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Two Different Takes on Tech and Life

Two Different Takes on Tech and Life
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Two Different Takes on Tech and Life




The Death of Console Gaming

Tech giants are doubling down on gaming-specific smartphones to capitalize on the explosive growth of the mobile gaming industry. And then there are streaming services that will allow you to play console-style games from anywhere on any device. In this episode, Nicole Scott & Michael Josh debate whether gaming consoles a thing of the past? And if so what will replace them?


The Search for the Perfect Smartphone

We're officially half-way through 2019, so many exciting phones have launched, many more are yet to come. Next in the pipeline, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Huawei Mate X, Google Pixel 4, and the iPhone XI. What do these phones tell us about the current state of the smartphone industry? Is it headed in the right direction? And if not what needs to change? In this episode, Nicole & Michael Josh build a hypothetical perfect smartphone and look into the crystal ball to find a scary future for us...


D.O.A. Is Huawei a necessary casualty of US-China trade war?

After just six weeks, the US reverses its decision to ban American companies from doing business with tech giant Huawei. But is the damage done, irreparable? In this episode, Nicole and Michael Josh deep dive into the implications of this trade war and try to answer the tough question, is China evil, and if so, is it realistic to think we can live in a world without Chinese tech?


Is Apple just an overpriced luxury brand?

Fresh off Apple's 2019 Developer Conference Nicole and Michael Josh talk Mac Pro and whether or not Apple is just an overpriced luxury brand. Speaking of expensive things, does that now include your privacy? And what about tablets, has Apple cast its bets on the winning strategy?


Today's laptops: Innovation or Gimmicks?

In this premiere episode, Nicole and Michael Josh get together at Computex 2019 in Taipei to talk about a range of new PC laptops and the tech behind them. Are laptops better flashy or boring? Has innovation hit a wall? And what will laptops of the future be like? The tech duo passionately answers.