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We are currently on iTunes and wish to expand our reach!

We are currently on iTunes and wish to expand our reach!
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We are currently on iTunes and wish to expand our reach!




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Episode #34 - We're Back and NEW!

The Source Direct podcast is back after almost a YEAR! Can you believe it? We discuss 10 different questions that have been brought up to us lately. We address patents, licensing, crowdfunding, and general invention knowledge that can help YOU! Want to move forward on an invention? Call us today at 888-373-3876 and mention the podcast for a discount on your first expert consultation with our expert team!


Episode #33 - What Goes Into a Good Idea?

After a brief hiatus from the podcast, we are BACK! In this episode, Ed, Jerry, and Nathan discuss good ideas and what it takes to make one! Many inventors come to us and ask if their idea is good - we have specific criteria to find out if it'll sell! Not every idea is a winner, but the beauty of innovation is that it can get better with some enhancements! Listen to this show for some tips and tricks when developing an idea!


Episode #32 - Revisiting Sales and Marketing

In this episode of the Podcast, we bring in Amanda - she is our Advertising and Internet Sales associate at Source Direct. She works with online retailers to list and sell product once it's completed manufacturing. Buyers and consumers are more likely to purchase your product if the presentation is amazing, and we give some tips on what you should do during the design process. Also, your product must have a VIDEO! We explain why in this podcast - tune in!


SPECIAL EPISODE - Q&A With Ed Mauro - Virginia Innovators Network

This episode is a recording of Ed Mauro, our founder, presenting via Skype to the Virginia Innovators/Inventors Network! Ed answers many questions about the invention process and even gives insider knowledge into manufacturing and logistics! If you're an aspiring inventor, this seminar is for YOU! (PLEASE NOTE: this is a live ambient recording, so it's not as clear as our usual podcasts)


Episode #25 - Social Media Management for Inventors

Confronting her fears of being in front of mic, we finally have Autumn (wait, or is it Amber?) on the podcast! She talks about social media and how it can help your product and your business! There are many social media tips in this episode - don't miss out! Tune in!


Episode #23 - Inventor Questions for February

It's Episode #23, and we were requested to do another Q&A for inventors! Listeners like you submitted questions and we answered them! Source Direct is growing as one of the top inventing companies in the country, and our transparent answers on our Podcast is one of the reasons! Avoid scams in this industry - Source Direct is here to help!


Episode #22 - Design, Development, and the Pursuit of Patience

Things are always changing around here at Source Direct, and in the best ways possible! We decided to circle back to Design and Development - how can we help you with designing and finessing your product? Why is patience a virtue in the inventing industry? We explain all of this and more in episode 22!


Episode #21 - Inventor Interview - Tony Naranjo of The Child Guardian

In this episode of the podcast, we talk to Tony Naranjo - he's the inventor of The Child Guardian, a brand new pool safety product that prevents young children from drowning. It's a fabulous product, and we were fortunate enough to have helped Tony get it manufactured and now marketed! Tony gives us some fantastic advice for moving forward with an invention, and why you should use a company like Source Direct to help you!


Episode #20 - Back to the Basics!

Happy New Year! We are back for Episode #20 of the Source Direct Inventing Experts Podcast! In this show, we talk about the basics - what do you do when you have an idea? How can you make it a reality? Our experts are ready to help you achieve inventing success.


Episode #19 - Final Show of the Year & Aqua Vault Interview (as seen on SHARK TANK!)

This is our final episode of 2016! Thanks to all of our amazing listeners for helping us become one of the top inventing podcasts online! In this episode, we chat with Rob, one of the co-founders of AQUA VAULT. We helped them refine their original product and get their first product orders - they went on to be super successful AND had a great appearance on Shark Tank, where they made a deal with Daymond John! Rob gives some valuable tips on inventing, and being in business as an inventor....


Episode #18 - Sow & Snow Story

This episode is unique! We get to speak with Molly - her father John invented a product called the Sow & Snow. Unfortunately, John passed away during the development of the product, and his family is carrying on his legacy to get it finished and into the stores! Source Direct had been helping John get the invention just right, and now it's in Molly's hands! In this episode, she tells us all about the product, and her Dad's story! We can't wait to get this product completed!


Episode #16 - Questions, Questions, Questions!

Our most requested podcast is our Q&A! Inventors always have questions on the inventing process, and we are here to answer them all! Why does sourcing take more than 60 days? What happens if your shipping container falls into the ocean? What are some good advertising possibilities for your invention? The answers to these questions and more are in episode #16 of our show!


Episode #15 - Crowdfunding and our PAY AS YOU GO Program!

In this episode of our show, we chat with Bill Hennessey - he handles our crowdfunding department at Source Direct. He's led many crowdfunding campaigns to success, and he shares some tips that all inventors should know! We also discuss our new "pay as you go" plan with Source Direct. Don't let finances stand in the way of progressing on your invention - we can help!


Episode #14 - Mary Beltran of MagScoop - Inventor Interview

In this episode of the podcast,we talk with Mary Beltran. She invented a great product called MagScoop. We asked her to be on the show to talk about her experience working with Source Direct, and the steps she took to realize her dream of completing this project. Unfortunately, Mary had been scammed by other invention companies before she found us....but now her product is on the way to the warehouse! She gives some great advice to new inventors out there who are looking to get their idea...


Episode #13 - You Asked and We Answered!

On this episode of the show, we answer even more questions from YOU, the inventors! How much does the inventing process cost? Will your product sell on the marketplace? Do you need a patent first, before a prototype? How can I avoid scams? All of these questions and more are answered in our 25 minute show. Check it out!


Episode #12 - Kevin Montgomery of Poop-n-Scoop | Let's Talk SCAMS! | Where to spend your money!

In this episode of the Source Direct Podcast, we speak with Kevin Montgomery - he is the inventor of the Poop-n-Scoop. This awesome product is now selling strong on the market, and Kevin has used us since the beginning! He chats with us about the process of inventing his product,and what he's doing now to get it in the marketplace. We also talk about scams, and how they are taking advantage of inventors left and right - we tell you what to look for when it comes to dealing with inventing...


Episode #10 - More Questions from Inventors!

We decided to take another shot at answering questions submitted to us from inventors all over the country! Some questions include "When it comes to marketing my product, what exactly should I do to insure success?", "How is Source Direct different from other invention companies?" and even "When it comes to marketing my product, what exactly should I do to insure success?" We answer all of these questions and more on Episode 10 of the Source Direct Inventing Experts Podcast!


Episode #9 - Logistics and Fulfillment

In this episode of the Source Direct podcast, we chat with Luke Rothenberger of Concepts Marketing Solutions in Clearwater, Florida. He handles all of our warehousing and logistics/fulfillment for our inventor's products, so we asked him to come and share some insight on the inner workings of a fulfillment center!


Episode #7 - Getting Your Products to the Warehouse - Logistics/Shipping/Freight

In this episode of the Source Direct podcast, we speak with Krista Mauro - she's responsible for shipping and logistics for all new inventions that come in from overseas and beyond. We divulge some very important information when it comes to fees, timetables, regulations, and more! This episode is NOT one to miss if you're about to begin manufacturing of a product!


Episode #3 - Meet Brad the Engineer! Engineering and CADS Discussion.

In this episode of the Source Direct podcast, we bring in Brad, Source Direct's lead engineer. He chats with us about drawings, CADS, 3D models, manufacturing specifics, and so much more. If you're in the process of inventing a product and need advice, he's the one you'd speak to about product design.