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“Bytes of Wisdom” with Jeremy Rossi, John Bellone, & Ossie Munroe is a podcast by three guys who tried their best to remain introverted, but eventually realized that multiplayer experiences were a lot more fun. Episodes covers wide variety of topics ranging from technology, leadership, current events, and mentorship. No matter the topic, quirky banter, unfiltered opinions, the contagious enthusiasm will draw you in. New episodes on Tuesdays.


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“Bytes of Wisdom” with Jeremy Rossi, John Bellone, & Ossie Munroe is a podcast by three guys who tried their best to remain introverted, but eventually realized that multiplayer experiences were a lot more fun. Episodes covers wide variety of topics ranging from technology, leadership, current events, and mentorship. No matter the topic, quirky banter, unfiltered opinions, the contagious enthusiasm will draw you in. New episodes on Tuesdays.



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#35 - Importance of Habits and Consistency

The conversation covers various topics including using Readwise and other tools for reading and consuming content, the integration of Kindle and Audible, the benefits of One Medical for healthcare, and the rise of phone scams and ways to combat them. In this conversation, John and Jeremy discuss various topics including security extortion, protecting family members from scams, the future of audio books, and the challenges of consuming news. They also touch on the importance of parental controls and the potential dangers of AI-generated voices.


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#34 - Cooking and Regulation

In this episode, Jeremy Rossi and John Bellone discuss an eclectic mix of topics. They start off by talking about the challenges around planning and recording, sharing some personal anecdotes about life and family. The conversation soon shifts towards food, as they exchange tips and experiences about cooking techniques, including the benefits of using a griddle over a traditional grill, the best ways to cook steaks, and how to prepare sides like mashed potatoes and carrot dishes. Their discussion also covers using sous vide for different kinds of meals and the wonders of smoked food. Transitioning into regulatory issues, they debate the importance of predictability for businesses versus the need for regulation, using examples from Amazon's headquarters strategy to EPA regulations affecting innovation. They wrap up with a riveting talk about car racing, stuck accelerators, and performance vehicles, while touching on their personal racing experiences and aspirations.


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#33 - The Company That Broke Airplanes

This conversation explores the history and challenges faced by Boeing, particularly after the merger with McDonnell Douglas. The discussion highlights the cultural shift and management practices that led to a decline in engineering expertise and a focus on financial engineering. The impact of outsourcing, union busting, and cost-cutting measures on the quality and safety of Boeing planes is also discussed. The conversation emphasizes the importance of engineering knowledge, loyalty, and communication in the aerospace industry. Boeing's focus on incremental modifications and shareholder value has led to a decline in safety and innovation. The company's self-certification process and lack of a strong safety culture have contributed to disasters like the 737 MAX crashes. The concept of self-certification in industries where lives are at stake is questionable. The tension between short-term shareholder value and long-term value creation is a challenge for companies. The lack of multidisciplinary expertise and a culture of innovation is a concern. Elon Musk's approach to running companies like SpaceX raises questions about the balance between a driven leader and the need for a strong management team. The conversation explores the concept of the Imperial CEO and the mythic, heroic figure that CEOs have become. It discusses the importance of regulation and oversight in industries like aviation and the need for expertise and organizational knowledge. The conversation also touches on the impact of culture and the role of companies in society. The final word emphasizes the need for long-term thinking, the dangers of short-term profit-maximization, and the importance of learning from past failures.


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#32 - Tanisha L. Turner

This episode of 'Bytes of Wisdom' features Ossie Munroe in conversation with Tanisha L. Turner, a prominent figure in the cybersecurity industry. Tanisha shares her unique journey from being a pre-med student to becoming a revered malware analysis engineer. Her story highlights the importance of mentorship, passion-driven career shifts, and the parallels between the fields of medicine and cybersecurity. Join us as Tanisha unfolds her path to success and discusses her involvement with various industry associations, her approach to mentorship, and her thoughts on the similarities between medical and cybersecurity professions.


