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Will Rogers once said "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." This podcast is an exploration of that idea, talking to new friends and old, and telling the stories that makes them who they are while exploring current events, technology, spirituality, and whatever else we happen upon along the way.

Will Rogers once said "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." This podcast is an exploration of that idea, talking to new friends and old, and telling the stories that makes them who they are while exploring current events, technology, spirituality, and whatever else we happen upon along the way.
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Will Rogers once said "A stranger is just a friend I haven't met yet." This podcast is an exploration of that idea, talking to new friends and old, and telling the stories that makes them who they are while exploring current events, technology, spirituality, and whatever else we happen upon along the way.








Episode 22: Being One with Chris Ballew

"Life isn't something to be won, it's something to be one with." Singer and songwriter behind Caspar Babypants and former rock and roll frontman of The Presidents of the United States of America Chris Ballew joins Strangers and Friends. We talked about making kids music, meditation, finding your true creative self, advice from Madonna, enlightened babies, and a whole friggin' lot more! Check out Caspar Babypants and Chris Ballew at Follow...


Episode 21: Much Less

Andrew is joined by Elijah and Matt, a couple of the radical dudes from the band Much Less out of Tulsa. The band's new EP "Unreliable" is coming out April 20th. We talk about the new music, making friends, and even let the listeners in on a couple new songs. Check out Much Less at You can donate to Strangers and Friends by going to We get a small benefit every time you shop through our Amazon Portal (


Episode 20: Teach your kids to count! With Lucas Miller

Andrew has a little announcement to start the show. After that we get right into the interview with Professor Lucas Miller of Haskell Indian Nations University. We talk about math, education, and the creative aspects of math and science. Follow Andrew on Twitter: @Wackowski Don't forget to give us a rating on iTunes You can donate to this podcast at or shop through our Amazon portal (, they'll send us a small commission.


Episode 19: Michael Fisher is Mr. Mobile

It's hard work wading through all the mobile technology this world has to offer. Don't you wish you had a technologically inclined friend to help you understand it all? Enter Michael Fisher, AKA Mr. Mobile. He's a tech reviewer who showcases the latest and greatest technology out there in his fantastically made and so nice to listen to videos. Michael and I talk about his job as a tech journalist, travel, minimalism, exciting new tech on the horizon, and the stuff that keeps us up at...


Episode 18: Good Vibrations with Brendan Lynch

Journalist and lecturer Brendan Lynch joins the podcast. We cover a wide range of topics from seltzer water and activism to fake news and music, just to name a few. This episode has something for everyone and is radiating with love and good vibrations. Bonus: there's a special music debut at the end of the episode! Share this podcast with your friends and family, they'll love it! Check out Brendan's opinion piece in the Chicago Tribune: ...


Episode 17: Liberty Lampoon (Oops... we're hippies)

This week is a special swapcast episode of Strangers and Friends featuring Aaron from Liberty Lampoon. We talk about endless war, psychedelics, and everything that comes along with the two. Check out to find all their episodes. it's a great podcast, you won't regret it!


Episode 16: The Tulpamancers

Did you ever have an imaginary friend? What about one that talked back? No, like, really talked back? A tulpa is a sentient thoughtform created by their host, the tulpamancer. On this episode of Strangers and Friends, Andrew talks to four such tulpamancers to learn more about what they are, and where they come from. @Wackowski on Twitter Help out this podcast by clicking this link and bookmarking it. That way every time you shop at Amazon a...


Episode 15: Carlos Zambrana

Carlos joins the podcast from Lawrence, Kansas, where he is working towards his Ph.D. in Economics. Carlos is from Nicaragua, and we talk about that, economics, running and drinking, and of course KU basketball. Check it out! Don't forget to use our Amazon portal for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping:


Episode 14: Kris Payne of Black Mesa Records

Founder of Black Mesa Records Kris Payne joins the podcast this week. We talk about giving back to art, the life energy trapped in vinyl records, and a little advice on getting into vinyl. That of course only scratches the surface. Kris is inadvertently the poster child of why you should just do that crazy thing you always wanted to do. Check out or follow @blackmesarecords on Instagram and on Twitter at @blckmsrcrds And for the photography fans out there, check...


