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Some cryptography & security people talk about security, cryptography, and whatever else is happening.

Some cryptography & security people talk about security, cryptography, and whatever else is happening.


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Some cryptography & security people talk about security, cryptography, and whatever else is happening.





Side channels! Frequency scaling! Key encapsulation, oh my! We're talking about the new Hertzbleed paper, but also cryptography conferences, 'passkeys', and end-to-end encrypting yer DMs. Transcript: Links: Hertzbleed Attack | ellipticnews ( "Security. Cryptography. Whatever." is hosted...


OMB Zero Trust Memo, with Eric Mill

The US government released a memo about moving to a zero-trust network architecture. What does this mean? We have one of the authors, Eric Mill, on to explain it to us. As always, your @SCWPod hosts are Deirdre Connolly (@durumcrustulum), Thomas Ptacek (@tqbf), and David Adrian (@davidcadrian). Transcript: Links: OMB MemoExecutive order on cybersecurityPIV cardDerived PIVBeyondCorpHSTS preloadingNeither Rain, Nor Snow, Nor...


Tink, with Sophie Schmieg

We talk about Tink with Sophie Schmieg, a cryptographer and algebraic geometer at Google. Transcript:...


Cancellable Crypto Takes, and Real World Crypto

Live from Amsterdam, it's cancellable crypto hot takes! A fun little meme, plus a preview of the Real World Crypto program! Transcript: Links: Tony's twete: Real World Crypto 2022: Merch! Find us at:


Lattices and Michigan Football, feat. Chris Peikert

We're back! With an episode on lattice-based cryptography, with Professor Chris Peikert of the University of Michigan, David's alma mater. When we recorded this, Michigan football had just beaten Ohio for the first time in a bajillion years, so you get a nerdy coda on college football this time! Transcript: Slides: Links: He Gives C-Sieves on the CSIDH:...


Biscuits, feat. Geoffroy Couprie

We've trashed JWTs, discussed PASETO, Macaroons, and now, Biscuits! Actually, multiple iterations of Biscuits! Pairings and gamma signatures and Datalog, oh my! 🍪 Transcript: Links: Biscuits V2: Experiments iterating on Biscuits: Apache Pulsar: Spec:...


Tailscale, feat. Avery Pennarun and Brad Fitzpatrick

“Can I Tailscale my Chromecast?” You love Tailscale, I love Tailscale, we loved talking to Avery Pennarun and Brad Fitzpatrick from Tailscale about, I dunno, Go generics. Oh, and TAILSCALE! And DNS. And WASM. People: Links:


The feeling's mutual: mTLS, feat. Colm MacCárthaigh

We recorded this months ago, and now it's finally up! Colm MacCárthaigh joined us to chat about all things TLS, S2N, MTLS, SSH, fuzzing, formal verification, implementing state machines, and of course, DNSSEC. Transcript: Find us at:


Holiday Call-in Spectacular!

Happy New Year! Feliz Navidad! Merry Yule! Happy Hannukah! Pour one out for the log4j incident responders! We did a call-in episode on Twitter Spaces and recorded it, so that's why the audio sounds different. We talked about BLOCKCHAIN/Web3 (blech), testing, post-quantum crypto, client certificates, ssh client certificates, threshold cryptography, U2F/WebAuthn, car fob attacks, geese, and more! Transcript: Find us...


WireGuard, feat. Jason Donenfeld

Hey, a new episode! We had a fantastic conversation with Jason Donenfeld, creator of our favorite modern VPN protocol: WireGuard! We touched on kernel hacking, formal verification, post-quantum cryptography, developing with disassemblers, and more! Transcript: Links: WireGuard: https://www.wireguard.comTamarinhttps://tamarin-prover.github.ioIDApro


PAKEs, oPRFs, algebra, feat. George Tankersley

A conversation that started with PAKEs (password-authenticated key exchanges) and touched on some cool math things: PRFs, finite fields, elliptic curve groups, anonymity protocols, hashing to curve groups, prime order groups, and more. With special guest, George Tankersley! Transcript: Links: SRP deprecation:


"Patch, Damnit!"

A lot of fixes got pushed in the past week! Please apply your updates! Apple, Chrome, Matrix, Azure, and more nonsense. Find us at: Links! The accuvant story in MIT Technology Review All the Apple platforms patched FORCEDENTRY no-click 0-day Chrome patched some 0-days that were being exploited in the wild PASETO...


How to be a Certificate Authority, feat. Ryan Sleevi

Not the hero the internet deserves, but the one we need: it's Ryan Sleevi! We get into the weeds on becoming a certificate authority, auditing said authorities, DNSSEC, DANE, taking over country code top level domains, Luxembourg, X.509, ASN.1, CBOR, more JSON (!), ACME, Let's Encrypt, and more, on this extra lorge episode with the web PKI's Batman. Transcript: Find us...


Apple's CSAM Detection, feat. Matthew Green

We're talking about Apple's new proposed client-side CSAM detection system. We weren't sure if we were going to cover this, and then we realized that not all of us have been paying super close attention to what the hell this thing is, and have a lot of questions about it. So we're talking about it, with our special guest Professor Matthew Green. We cover how Apple's system works, what it does (and doesn't), where we have unanswered questions, and where some of the gaps are. Transcript:...


Platform Security Part Deux, feat. Justin Schuh

We did not run out of things to talk about: Chrome vs. Safari vs. Firefox. Rust vs. C++. Bug bounties vs. exploit development. The Peace Corps vs. The Marine Corps. Transcript: Find us at:


What do we do about JWT? feat. Jonathan Rudenberg

🔥JWT🔥 We talk about all sorts of tokens: JWT, PASETO, Protobuf Tokens, Macaroons, and Biscuits. With the great Jonathan Rudenberg! After we recorded this, Thomas went deep on tokens even beyond what we talked about here: Transcript: Find us at:


The Great "Roll Your Own Crypto" Debate, feat. Filippo Valsorda

Special guest Filippo Valsorda joins us to debate with Thomas on whether one should or should not "roll your own crypto", and how to produce better cryptography in general. After we recorded this, David went even deeper on 'rolling your own crypto' in a blog post here: Transcript:...


NSO group, Pegasus, Zero-Days, i(OS|Message) security

Deirdre, Thomas and David talk about NSO group, Pegasus, whether iOS a burning trash fire, the zero-day market, and whether rewriting all of iOS in Swift is a viable strategy for reducing all these vulns. Transcript: Find us at: