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Startup Capital - TLH is an interview and podcast series focused on spotlighting and supporting the entrepreneurial community in Tallahassee, Florida.

Startup Capital - TLH is an interview and podcast series focused on spotlighting and supporting the entrepreneurial community in Tallahassee, Florida.
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Startup Capital - TLH is an interview and podcast series focused on spotlighting and supporting the entrepreneurial community in Tallahassee, Florida.








3.7 - Catalina Café

Whether it’s the quintessential morning brew or a late afternoon pick-me-up, coffee is what fuels many an entrepreneurial dream. We brew it, drink it, crave it, and many of us can’t live without it. For some local entrepreneurs, the dream is powered by one brewhouse in particular: Catalina Café. Founded in 2010 by a couple of local entrepreneurs, Catalina Café is a gourmet coffee shop that’s grown quickly from their first location on Capital Circle. Patrons of Catalina know that they can...


3.6 - Dr. Susan Fiorito

Founded in 2017, The Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at Florida State University is part of an ongoing effort to bring entrepreneurship to the forefront of undergrad education at the institution. The School is home to the new entrepreneurship majors at Florida State, as well entrepreneurship programs for non-majors and university faculty. Dr. Susan Fiorito, the Jim Moran School’s director, is in charge of sustaining and scaling the school’s growth and finding new opportunities for...


3.5 - One Fresh Podcast

Most people would say that the best part about a good night's sleep is waking up feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to meet the challenges of the day. A good night's sleep can set you up for success, while waking up on the wrong side of the bed can set you up for, well, a different result. If you're using sub-par sleeping gear, that well-rested feeling in the morning might be overshadowed by an acute pain in the neck. According to today's guests, a lumpy old pillow is one big cause of...


3.4 - Florida's Craft Capital

It’s no secret that Tallahassee has become a destination for craft beer lovers. While Florida's coasts may have a greater volume of breweries, the 850 region has produced an impressive number of award-winning beers recently, and the scene has grown rapidly over the past decade. There are now five commercial-scale brewing operations in Tallahassee, with several more on the way. For local residents, it’s easier than ever to stop by their favorite tasting room for a pint, or pick up a...


3.3 - Cooking Up New Business in TLH

High-tech startups get all the attention here in the U.S., but the fact remains that many new businesses aren’t related to technology at all. Thousands of companies open up shop each year in America ranging from law firms to barbershops to martini bars. And let’s not forget the food industry. Here in Tallahassee, one local organization helps food-related businesses get started by providing space, advice, and networks to “micro-businesses” from around the 850. Focused on aiding...


3.2 - Get Fresh: The Fly Mouthwash Story

For Season 3, Episode 2 of the Startup Capital podcast, we interviewed two founders poised to disrupt a product that’s been all but stagnant for years: mouthwash. Anyone who drinks as much coffee as your average entrepreneur knows that mouthwash is essential for getting that minty-fresh feel, but what about when you’re on the go? Once you leave the house, your options for freshening your breath are far more limited. That’s where our guests for this episode come in. Founded by FSU...


3.1 - Meet the Workmans

Alex and Chelsea Workman have been living here in Tallahassee for just over four years. In that short time, their work has made them "Tallahassee's famous." As digital media storytellers, the Workmans help people tell their stories. Alex does this through photography and video. Chelsea prefers to work behind the scenes - producing content and putting together the final product. Together, their expertise culminates in The Workmans, the family's own brand and creative production agency....


Startup Capital BONUS Episode: Tax Reform

How will the 2018 Tax bill affect new and small businesses? Back in December, the GOP-sponsored tax bill titled the "Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017" was signed into law after a relatively quick journey through both houses of Congress. The bill, containing long-awaited tax cuts and reform, has several stipulations which will affect small businesses and startups during the 2018 tax season. This bill, while the subject of intense debate, is going to affect next year's taxes, and there are ways...