Episode 13: Keith Walker is Chemosabe

Strangers and Friends is back from vacation, and this week Andrew is joined by actor and director Keith Walker. We talk about the cultural diversity of America, the show turns briefly into a Buffy the Vampire Slayer podcast, and it's not long before we get back to discussing his battle with cancer and being black in America. This show has a little bit of everything. Follow Keith on Twitter @keithwalker456 and check out his work on Vimeo at Don't forget to help the...


Episode 12: Fred Lonsdale

Former Regional Field Director for Bernie 2016 and current Get Out the Vote Director for Peter Jacob, candidate for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District House of Representatives seat, joins Strangers and Friends! We talk politics, of course, and what life on the road working for a campaign is like. Find Fred on Facebook! Follow me, @Wackowski, on Instagram and Twitter And shop on our Amazon store if you want to help out the podcast


Episode 11: Heather Meehan

Intuitive counselor, meditation coach, reiki master, and medium Heather Meehan joins Strangers and Friends! We talk about getting in touch with the other side, "somebody training", and reincarnation in the Bible. This episode goes deep, so strap on some floaties, keep your hearts and minds open, and hang on tight! To learn more about Heather check out her website, Follow me, @Wackowski, on Instagram and Twitter And don't forget to shop through the Amazon Portal to...


Episode 10: Jason Barr LOVES Phish!

Artist and host of the A.D.D. Podcast Jason Barr joins Strangers and Friends this week! Art, hitting the gym, and being a living meme are among the topics discussed. Check it out, and check Jason out at the links below! A.D.D. Podcast with Jason Barr on iTunes @BARRR on Twitter and @jasonbarrr Instagram Omgloljk on Facebook Art and Merch at and


Episode 9: Doby Watson

Kansas City based musician and old friend Doby is on the show this week. We discuss music, life, and ice beer. Check out Doby at a venue near you soon, and keep an eye out for his new EP. Music at Listen for the #SAFchallenege Facebook\\Twitter\\Instagram


Episode 8: Cat Jennings is Dr. Instagram

My friend Cat joins me from Lansing, Michigan. We talk about rhetoric, what makes a cult classic, and the theater of the absurd. Tune in! Follow Cat on Instagram: And follow me on Twitter and Instagram @Wackowski


Episode 7: Stephen Parato

Andrew performs a little magic with the help of Reiki Master Stephen Parato! Stevie P summons the tree spirits, and we talk quantum mechanics, mother ayahuasca, and the power of meditation! Check out Stephen's blog,, to learn more about his teachings, writings, and his current kickstarter campaign. Follow Andrew on Twitter Like Strangers and Friends on Facebook Subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes


Episode 6: Billy The Fridge!!!

Rapper, wrestler, comedian, and all around cool dude Billy The Fridge joins me in the Laundry Room Studio this week. We chat about the history and current state of Seattle hip-hop, being true to yourself, and being the fire you want to see in the world. We go out in the deep waters and keep it real, it's a fun filled episode. And please, don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast on iTunes! Check Billy The Fridge out on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Subscribe to...


Episode 5 - Zoltan Istvan

Transhumanist Party Presidential Candidate Zoltan Istvan joins Strangers and Friends. We cover a wide range of topics including the singularity, balance in politics, and the psychedelic experience. Follow Zoltan on Twitter and check out his Webpage Follow Andrew on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Rate and review on iTunes And don't forget to shop through our Amazon Portal!


Bonus Episode 1 - Drew Smith (Bad Kids to the Front)

Lawrence Kansas native Drew Smith joins me from Katy Texas to talk about the new Bad Kids to the Front album "You're Alone". We discuss starting bands as a teenager, Lawrence and Houston music scenes, the inspiration behind the music, and drop a new track at the end of the episode. Drew has been making music with various other artists under the moniker Bad Kids to the Front since 2013. Past guest appearances from Lawrence bands and their members Your Friend, CS Luxem, Karma Vision, and...


Episode 4 - Sean Cahill

My friend Sean from my days at KU joins the podcast from Denver Colorado. We talk about living in the mountains, what going back to school as the teacher is like, and Sean flips the script and interviews me. Stay tuned for a bonus episode announcement at the end of the episode. Rate and review us on iTunes Help out the podcast by shopping through our Amazon Portal