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Shutter Stories: A Canon Podcast on Photography, Filmmaking and Print

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Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.

Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.


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Insights, kit and the conversations that matter, with the world’s leading photographers and filmmakers in Shutter Stories.




Venturing into VR: a 180º view into Canon’s newest lens

In today's episode Ilvy Njiokiktjien learns more about the brand new Canon RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Fisheye lens - a must have new bit of kit for all virtual reality directors. Here to discuss the new lens and how it works with the EOS R5 camera are Canon product specialists John Maurice and Mark Fensome. Ilvy is also joined by filmmaker Rowan Johnson, managing director of Southpoint Films, who has had hands on experience using the new lens, as well as filmmaker and virtual reality specialist...


10 Years of Cinema EOS with Jimmy Chin and Meena Singh

To celebrate a decade of Cinema EOS, in this episode of Shutter Stories we speak to two acclaimed filmmakers on their experiences of the Canon range. First we hear from Jimmy Chin, who lets us in on his Canon Cinema EOS journey, including why he used an EOS C300 Mark II to shoot his award-winning documentary, Free Solo, and his experience of making his latest film, The Rescue. Our second guest is the highly respected cinematographer, Meena Singh, who worked on the hit Netflix series, The...


The ethics of portrait photography, with Laura Bisgaard Krogh

Despite only being in her late twenties, award-winning photographer and Canon Ambassador Laura Bisgaard Krogh has had a hugely varied career, starting in news photography before specialising in portraiture. Her best known work has often involved working with at-risk youths, and in today's episode of Shutter Stories, Laura discusses how she balances artistic and ethical considerations to create beautiful and striking images while also keeping her subjects safe. Looking back over her career...


International Print Day Special: the future of print

To celebrate this year's International Print Day - October 20 - we've gathered together several experts to discuss precisely why print is still a vital force in 2021. First up is Deborah Corn, the self-styled "Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse" and the founder of Print Media Centr. A passionate speaker on all things print, she explains why advances in technology and the ability to use new and exciting materials is making it an exciting time for print. In the second half Canon...


Revisiting an archive, with Chris Steele-Perkins

Chris Steele-Perkins has been a Magnum photographer since 1979. In that time he has built up an incredible archive of world-class photography. In today's episode of Shutter Stories, Ilvy Njiokiktjien talks with Chris about his new book, The Troubles, which saw him revisit an old project about Northern Ireland, and about the value of archiving your work. He discusses how his new book allowed him to publish previously unseen work and what it was like to return to Northern Ireland many years...


Canon EOS R3 - Your questions answered

In this week's episode we're going in depth on the new Canon EOS R3. Canon Product Specialist Mike Burnhill is here to answer all of your burning questions about the new mirrorless camera. From the amazing eye control function and its ‘backside illuminated stacked’ sensor to the R3’s ability to achieve 30FPS and its vehicle tracking autofocus, this Q&A is a deep dive into the most advanced Canon EOS yet. Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:...


New kit special: Canon EOS R3 & RF lenses

You’ve seen the specs, now it’s time to go deep on the thrilling new Canon EOS R3 camera - a compact, lightweight mirrorless powerhouse! In this episode we talk to Canon Product specialist Mike Burnhill about the new camera and lenses and what they mean for photographers. We also catch up with award-winning sports photographers Vladimir Rys and Richard Heathcote who have been busy putting the new camera and lenses through its paces for the last few months. We'll find out how they found the...


A Perfect Planet: behind the scenes with Sophie Darlington and Matt Aeberhard

In this episode, host Ilvy Njiokiktjien talks to members of the intrepid A Perfect Planet crew about their experiences filming the acclaimed BBC documentary series. Among the topics Sophie Darlington and Matt Aeberhard discuss are the demands of working to a brief, including the necessity of thorough preparation, the need to think on your feet, and the physical and emotional challenges of the job. Sophie and Matt also talk about their go-to lenses, including the ultra-telephoto CINE-SERVO...


Student special: Essential insights from photo industry pros

This bonus episode is all about getting insight from industry professionals. Canon Ambassadors Ksenia Kuleshova and Michele Spatari, speak to host Ilvy Njiokiktjien about how they started their careers by taking part in the Canon Student Development Programme and how it helped their progress as photographers. In this episode we uncover their experiences, how the programme has gone on to shape their professional lives and advice for budding student photographers. We also feature exclusive...


Fireworks! The music photography of Christie Goodwin

Christie Goodwin has spent her life travelling the world photographing the world's leading pop stars, bands and musicians from every genre. She's taken striking and beautiful images of world class performers like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and countless others and she is also the house photographer for the Royal Albert Hall. In this in-depth one-on-one conversation with Lucy Hedges, Christie gives us real insights into this glamorous, exciting but often demanding job, revealing...