2.9 - Finale: Local Tech, Global Impact

Welcome to the Startup Capital Season 2 finale! This is our Season 2 capstone episode, which means that instead of interviewing individual founders and leaders, we’ll be closely examining one company in particular: UberOps. UberOps is a healthcare IT firm that’s been growing steadily since its debut in 2004. From helping share data between hospitals, to tracking diseases for the federal government, to creating new tools to tackle newborn health, UberOps has its hands on important work that...


2.8 - Engineering Agility in K-12

Engineering Agility in K-12 Every parent wants their child to succeed. That means making sure they’re equipped with the right skills and the right attitudes for the modern world. For parents looking to nurture an interest in technology and in-demand STEM careers, it’s hard to know where to start. K-12 schools recognize the importance of STEM skills, and they certainly want to modernize their curricula. The problem is that institutional boundaries and lack of funding make change difficult...


2.7 - Build From Within: Tallahassee's Tech Workforce

What are the building blocks of a startup community? Beyond infrastructure (coworking, incubators, accelerators, VC funds, etc.), a community needs people. Without passionate entrepreneurs and talented people, infrastructure can go so far. Many cities around the U.S., Tallahassee included, face steep talent shortages in tech. According to the TechHire website, hundreds of IT jobs currently sit vacant in Leon County. So how can Tallahassee build up its IT workforce? For season 2, episode 7...


2.6 - The Domi Story

The Domi Story How a milestone for TLH startups came to be. Today we're bringing you a story that's pivotal to tech and startups in Tallahassee: the founding of Domi Station. Established in 2014, Tallahassee's first privately-operated startup incubator and coworking space marked the beginning of a community that continues to grow and evolve. We sat down at GrassLands Brewery with Micah Widen and Jake Kiker, two of Domi's founding members, to find out how it all began. What you're about...


2.5 - Life After Revenue

Life after revenue How do you know when your startup is working? Is it when you start making money? Is it when someone tells you that it's working? Is it when you believe that it's working? Most people would choose option "A" - a business is working when it's making money. That's why for Episode 5 of Season 2 of Startup Capital, we spoke with two Tallahassee startups who've discovered how to go from idea to revenue. Both of the businesses featured in this episode have made it past the...


2.4 - Talent Lives Here

Tallahassee has three centers of higher learning within its limits: FSU, FAMU, and TCC. Based on the number of students who live here, one would think that local businesses would be flush with young graduates. The reality is a bit more complicated. In spite of such a large talent pool, many companies can't find the talent they need. For businesses in science and technology, this is especially damaging. If a technology company can't recruit a technically-proficient workforce, how can it...


2.3 - Culture as Competitive Advantage

When a company's culture makes the news, it usually isn't because its employees are happy, healthy, and hard-working. More often, you hear about crushing corporate offices or "bro-centric" startups. That doesn't mean that workplace culture sucks everywhere -- it just means that examples of bad culture garner more press. Most companies strive for a healthy culture, and those who do see higher performance and better employee retention. For Episode 3 of Startup Capital, Season 2, we...


2.2 - Florida's Innovation Capital

For Episode 2 of Startup Capital, Season 2, we reached out to someone who knows the intricacies of Tallahassee's ecosystem better than anyone: Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum. Elected to the mayor's office in April, 2013, Gillum has been the driving force behind a number of local initiatives, both civic and economic. Most recently, Gillum began a community-wide initiative called the Tallahassee Innovation Partnership (TIP). Spearheaded by Gillum's office, the TIP seeks to connect the city's...


2.1 - The Startup Capital

*Disclaimer: This podcast was recorded via live webcam, and the audio does suffer from some interference. We apologize for any distraction that this may cause.* Reflection and planning are deeply intertwined — in order to move forward, you have to know where you’re coming from. That was the premise behind the first ever podcast episode of the Startup Capital series. Startup Capital TLH, founded mid 2016, began as an interview series focused on spotlighting and supporting Tallahassee...