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A podcast about foodtech and the connected kitchen.

A podcast about foodtech and the connected kitchen.
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A podcast about foodtech and the connected kitchen.




Here Comes The Alexa-Powered Microwave

In this special episode of the Smart Kitchen Show, Mike and Chris catch up with their friend Stacey Higginbotham of the IoT Podcast about what she saw today at the Amazon Alexa devices unveil in Seattle. Stacey was on hand as Amazon unveiled a bunch of new devices, including an Alexa powered microwave and the second generation Echo Show, so listen in as Stacey, Chris and Mike discuss what it all means for the connected kitchen and the smart home market. Find more of Stacey at...


A Conversation With Ember's Clay Alexander

Ever wonder what time of day most people drink coffee? According Ember CEO Clay Alexander, peak coffee-drinking time across the country is 10:51 AM. I sat down with Alexander, the inventor of the Ember mug, at the Housewares show in Chicago in March. I asked him about the idea of adding precision heating to drinkware, what other markets and applications he sees for the technology, and where sees Ember fitting in as part of the broader smart home. via Knit


Building Food Robots With Zimplistic's Rishi Israni

While most of us only started to think about food robots in the last couple of years, Rishi Israni and his cofounder (and wife) Pranoti Nagarkar Israni have been thinking about them every day for a decade. That's because ten years ago Pranoti decided to build a robot to create the Indian flat bread called roti so she wouldn't have to make it every day by hand. Fast forward to 2018 and the Rotimatic flatbread robot is arguably the most successful home kitchen robot worldwide. In this podcast...


Is The Recipe Dead?

At last year's Smart Kitchen Summit, celebrity chef Tyler Florence declared "the recipe is dead!" There's no doubt the recipe is changing with the arrival of new technologies, cooking methods and content formats, so we decided to have a conversation about this at Smart Kitchen Summit Europe. This episode of the Smart Kitchen Show features a panel conversation featuring the BBC's LuLu Grimes, Hestan Cue's Jon Jenkins and Dishq's Kishan Vasani. The panel was moderated by YouTube star Katie...


The AI-Powered Sommelier With Amy Gross

A decade ago, Amy Gross was drinking wine with her husband and started to think about how people tasted the same wine very differently. She began to think about how technology could be used to make personal wine recommendations and before long she had companies like IBM and others asking about her tech-powered wine recommendation platform, VineSleuth. Mike and Amy talk about mapping wine flavor using technology, how AI could start to provide really contextual and personalized recommendations...


Talking Food Delivery With Freshly's Michael Wystrach

Food delivery is a rapidly changing, highly competitive business. For this episode, we chat with Michael Wystrach, the CEO of Freshly, about how the food delivery business is changing, how Freshly differentiates itself from its competitors and where he sees this market going. Find more podcasts at via Knit


Designing Products For The Connected Kitchen

To kick off the new season of Smart Kitchen Show, we talk to with Matt Rolandson, a partner of design firm Ammunition Group. Ammunition is one of the leading design and strategy firms in Silicon Valley, and has worked with a bunch of the future-food product companies in the space such as Cafe-X, June and Ember. Mike talks to Matt about designing technology-forward products that don't create a barrier for consumers and the act of cooking. You can find out more about Ammunition at...


(Fixed Audio): Taking Clean Shots With Wired's Joe Ray

*This a re-publication of a podcast we published earlier with an audio problem. Sorry about that! Original Text: Joe Ray learned to take 'clean shots' from François Simon, the legendary French food critic who was the inspiration for the character Anton Ego in Pixar's Ratatouille. Taking a 'clean shot is about writing an honest and straightforward review, but more importantly, it means really backing it up (especially if you are going to be critical). And that's exactly what Ray does in his...


Talking 3D Food Printing With Pablos Holman

If you're an inventor type, there might be no better couple of guys to work for than Jeff Bezos or Nathan Myhrvold. Pablos Holman has worked for both. After building a lab for Bezos to help explore new forms of space travel, Holman went on to help cofound the Intellectual Ventures lab where has spent much of the past decade exploring new ideas such as printing food. I talk to Holman about these early days as well as a future in which he envisions personalized food optimized for our tastes...


The Spoon Automat - AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning - Explained!