World Photography Day special: The origins of photography

In a double-length World Photography Day special episode, we reflect on photography’s 150+ year history with historian and longtime curator of photography at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, Susanna Brown. Following this, host Ilvy Njiokiktjien leads a discussion about where photography started for our guests Canon Ambassadors Ahmet Polat and Bruno D’Amicis. We’ll hear the entertaining and emotive stories of their photographic journeys – reminding us that it all started somewhere, even...


Inside the mind of a picture editor, with Dagmar Seeland

Picture editors play a vital role in the photographic industry, but their job is sometimes overlooked by the general public. In today's episode we'll find out what it's like to be a picture editor on a magazine, discover some of the secrets and unseen realities of the profession and find out how photographers work with picture editors to get their images into publications. Joining us to discuss the topic is Dagmar Seeland who has many years of experience working with photographers on the...


Changing pace: The challenges of modern sports photography

Sports photography has changed a lot over the last two decades thanks to new technologies and the rise of social media. In this episode, host Lucy Hedges has a fast-paced discussion with three top sports photographers. Elsa Garrison and Alexander Hassenstein dial in from Tokyo and are joined by UK-based Dickie Pelham, all offering deep insights into the challenges of capturing great images under pressure, their thoughts on modern camera technology and why a photographer needs to be as...


“Nature at its most charged” - Storm chasing with Camille Seaman

Storm chasing evokes images of brave people risking life and limb as they hurtle at high speed towards enormous tornadoes. In this episode of Shutter Stories we'll find out if the truth is anything like the movie Twister, with acclaimed photographer and TED speaker Camille Seaman. Spurred on by her young daughter's enthusiasm, Camille went from complete novice to professional storm chaser in a matter of days and had many thrilling and occasionally dangerous adventures taking the images that...


The ethics of wildlife photography

Wildlife is one of the most popular genres in photography, but it's not free from ethical dilemmas. There are longstanding debates as to how close you can get to the animals and if you should ever intervene if they are in danger. In this episode our host Ilvy Njiokiktjien sits down with pioneering wildlife photographer and shark expert Chris Fallows and conservationist and photographer Celina Chien to find out more about the various dilemmas that photographers face when they are in the...


World vs Camera - Photographers pushing their cameras to the limits

Today's episode is all about stories of photographic kit being pushed to its absolute limits - and sometimes beyond! Joining our host Lucy Hedges is a pair of Canon Ambassadors. Adventure photographer Ulla Lohmann's work often takes her inside active volcanoes - and her kit has been tested by both extreme heat and acid rain. At the other end of the spectrum is nature photographer Audun Rikardsen, whose expeditions to the Arctic Circle led to him losing a camera to the freezing waters -...


Trends in visual storytelling

In today's episode Ilvy Njiokiktjien is joined by Getty's Director of Creative Insights EMEA, Jacqueline Bourke, as well as photographer and SolStock co-owner Graham Oliver to discuss the photographic trends that have characterised the last few years. Stock photography agencies like Getty have access to a wealth of data on what's popular in photography, enabling them to analyse and predict the trends of the coming months. In the discussion, Jacqueline gives us some key insights, such as the...


Photographing a connected world with Jerome Gence: portraits of online life

In today's episode Ilvy talks with Pierre & Alexandra Boulat award-winning photographer Jerome Gence about his projects exploring the way that the internet is changing people's lives. From the people who make a living from streaming their lives all day to the fans of virtual popstars, Jerome's work finds the humanity in the digital and explores the ways that people try to connect. He also tells us how he got started, picking up a camera for the very first time and setting off on a lengthy...


Shooting guns: Gabriele Galimberti on photographing controversy

In today’s episode Ilvy Njiokiktjien discusses the issues around shooting controversial topics as a photojournalist with Canon Ambassador and recent World Press Photo winner Gabriele Galimberti. Gabriele explored the issues around tax havens in his project The Heavens, and took home the World Press Photo for his project The Ameriguns, which looks at gun ownership in the United States. Ilvy has also covered controversial issues in her own work and the pair discuss everything from the ethics...


Has Covid-19 changed video production forever?

In today's episode we discuss the future of remote video production. Both our guests faced tough challenges during the pandemic, but both came through with innovative solutions. Alan Griswold is the head of Monkey Deux, a production company that makes the Our Star Wars Stories show for Lucasfilm. When its roadshow format became unviable in the midst of the pandemic, Alan found a way to reinvent it using a remote kit based around the Canon EOS R. Richard da Costa is a filmmaker and the...