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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.

"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.
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"Speaking in Tech" is a podcast that focuses on Enterprise Tech including storage, cloud computing, servers, virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), networking, databases and applications.... and anything else remotely tech related.




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Speaking in Tech #330 - Acquired Movers

This week, Melissa (@solutiongeek) and Peter (@petersmallbone) discuss facial recognition in court, YouTube targeting kids, VMware's latest moves, Microsoft's acquisition of Movere, the latest AWS outage, falling server sales, a $14,000 gaming chair and more! 00:00 HashiConf is a-comin' to your town 02:27 All your face are belong to us 08:54 YouTube gets fined $170m... by a COPPA 15:43 VMware gets into Carbon Black and Kubernetes 19:13 You say 'Moov-eer' and I say...


Speaking in Tech #328 - Chasing the Tail

This week Peter and Melissa discuss Microsoft's new Skype and Cortana policy, VMware's potential acquisition, another major security breech, Politicians killing facial recognition and more. 00:00 - Changes 02:15 - Human overlords for AI 09:15 - Your biometrics - pwned 17:00 - Politician profiling 21:15 - The snake eats itself 28:00 - These clicks are jacked!


Speaking in Tech #327 - Slackin

This week Peter and Melissa discuss Lyft's stock volatility, Instagram's latest scandal, VMware's cloud announcement, patents for AI and more! 00:00 - Trying new things 05:00 - Lyft off... and on 07:30 - Spygram 13:35 - VMwhere? 21:55 - The new humungous app load 25:50 - AI invents


Speaking in Tech #326 - Foolin

This week, Josh and Peter discuss GMail's anniversary, VMWare's latest vulnerability, Apple's announcements. Lyft's IPO and Mark Zuckerberg's government call to action. 00:00 - It's April, and we are the only fools 02:35 - GMail gets a learner's permit 07:05 - VMWare's vulnerable 10:20 - Apple's a-YAWN-ments 19:10 - Death by $10 cuts 21:40 - Heavy Lyfting 25:00 - Zuckerberg: The next 2-face 33:05 - Brexin


Speaking in Tech #325 - Out to Launch

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Tesla’s change in sales strategy, the Dragon Launch, a new solar farm concept in China, Lyft’s IPOs, a Brexit update, and RSA conf’s diversity struggles. 00:00 – Wifi Messssss(h) 06:00 – Tesla’s moving out 14:20 – Launching Dummies 17:20 – Space Pandas 22:40 – IP-Uh-oh time to pay rent 27:20 – Someone’s getting rich 32:51 – Melissa’s worst nightmare, LIVE 45:00 – Josh’s dream


Speaking in Tech #324 - 90s Cover Bands

This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by Brynne Kennedy, @BrynneSpeak, Founder and CEO of Topia. Together, they discuss Facebook’s latest challenge, Foxconn’s withdrawal from Wisconsin, supply chain challenges, Oracle’s latest suit, another data breach and more! 00:00 - Loser’s dinner w/ Chelsea 03:30 - Rooting: for the kids 07:30 – Protect Ya Neck (next time) 10:17 - What I (don’t) got 14:13 - Suing in the name of 17:30 - Widespread Nervousness 20:30 - Road Trippin All...


Speaking in Tech #322 - Crystal Balls

This week, Josh, Peter and Melissa get together to discuss parrots that order dinner for themselves, Tesla's new board members, the top 10 venture rounds of 2018, Old prediction stats, new predictions and more! 00:00 - Sacrifical Lambs 07:00 - Pinky and the Brain + Alexa 09:27 - Musk v Ellison Celebrity Death Match 11:00 - Epic FUNding 22:00 - Fitness as a Service 24:00 - Last year's prediction winners and losers 37:00 - This year's gems


Speaking in Tech #321 - Bank Blocks

The second and final part of Peter Smallbone's (@petersmallbone) LIVE interviews from TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin. 00:00 – How to find like-minded gamer friends w/ John Uke of GameTree (@gametreeapp / 🎮🌲.WS) 08:04 – A new way to check for code vulnerabilities with Joe Noll (@noljoh) of AppGuard (App-Guard.io) 14:46 – Smart navigation for visually impaired people with Gustavo Madico (@elgus) of Aiserve Technologies (@AiServe_tech / aiserve.co) 22:33 – A new BlockChain-based bank account...


Speaking in Tech #319 - MTaaS

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Google's new leadership, a new Blackberry acquisition, Microsoft's VDI acquisition, Alexa's court order and more! 00:00 - New Phone Fails 09:00 - GOragle 17:00 - Blackberry's Billions 22:00 - Year of VDI 27:00 - Murder Testimony aaS


Speaking in Tech #318 - Kubed

This week, Peter and Melissa discuss Twitter's ineffective character bump, the new iPhone/IOS security bypass, Waymo's new driverless testing, Amazon's HQ2 update, SF's Airbnb-related lawsuits and VMWare's intended acquisition of Heptio. 00:00 - Sleep Class 06:15 - Not for Goldfish 09:45 - iSpy a Security Flaw 13:50 - WAY Mo Unmanned Vehicles 17:19 - HQ 2x2 22:10 - SF is Taking Your Bedroom Profits 25:05 - You get a Kubernetes & YOU get a Kubernetes 31:29 - PLEASE Hire...


Speaking in Tech #317 - Tricked Out

This week, Peter and Melissa are joined by special guest Robbie McKinstry (@bravenewprince), Research Engineer at HashiCorp. Together they discuss IBM’s plans to buy RedHat, NASA using remote reboots to fix hardware issues on the Hubble telescope, Twitter’s new debate strategy, Apple’s recent announcements, the latest Malware hit and more! 00:00 – Taco Twednesday 04:00 – Peter gets Fyred up 07:00 – Big Blue gets a Red Hat 07:01 – Now all they need is a purple feather 16:20 – Remote...


Speaking in Tech #316 - Open Box

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa travel back in time a bit to discuss IBM's JEDI Protest, Duck Duck Go's success, California's new password laws and Microsoft's big opening of patents. 00:00 - Melissa the fool 07:30 - NewOps Days 09:28 - IBM joins the Empire 16:01 - Duck, Duck, Growth! 24:00 - California hacking 31:15 - Microsoft opens Pandora's patent box 31:16 - …and all I got was an I <3 Linux t-shirt


Speaking in Tech #315 - Dominate & Deny

This week, Peter and Melissa discuss the Cloudera-Hortonworks merger, the UK’s conservative party information leak, Competition strategy at the Tech Giants, Google’s search engine spend, Azure’s Linux footprint, and the chip-hack-not-chip-hack that every major company is denying happened. 00:00 – Peter gets snubbed 03:15 – Merging to take on the cloud 07:15 – Politicians get leaked on for once 12:30 – Burning money in the evil empires 15:30 – How much is being #1 worth? 18:12 – Linux...


Speaking in Tech #314 - Epic Fails

This week, Peter, Josh and Melissa discuss MS Ignite, Sirius XM's acquisition plans for Pandora, the US government's JEDI program and AI takeovers in marketing. 00:00 - Gurney-Atwell Dance Off 05:15 - Ignition Failed 15:35 - Opening the Box on Sat Radio 21:25 - Jedi for sale, $10 Billion 28:00 - 70 is Pulling Out 33:40 - Face Creepers 38:25 - Deeply Learn-ed Advertising 43:35 - Boy Scout Popcorn


Speaking in Tech #313 - Turn Her Off!

This week Peter, Josh and Melissa discuss Elon Musk’s new rocket plan, Apple’s new product line, Amazon’s echo launch, Equifax’s new fines, a Netapp acquisition and more! 00:00 – New Intro 06:00 – Melissa throws everyone under the bus 08:00 – To the moon (ish), Elon! 12:00 – Flo 16:00 – MAX Mac’s? craziness 21:00 – Josh turns Alexa on 32:00 – Her Majesty gives Equifax a light spanking 36:00 – Netapp acquires hypetrain 45:00 – The buy more stuff game! 50:00 – Little Josh didn’t make...


Speaking in Tech #312 - Stoned

This week, Ed, Peter and Melissa are joined by Doug Hazelman (@vmdoug) with CloudBerry Lab. Together, they discuss more trouble for Tesla, Equifax's fall out a year after the breach, eBay's switch and more. Doug's Podcast- MSP Voice: https://www.cloudberrylab.com/msp-voice-podcast.aspx 00:00 - Hit by the life bus 05:00 - Take a toke, and all of my stocks... 12:20 - Equifree of consequences 16:00 - Microtik's new internet parasite 20:00 - Ebay dumps OpenStack for the hypetrain -...


Speaking in Tech #310 - Slackers

This week Josh, Peter and Melissa discuss Uber's return to London, Facebook's drone WiFi program, the latest in consumer tech manipulation, the hyperconverged state of the union and more! 00:00 - Slackers gotta slack 06:33 - Uber's British Invasion 12:40 - Facebook's WiFi faceplant 15:00 - Github ADD Sidebar 21:30 - Consumer tech <3's cheap tricks 26:00 - Hyperconverged: engage hyperdrive 35:20 - Doing nothing and crushing it


Speaking in Tech #309 - Death of Privacy

This week Peter and Melissa are joined by special guest Chris Weis (@ccweis), Global Practice Manager of Compute and Automation at World Wide Technology. Together they discuss Snapchat's hardware upgrade, updates from the Uber AV crash, Tintri's recent struggle, Amazon's facial recognition for government offering and lessons in iterating and automating at scale. 00:00 - Corn and Captain Kirk 04:37 - Spectacles++ 10:31 - AV Indecision 17:05 - AutNOPE-pilot 20:19 - More Storage on Life...


Speaking in Tech #308 - Happy Clouds

This week Peter and Melissa are joined by Jason McGee (@jrmcgee), IBM Fellow, VP & CTO of IBM Cloud Platform. Together they discuss new options in AWS, HPe's new acquisition, AI creating jobs and cloud trends. 00:00 - Cast off Kinks 04:00 - AWS hops on the NVMe bandwagon 07:00 - HPe plugs their SDN hole 10:00 - Robot job creation 14:00 - Open Source and Cloud 20:00 - GDPR is everywhere 25:00 - Cloud futures 32:00 - AI strategy and ethics 35:00 - Yet Another Marketing Fail brought to...