Welcome to the first episode of The Spoon: Automat, a new ongoing podcast dedicated to food robots and artificial intelligence. For this debut, we talk with Derrick Harris, AI expert and founder of the podcast and newsletter, to get your food tech startup ready for AI. What does AI even mean? Is there any difference between AI and machine learning and deep learning? What are the buzzwords companies should avoid when pitching their AI-powered products? Take a listen and find...


Live Show: The Personalized Kitchen

We took the Smart Kitchen Show on the road last month with a trip to Target's Open House concept store to talk about the personalization and the future of food. Our guests for the evening were: Shireen Yates, CEO of Nima Kevin Brown, CEO of Innit Jae Berman, Head Coach and lead nutritionalist for Habit We also want to thank Brian Frank of FTW Ventures for interviewing Shireen Yates. And thank you to Target Open House for hosting our live episode! Check out more podcasts at


Reimagining The Grocery Store With Mike Lee

Growing up in Detroit, Mike Lee used to to love to go to auto shows. His favorite part was the concept cars auto makers would roll out to help consumers envision the future. When he got older, he wondered why food companies never created similar concept products. Eventually, he decided to do it himself. Mike Lee is the CEO of The Future Market and cofounder of Alpha Labs. via Knit


Dispatches from the Housewares Show

The International Housewares Show is big. Very big. More than 60,000 professionals from all corners of the world convened in Chicago last week to check out the latest and greatest products coming soon to a home near you (or to your home). Whether you attended in person, or missed it this year, we've got you covered. Mike Wolf and Chris Albrecht walked the show floor to find the best bits of connected kitchen tech. In this podcast, we talk about how the whole smart home and smart kitchen...


Big Food Invests In The Future: A Talk With Tyson Ventures' Tom Mastrobuoni

Perhaps more than any time in recent history, big packaged food companies are being forced to think about their futures. Consumers are asking for new, healthy options and are embracing new more direct relationships with those who make their food. As a result, food companies are looking at ways to explore and invest in this future through partnerships, incubation and accelerators and direct investments. Tyson Foods is doing all of the above, and one of the people at the heart of these...


The Future of (Food) Media Is Conversational & AI Driven

As the cofounder of CNET and Whiskey Media, Shelby Bonnie has consistently proven his ability to predict future media trends. His latest bet? A conversational media company that utilizes AI-powered voice assistants and chatbots to create media properties that power content delivery in vertical interest areas such as food and cooking. The company, called Pylon AI, is creating an platform agnostic publishing system that works with any voice assistant or chatbot to enable conversational...


Chef Jenny Dorsey On Her Journey To The Intersection of AR/VR & Food

Ever since I saw Chewie and CP30 playing hologram chess in Star Wars, I've been intrigued by the idea of augmented reality (even if I didn't think of it as 'augmented reality' as a kid). And now, as we enter the age of augmented and virtual reality, I am just as fascinated about the intersection between these technologies and food. Innovative new applications using AR and VR in the food shopping, restaurant and home cooking experiences are popping up more and more frequently. Another person...


Meet Suvie, The Four Zone Cooking Robot From The Founder of

What do you do for a second act after spending a good chunk of your teens and twenties building one of the leading product review sites in the US? You start a company to reinvent one of those product categories your site used to review. That's what you do if your Robin Liss, cofounder of Suvie, a Boston based startup that is creating a next-gen cooking appliance. Liss, who started what would become in her basement at the tender age of 13, sold her company to USA Today in 2011...


The CES 2018 Smart Kitchen Wrap-up

Fresh back from CES, we talk about guided cooking apps, cooking robots and a "sexy" dishwashing appliance. via Knit


Digitizing Flavor

As food becomes more digitized, the opportunity better understand and quantify flavor, taste and perception becomes a reality. In today's podcast, I talk to Daniel Protz of FlavorWiki about his company's system that measures consumer tastes and preferences around food. You can learn more about FlavorWiki at Find more podcasts at via Knit


Using AI To Predict Food Product Success

Billions of dollars are wasted every year on bringing food products to market that don't succeed. So what if we could use machine learning and predictive algorithms to create products that have a higher rate of success in the marketplace? That's what we talk about on the podcast with Analytical Flavor Systems CEO Jason Cohen. Cohen's company uses AI to understand flavor perception biases of individual consumers and predict how consumers will like flavor signatures across a broader population...