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Stories of what worked and sometimes what did not, in the course of discovering, designing, developing and delivering software based solutions – as shared by practitioners who went through these situations.

Stories of what worked and sometimes what did not, in the course of discovering, designing, developing and delivering software based solutions – as shared by practitioners who went through these situations.


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Stories of what worked and sometimes what did not, in the course of discovering, designing, developing and delivering software based solutions – as shared by practitioners who went through these situations.





In this episode, Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting is in conversation with Ujjwal Trivedi and his stories about Ujjwal Trivedi is a product guy with over 15 years of experience in building software. He has worked on web and mobile products for US and Indian markets as a Techie and moved to Product Management about 8 years back. He loves poetry, reading, and actively contributes to the Indian startup ecosystem as part of Headstart. Ujjwal can be reached via :



Continuing with our 2-part Year End Special, our episode this week features PM Power coaches Gopal, Srini, Sivakumar, Sivaguru & Paramu They share experiences, observations, insights and tips for anyone in a leadership role or aspiring to take up the role, in a dispersed mode of working. Tips include -



Check out my late2020 threw up challenges like no year before, in anyone’s living memory. As coaches from PM Power Consulting, many of us went saw and experienced changes that affected our coaching practice. Through observations, sensing and experimenting, all of which were activated differently, we un-learned and re-learned to respond to our client needs. As 2020 draws to a close and a new year ushers itself in, tune into part 1 of our 2-part Yr End special where we PM Power coaches speak...



In this conversation, Krishna Prasad - aka KP - a coach at PM Power Consulting, shares many of his personal experiences with Chitra. Among other things, he talks of: A mechanical engineer, with Masters and PhD in software Mercedes, Tata, Terex, Delphi Own journey of various roles in the Software industry, experiencing and contributing to various aspects of SDLC His origin story: typical middle class family, aspiring kids to be engineers or doctors; though liked the doctor profession, did not...



Sunita Rao and Chitra Gurjar are in a conversation where Sunita shares her stories and experiences about -Being a Hyderabad person, who chose a path of computers through Math & designed solutions for the Nasdaq using VC++ -Cutting teeth in the world of telecom tech working at companies like Nokia, Motorola & Ericsson -Moving from a file systems protocols engineering role into product management and the transition experience -Understanding customers needs via figuring out the problem first &...



Tune into a chat with a Mental Conditioning Coach Badri Narayanan, Founder of Quantum Leap Sports, with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting covering - -How he translated his interest in psychology to help him transition from software to being a mental conditioning coach -Squashing barriers to mental health -Players interest in data and insights to help manage their performance -Data and psyche of the mind -How he handles context switching across coaching sport, leadership and...



Conversation with a RPA and MI Lead Anuradha Venkatesh, at Ford with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting on Starting her journey as a civil engineer and built bridges After taking a career break during childbirth, Anuradha started in Geographic Information System as she stepped into software development Anu shares her exciting journey across Java, BI Dev and RPA technologies while solving real problems with innovation and focus Anuradha covers some of the interesting stories on...



Conversation with a Chief Digital Officer Sundar Sukavanam, at firstsource with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting on Role of CDO has always been there with work done by CIO, CTO and the CEO Digital has made people think of business models differently - Digital office has quite a few roles like Intelligent Automation (RPA), machine first capability, partnerships, evangelization Talks about 18,000 puzzle pieces coming together as an art! Sundar talks about experience as an account...



Passion and Commitment, something that you will hear throughout this conversation with Pravin Gandhi, a pioneer in the Indian IT industry. With over 50 years in the industry, Pravin is known nowadays for his angel investing and mentorship of entrepreneurs. What you may not know is that his association with the industry started as a software professional! In his journey over the years, you will hear about spotting opportunities, wanting to solve other people’s problems and dreaming big. In...



A conversation with Kishan Malur, Product Manager andChitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting on - -His experience working with digital pay TV,Industrial IoT and Cloud Infrastructure -Passion for Products, moving from the what to answering the why? -A story about buying a computer and building a POS software -Wearing different hats as a product manager -Mastering empathy in 3 different ways -Staying connected to your network, during the pandemic -Coaching, paying it forward and other passions...



