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Shutter Stories: A Canon Podcast on Photography, Filmmaking and Print

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Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.

Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.


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Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.




How pro photographers use competitions to get ahead

In this week's episode we discuss competitions and grants how they can help and further a photographer's career. Joining our host Lucy Hedges to discuss the topic are with award-winners Catalina Martin-Chico and Lorenz Holder. Catalina won the Canon Female Photojournalist Grant for her project on the baby boom among members of the FARC guerrilla group in Colombia. Lorenz is a nine-time Red Bull Illume award-winner for his unique "fine art sports photography". In this episode they tell us...


Streaming with Clive Booth

In today's episode we're joined by photographer and filmmaker Clive Booth who has spent the last year building an incredible home studio dedicated to live streaming. Our host Lucy Hedges talks with Clive about his motivations for building such a high spec setup. In the second half of the show they are joined by Canon Product Manager Chris Cartledge for an in depth and technical discussion about the gear needed to get great results from live streaming, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned...


A changing landscape: the rise of climate-focused photography

In this episode we discuss the rise of climate photography and how many landscape photographers have moved from taking more traditional images to work that focuses on the impact of climate change. Our host Lucy Hedges is joined by Toby Smith, whose work as Programme Lead and Media Liaison for Climate Visuals is helping to spread awareness of the threats that our planet faces, and Canon Ambassador and award-winning photographer Bruno D’Amicis. It’s a fascinating discussion, rich with insight...


Telling women’s stories through photography

In today’s episode, photojournalist Ilvy Njiokiktjien talks about fictional and staged photography with photographer Guia Besana and art historian Lydia Figes. In particular, they discuss how this form of photography offers the freedom to tell women’s stories in and subvert the male gaze. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: Connect with us on LinkedIn:...


Fashion Week: Access all areas with Paul Cunningham

Fashion photographer Paul Cunningham reveals what it's like to attend a fashion week. He explains how to get access to the shows, what it's like to go backstage and shoot the runway and shares anecdotes from his 16 seasons covering fashion. He also gives us some invaluable advice for anyone who hopes to one day enter the glitz and glamour of the fashion world. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook:...


Meet the wedding photographers thriving in adversity

All photographers have had to rethink how they work recently and wedding photographers in particular have been hit hard by the necessary restrictions on public gatherings. In today's episode we're talking to Kelly Weech and André Teixeira, two photographers who have found new ways of working that may change the long term direction of their businesses. We’ll hear about their experiences identifying new opportunities and the lessons they’ve learned in the last few months and how they are...


Inside the Canon EMEA Ambassador programme

In the first episode of 2021 we delve into Canon’s Ambassador programme. First up, veteran Ambassador Joel Santos talks about his experiences in the programme with host Lucy Hedges. In the second half of the episode, Lucy chats with new Ambassadors Laura El-Tantawy, Eliška Sky and Pie Aerts about their experiences as photographers and why they’re excited about becoming part of the programme. We also check in with 12 more of the new Ambassadors to find out their photographic goals for...


2020: The year that changed us all

In our end of the year special, hosts Lucy Hedges and Ilvy Njiokiktjien look back on their favourite moments from a year of Shutter Stories episodes, before chatting to three exciting guests: Gulshan Khan, Nanna Heitmann and Nikolai Linares. They reflect on a year that challenged and changed us all... Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: Connect with us on LinkedIn:...


How the body positivity movement is changing fashion

Lucy Hedges discusses the growing body positivity movement with fashion photographers Jade Keshia Gordon and Tarik Carrol. They debate if fashion houses have truly made progress in featuring a diverse range of models, intersectionality and the long road to true equality. We want to know what you think. Help us make Shutter Stories better by taking part of our listener survey: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:...


Tell us what you think!

Hey Shutter Stories listeners! We have a favour to ask. As we're coming to the end of our first year, we'd really like to know what YOU think of the podcast. If you've got a moment, please share your thoughts in our audience survey: Thanks for listening to us in 2020. Your feedback will help us make the podcast even better.


