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How to improve urban life through data sharing

We spoke to Adjunct Professor of Columbia University, San Diego speaker André Corrêa d’Almeida, about how Data can make a city truly smart and also looked ahead to Smart Cities Week San Diego, California which starts next week! "My hope is that we will be able to address inequality and explore economic opportunities better. We know the population living in urban areas is expanding, the urban systems are going through incredible stress, and cities are having huge inequality. My hope is to...


The digital transformation of university campuses into small smart cities

Hear from Chris Richardson, Deputy CIO, Arizona State University on how university campuses are transforming into small smart cities. "My role as Deputy CIO is to make data transparent, to bridge the gap between serving our students, our staff, faculty, our alumni and the stakeholders that come to our campus at any time. We are trying to find solutions that make our digital and physical environments merge in ways that were impossible in previous eras."


Maximizing city technology and data to better serve and engage citizens

The Mayor of the City of Chula Vista, Mary Salas joined us on the Smart Cities Week Podcast ahead of her appearance in the Opening Plenary Mayors Roundtable at Smart Cities Week San Diego next April 15-17. "The vision and strategy we've adopted in 2017 is a Smart Cities Strategic action plan. It is a formalization of steps that we have taken progressively to make sure that the future of Chula Vista maximizes technology and data to better serve and engage citizens. We also want to enhance...


The outstanding infrastructure and technology transformation of a city!

We had the pleasure of hearing from Mayor Serge Dedina from the city of Imperial Beach. Hear Mayor Dedina tell us about Imperial Beach's smart infrastructure projects. "I think the biggest issue with anything in California, and this is wherever if its a technological, housing or infrastructure issue is that its all about equity and equitable investments." Mayor Dedina, Mayor, Imperial Beach, CA


The City of San Diego: A place of Innovation and Creativity

You will hear from Erik Caldwell, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, City of San Diego on how this city has a unique innovation ecosystem and more start-ups than Silicon Valley. "Why we are so excited to have Smart Cities Week coming to San Diego? You will be able to see a lot of the advanced technologies that we often hear about and are in place here in San Diego," says Eric Caldwell.


Exclusive Interview with U.S. News & World Report Chairman Eric Gertler

Today we are delighted to be joined by Eric Gertler, the U.S. News & World Report Chairman. Have a listen to this insightful conversation which covers many topics such as Eric's life and his experiences, the New York City economic development corporation, what is the secret to successful developing, transforming and growing megacities? Some of the major issues cities like New York are facing and much more!


IOT Security for Smart Cities with Prayukth K V

Prayukth K V is the chief marketing officer at Subex, who is a Catalyst group sponsor at Smart Cities Week Washington D.C., Sit back and listen to this interesting discussion about IOT Security for Smart Cities.


The Internet of Transportation: Ten Key Ingredients of Tomorrow’s Urban Transportation System

Connected transportation is a new reality that has or will impact every city. Hear from state and local transportation officials who will address how they are using IOT to improve the efficiency of public transit systems, strengthen traffic safety and reduce vehicle congestion. Learn these experts’ top 10 priorities for preparing their cities for the future of transportation. This Episode Features: Shailen Bhatt, President, and CEO, ITS America Jeff Marootian, Director Department of...


Strengthening and Securing Communities: Lessons Learned from Open Data and Analytics Programs

Sensors enable cities to gather huge quantities of data, but creating manageable and useful tools remains a challenge for many. Providing data in publicly accessible and secure formats has vexed many local governments. Hear from data officers from a range of cities who are effectively collecting, analyzing, securing and basing decisions on public data. This episode features: Amen Ra Mashariki – Head of Urban Analytics, Esri Derek Prall, Editor, American City and County Barney Krucoff –...


Smart Cities 2.0 — Future Trends from Smart Cities Trailblazers

Hear from the original CIOs and CTOs who launched the smart city movement in Kansas City, San Francisco, New York and Seattle as they look ahead to what’s next for cities. This candid conversation will provide insights into the opportunities and challenges for cities in the evolving and maturing smart cities market. This episode features; Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer, Kansas City Miguel Gamino, Executive Vice President, MasterCard Michael Mattmiller, Director, Government Affairs,...