In conversation with Preethy Padman, Product Marketing Executive with Freshworks with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting Preethy talks about her career starting in India working for networking software firms She discovered her passion for technology and later in product development and later in product marketing. She has also tried being Chief of staff. She talks about building a career leading to be a General manager and how all these career choices have made sense Preethy shares...



In this episode, Manoj Deorukhkar, CIO of Sterling and Wilson Pvt Ltd, shares his experiences and stories with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting about: That he got into IT by accident -His love for nature -Starting his career in the steel industry -Playing various roles in the organization, from shop floor to executive assistantship -His transition to a CIO of a group company after implementing a corporate wide SAP rollout -How entering IT at a later stage in his career and working with much...



Listen to a conversation between Deepak Visveswaraiah, VP of Platform Engineering at Pega Systems and Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting a s Deepak talks about -His early days growing up as a Bangalore native and how he started out in software development -Experiences as a C & Unix Programmer -His work across several domains like Nuclear Energy, Semiconductors, gaming and publishing -Co-founding a healthcare startup and learning key customer empathy lessons -Essential fundamentals of...



In this conversation Pankaj Rai, Leader of Strategy, Digital & Innovation teams at WellsFargo shares his stories with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting related to -Growing up in a small, but cosmopolitan city -How he was inspired by his Dad -Getting into IIT, IIM and a startup -The advice he got from his boss, when he moved from a consulting role to a lending advisor role -When he decided to focus more on earning than learning -The 4Es he learnt from Jack Welch -About taking leaps of faith,...



Chitra Gurjar from PM Power Consulting in conversation with Anu Kannan, Partner Technology Manager at Google as Anu shared her views on -Being a quintessential engineer -Starting her career in embedded systems working on set top boxes -Love for travel, meeting new people and developing relationships that have helped her personally and professionally -Handling different use cases while building software for tangible hardware -Walking the floors with her father to understand products and how...



Today is a special day for us @ Software People stories where we are commemorating 100 stories completion and we decided to record with All three co-hosts Sivaguru, Chitra and Gayatri and talk about why podcasts and what makes them stay. Please expect some overlap conversations as this was a live conversation. Highlights of the conversation Sivaguru spoke about the origins of the podcast and how he wanted to capture the evolution of technology and the developments and it transitioned to real...



Today is a special day for us @ Software People stories where we are commemorating 100 stories completion and we decided to do an experiment with live guests and a panel discussion with 4 of our past guests in Software People Stories comprising of Gopal from Global Automation, Neeraja from Jobsforher, Jacintha from Enquerro and Sukumar from TinyMagiq. All three co-hosts Sivaguru, Chitra and Gayatri also have participated in this special episode that we recorded on International Podcast day....



In conversation with Jayant Swamy, Program Manager and Author of many books with Gayatri Kalyanaraman from PM Power Consulting He started his career in finance with a CA, went on to do his MBA from IIM Bangalore, and learnt his penchant for teaching While doing his MBA Jayant swamy taught MBA students art of presentation and persuasion skills • Jayant Swamy has coached MBA aspirants in public speaking and taught finance at local B-schools • Jayant moved to the US in 1998 and works as a...



In this conversation Harsha Mutt is sharing his career story with Sivaguru from PM Power Consulting where Harsha talks about *Lessons from role transitions *A Bangalorean, helping his father run a printing press during school days *Studying Engineering and cost accounting, in parallel *A career choice to join Infosys, that he is very happy about *Learning basics of computer science and languages from the founders of the company, as a trainee *His first major transition in life - moving from...



Tune into the conversation between Chitra from PM Power Consulting and Nitya Krishnamoorthy, a seasoned IT veteran and leader. Nitya shares her journey and experiences on -Career choice, supporting parents & wanting to be far away from Biology -Start of career and 10 years as a technologist -Personal and professional transformation and taking a break in the middle of her career -Transition from an Individual Contributor to manager to IC again and managing teams across countries -Recognizing...