Black Lives Matter and the power of photography

Our host Ilvy Njiokiktjien talks with Alexis Hunley and Sama Kai, two photographers who have spent 2020 documenting the Black Lives matter protests in LA and London. They give us their insights into the demonstrations, the media and why it's vitally important that black voices are heard and the protests seen through their lenses. We want to know what you think. Help us make Shutter Stories better by taking part of our listener survey: Visit our website:...


What makes an image iconic?

Sometimes, a single image can sum up a complex situation, start trends or change deep-seated attitudes. It’s photos like these that come to define eras and our conception of history. In this episode of Shutter Stories, we’re joined by Hilary Roberts, curator at the Imperial War Museum, and award-winning photographer Finbarr O’Reilly to discuss what makes an image truly iconic. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook:...


How Deep Learning is changing photography

In today’s episode of Shutter Stories we’re discussing how AI and deep learning are becoming an increasingly common part of camera technology. Canon Product Specialist Mike Burnhill is here to explain how the technology works, while the acclaimed family photographer Helen Bartlett tells us exactly how it’s helping her business. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Facebook: Connect with us on...


Mental health and photography

Following World Mental Health Day, we're discussing mental health and photography with Tasneem Alsultan and Anastasia Taylor-Lind. Working as a professional photographer can be emotionally and mentally taxing at the best of times and 2020 has certainly not been that... We discuss how the two photographers have coped with lockdown, how they've dealt with the aftereffects of tough shoots in difficult situations and how they deal with the everyday anxieties of work. Visit our website:...


Behind the lens of the Canon EOS C70

In case you missed it, Canon has recently added next generation products to its Pro AV line-up. Headlining this is the new Canon EOS C70 - the revolutionary new cinema camera. Joining us on a bumper episode of the podcast are Directors of Photography Jolade Olusanya and Simeon Quarrie, as well as Canon Product Specialists Aron Randhawa and Mike Burnhill to discuss the new camera in depth and reveal some of the amazing features it packs into its compact body. Visit our website:...


Women Who Photo & Film

To coincide with the Women Who Photo & Film panel at this year's TPS this Shutter Stories episode will focus on celebrating women within the industry and inspiring other women to get involved. Joining host Ilvy Njiokiktjien are Jade Keshia Gordon, Cat Goryn and Carys Kaiser, sharing their own experiences and giving advice to other women in the industry. Women Who Photo & Film is a campaign launched by The Photography Show & The Video Show in 2018, to shine a light on some amazing female...


From Berlin to Beijing: Interviewing Clemens Boecker

In today’s episode we talk with filmmaker Clemens Boecker about the remarkable journey he embarked on while filming pop star Joey Kelly. Kelly set out to travel from Berlin in Germany to Beijing in China in a beat up old car, with no money and relying on the help of those he met along the way to reach his destination. It was an eventful journey involving pitstops in Russia and Mongolia - and a bizarre encounter with a bear. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:...


My first professional gig

In this episode we talk to three professionals about how they made those tricky first steps from amateur to pro. Hasan Aslan is a cameraman who was thrown in at the deep end when a work placement took him on set for a Mission: Impossible movie. Portrait photographer Jillian Edelstein has worked with world leaders like Tony Blair, but her first gig was very different. And Amaal Said describes how she moved from studying art and politics to taking pictures for high profile clients like The...


Maintaining momentum on long term projects

In this episode, photojournalist Pascal Maitre and landscape photographer Quintin Lake discuss how they maintain momentum on long-term projects. Pascal made headlines with his project Africa Without Electricity, which explored the continent’s ongoing energy crisis, while Quintin is currently wrapping up a five year journey around the perimeter of the United Kingdom. They discuss how they got started on such epic projects, the problems they’ve encountered along the way and the kit that makes...


Toughest Wildlife Projects

In this roundtable discussion, Shutter Stories sits down with three top wildlife photographers to find out about their hardest shoots. From sleepless days waiting in bird watching hides for chicks to hatch, to the gruelling “sardine run” out at sea, photographers go to extreme lengths to get great shots. Marina Cano, Markus Varesvuo and Nadia Aly talk us through the challenges that they’ve had to overcome in pursuit of world class photography. Visit our website: Follow...