigfoot?

Couldn't make it to Willoughby Hills? Want to relive the magic? We've got you covered with part one of the library presentation that took place July 5, 2017. Seth, Andy and Mark recount the origins of SasWhat, get all philosophical about the identity of Bigfoot, and begin a discussion of Buckeye Bigfoot cases that ought to whet your appetite for part two, which will post next week. We are very grateful for everyone who came out to see us! Find us at:


Episode 124: Bigfoot at the Bash

Andy and Mark have returned from Monster Bash in Pennsylvania, and have some good stuff to share--in particular, part of Stan Gordon's brand new presentation entitled "Stange Aspects of the Elusive Bigfoot." The guys also read a great letter from Stephen in Scotland and touch on a number of great communications they've received in recent days. Don't forget to check out and find them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. COME SEE US July 5 & 6 at the Willoughby Hills...


Episode 123: Seniors Talk About Bigfoot

Full Disclosure: There is only one "senior" talking about Bigfoot on this episode. (The title is a riff on SasWhat Ep. 35, "Kids Talk About Bigfoot," which we're pretty sure was Andy's SasWhat debut.) It's Gerald Matzke, Mark's Dad and Andy's Grampy, and he steps up to the microphone quite admirably, if we do say so ourselves. We had a great time recording this episode on Father's Day, for somewhat obvious reasons. COME SEE US July 5 & 6 at the Willoughby Hills (OH) Public Library, 6:00...


Episode 122: Weird Bigfoot of the West Coast

Inspired by their recent escapades in the Chestnut Ridge region, Andy and Mark spend this episode sifting through the pages of Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman's "Creatures of the Outer Edge" for more odd Bigfoot reports. What emerges is a pattern of West Coast weirdness that has to be heard to be believed...and if you don't believe it, that's really OK. Small Town Monsters latest film, "Mothman of Point Pleasant," is making a splash over on Amazon Video. Check out


Episode 121: The Chestnut Ridge Recordings (feat. Stan Gordon)

This past weekend, Mark and Andy were present for the shooting of the next Small Town Monsters documentary, "Invasion on Chestnut Ridge," and found the time to record a segment for your listening enjoyment! In this episode, they explore the mysteries of southwestern Pennsylvania with guests Brandon Dalo and Stan Gordon. Standing in the shadow of the Kecksburg UFO replica, Andy, Mark, Brandon and Stan discuss the many strange features of this otherwise beautiful region. Don't worry, the...


Episode 120: Cinematic Sasquatch

Andy and Mark are back! Thank you for the prayers and kind words directed Andy's way. He's feeling much better. One of our listeners (Ryan from Pittsburgh, to be precise) provided the inspiration for this week's episode. He asked us to name our top 10 best "Non-Small Town Monsters" Bigfoot movies. We happily obliged, and you may listen to the results right here, right now. Thanks, Ryan! COME SEE US July 5 & 6 at the Willoughby Hills (OH) Public Library, 6:00 p.m. both nights! It's our own...


Episode 119: Paul Bartholomew Volume Two

Mark is the sole host of episode 119, so he takes the opportunity to tell all kind of embarrassing stories about when Andy was a baby... Just kidding. Actually, Andy was not feeling well, so Mark starts the show by himself, dipping into the mailbag, briefly reviewing David Coleman's "The Bigfoot Filmography," and talking about a number of upcoming events. Speaking of which, Saturday, May 20th is Bigfoot Day in Canton's Stark Parks! To register for this FREE event, which features Small Town...


Episode 118: Paul Bartholomew Volume One

Lots going on this week! Andy and Mark announce a birth; they talk about stolen Bigfoot; read a letter; review the DVD "Sasquatch Odyssey"; and promote the next Small Town Monsters LIVE taking place this Thursday at 7:00 p.m. on Facebook. Then they reach into the audio archives to share a presentation by Paul Bartholomew, who is a well known and highly respected researcher and author from New York. If you have seen STM's "Beast of Whitehall," you have seen and heard Paul. This is the first...


Episode 117: The Most Important Classic Case

This episode operates on a simple premise: Andy and Mark attempt to answer the question, "What is the most important classic Bigfoot case?" Their answers may surprise you. Then again, they might not! They also highlight the excellent e-book "Bigfoot: Encounters Past to Present" by Daniel Perez and illustrated by Steven DeMarco. Another great source for this installment was Loren Coleman's "Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America." Sincere thanks to everyone who wrote in this past week!...


Episode 116: SasWhat Nation -- Arizona

In this freewheeling episode, Mark and Andy present tales from the Grand Canyon State for your listening pleasure! (With it being Dyngus Day and all (Google it), the guys had a full day of fun before sitting down to record.) After discussing the general geography of Arizona and the mystery of place names, they get into the goods: stories of Sasquatch activity in the north-northeast quadrant of the state, with a concentration on the Mogollon Rim. They touch on the work of the late Mitchell...


Episode 115: Darin Richardson, Part Two

This week, Darin Richardson returns to discuss his experiences while living in The Dalles, Oregon, beginning in 2007. From a wooded ravine behind his apartment came a series of sights and sounds that caused him to conclude that Sasquatch was back in his life. Darin also shares his thoughts about what this mysterious creature really is, as well as a sighting that his daughter had while at a Civil War renactment. There were some technical issues with the first couple of minutes of Darin's...


Episode 114: Darin Richardson, Part One

Darin Richardson's life changed in 1991, when he had a close-range encounter with Bigfoot near Mineral Lake, Washington. He shares the details of his story and talks openly about the aftermath of his sighting on this episode. Before that, Mark and Andy discuss the recent Idaho report that made major headlines, and one prominent Bigfoot authority's take on the matter. Darin has written a book about his experiences called "Bigfoot and I: A Personal Journey into the World of Sasquatch." You...


Episode 113: Colin Schneider -- The Crypto-Kid

Colin Schneider is one of the youngest active researchers in the United States. He has been published in such magazines as Animals and Men and Cryptid Culture, maintains an informative blog, and hosts his own show called "Crypto-Kid." As you will hear, his knowledge of the unexplained runs deep, and his enthusiasm for cryptozoology in general and Bigfoot in particular is contagious. Before the interview with Colin, Andy and Mark talk about a recent bill in Washington State that would...