Uniting Cities Towards a Common Goal: Discussion with 2018 Readiness Challenge Grant Winners

The winners of the 2018 Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant shared their experiences orienting their city leaders, community stakeholders and businesses around their smart city programs. Hear from officials from Birmingham, Cary, Las Vegas, Louisville, Virginia and Puerto Rico as they address their plans for advancing their cities as well as their major challenges to date. This episode features: Jennifer James, Global Readiness Program Director, Smart Cities Council Carlos...


Electricity Company-Community Partnerships

Local governments are implementing clean and renewable energy and green building policies. Electric companies are investing in digital technology to improve energy generation and distribution efficiency. This episode will examine how electric companies and cities are collaborating to jointly plan and achieve smart city goals and objectives. This episode features: Ladeene Freimuth, Policy Director, GridWise Alliance President, The Freimuth Group, LLC John Smola, Director of Business...


Secrets of city leaders: financing, contracting and procurement for the smart city

In order to keep pace with technological and economic growth, cities are looking for new business models to fund their smart city programs. Hear from CIOs and CFOs about their creative procurement and finance strategies such as city-wide RFPs, performance contracting, infrastructure as a service, green bonds and more. This episode features: Kevin Plexico, Senior Vice President, Deltek Lindsay Wines, Chief of Staff at Baltimore City Office of Information & Technology Ruth McMorrow, Executive...


Training, Recruitment, and Retention for the Smart City Workforce

Learn about initiatives in Maryland and Georgia as well as innovations by non-profits to educate, develop, recruit and retain the smart city workforce of the future. Find out how you can create a ready workforce and provide job opportunities for difficult-to-employ populations. This Episode features: Shlomy Kattan, Executive Director, Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE Kelly Schulz, Secretary of Labor, State of Maryland Anthony Amato, Vice President of Business Services, Workforce...


Collaborating for Change: Success stories from smart cities and states

Hear from leading practitioners as they discuss their successes to date and plans for the future in their local and state smart cities programs. This episode features: Wendy Gnenz - Chief Information Officer, City of Edmonton, Canada Frank Johnson - Chief Information Officer, City of Baltimore Adam Beck - Executive Director, Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand Barney Krucoff - Interim Chief Technology Officer, Government of the District of Columbia


Bridging the Gap Among Educational Practice, Technology & Industry

Executive Director of the $7M Barbara Bush Foundation Adult Literacy XPRIZE, Shlomy Kattan joined us on the Smart Cities Week Podcast ahead of his appearance at this week's Smart Cities Week. Shlomy and his team work directly with the field-testing cities of Dallas, Los Angeles and Philadelphia to help invest in the lives of their residents by addressing adult low-literacy and the burdens it places on job growth, medical costs and a child’s future educational success.


Building Tomorrow’s Smart City Workforce

We had the pleasure of hearing from Secretary Kelly Schulz of the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. Secretary Schulz told us about Maryland's apprenticeship programs and competitive grant program, EARN. As well as, some of the challenges and achievements that she has encountered in her role so far. We also spoke a little bit about Smart Cities Week Washington, D.C. where Secretary Schulz will be joining us for our panel session 'Training, Recruitment, and Retention for...


Citizen Engagement: The Key to Smart City Success

We spoke to Executive Director of Cities of Service & Smart Cities Week Washington, D.C. Keynote Speaker Myung Lee, about the achievements and goals of Cities of Service, the challenges Mayors and CIOs face today in cities and also looked ahead to Smart Cities Week Washington, D.C. which starts next week! Find out more at


The Collaborative Power of Awesomeness at Smart Cities Week

Here’s your opportunity to listen to an exclusive interview with Bob Bennett, Chief Innovation Officer at City of Kansas City, MO. Bob, an ex-US Army Chief Operations officer, is using his skills of collaboration and information sharing to change Kansas City, Missouri for the better. He’s also an advisory member of the Internet of Things Consortium as well as named one of GovTech’s 25 Top Dreamers, Doers and Drivers. Listen to Bob's story, and then join him at Smart Cities Week Washington...


Collaboration: the Cornerstone of the Smart City

Jesse Berst, Chairman of the Smart Cities Council extends a warm welcome to Smart Cities Week Washington D.C., taking place October 2-4 2018. Conference tracks include: - Re-imagining Transportation - Enlightened Financing - The Smart Workforce - Data for Civic Good - Smart Infrastructure Find out more at