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#31 - No wrong door for your PC Copilot going to SpaceX

In this episode of the Bites of Wisdom podcast, hosts Jeremy, John, and Ossie, dive into a variety of topics centering on organizational culture and technological advancements. The discussion kicks off with the 'No Wrong Doors' policy, inspired by the U.S. government's approach to mental health support, and how this concept can be applied in corporate settings to enhance team collaboration and problem-solving. The conversation then shifts to Microsoft's newly announced 'Windows PC Co-pilot', an AI-driven assistant that records and analyzes screen activity, raising significant privacy and regulatory concerns. The episode wraps up with a speculative discussion on SpaceX potentially going public and how it could impact Elon Musk's various ventures. Throughout the podcast, the hosts emphasize the importance of thoughtful integration of new technologies and fostering a supportive and efficient organizational culture.


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#30 - Apple, AI oohhhh, and Receivership

Summary In this episode, Jeremy and John discuss the recent release of OpenAI's ChatGPT and its potential impact. They explore the conversational aspects and the impressive memory capabilities of the model. They also speculate on the future of AI assistants and the potential dangers of people developing emotional attachments to them. The conversation shifts to the possibility of Apple partnering with OpenAI or Google for their AI assistant, and the role of Microsoft in the AI space. They also touch on Apple's missed opportunities in various industries and the need for a high-quality integrated display. In this conversation, Jeremy and John discuss various topics including Apple, AI, marketing, Sonos, and Fanatec. They explore the integration of technology into our lives and the importance of companies delivering products that meet user needs. They also touch on the challenges faced by companies like Fanatec and Sonos in terms of business operations and product execution. The conversation highlights the passion and insights shared by John throughout the discussion.


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#29 - Pay for simple

In this engaging episode of the Bites of Wisdom podcast, Jeremy Rossi and John Bellone explore the ever-relevant topic of paying for digital services over opting for free alternatives. Diving into the world of premium search engines, they share personal experiences with transitioning away from giants like Google to paid services such as Kagi, highlighting how this move has drastically improved their online search quality by eliminating unwanted distractions like Pinterest results. The discussion doesn't stop at search engines; it expands into the territory of email management, productivity tools, and the philosophy behind selecting premium services that enhance simplicity and efficiency in our digital lives. They ponder the value of open-source versus paid software and its impact on end-user experience and productivity. Throughout the conversation, Jeremy and John underline a common theme: the worth of investing in simplicity for the sake of reclaiming time, improving focus, and ultimately, enriching one's digital life and workflow. Tune in for their insightful reflections and light-hearted banter, offering both a deep dive and an entertaining take on why sometimes, it's worth paying for simplicity.


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#28 - Stress and Burnout

In this episode of the Bites of Wisdom podcast, hosts John and Ossie delve into the critical issue of stress and burnout within the cybersecurity industry, highlighting its prevalence and the need for more open discussions on the topic. They discuss the exacerbation of these issues since the COVID-19 pandemic and explore how organizations and individuals are attempting to manage this ongoing challenge. The conversation covers the complex nature of the problem, including the impact of technology advancement, talent shortages, and the constant pressure faced by cybersecurity professionals. They also discuss personal strategies for managing work-life balance and the role of organizational leadership in recognizing and mitigating burnout. The episode concludes with thoughts on the broader industry perspective and the essential need for empathy and proactive measures to support cybersecurity professionals' well-being.


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#27 - Adom Cooper

From a riveting discussion with Adom Cooper on his multifaceted journey through cybersecurity and children's authorship to engaging conversations on favorite movie scenes, film scores, travel adventures across continents, and thrilling scuba diving experiences, this episode offers a rich exploration of diverse topics sure to captivate audiences.


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#26 - Talent Acquisition

The conversation explores the process of recruiting and sourcing new talent for a team. Jeremy shares his experiences with recruiting and navigating the challenges of expectation setting and communication. They discuss the importance of setting clear expectations and timelines, as well as the role of the hiring manager in driving the process. They also touch on the negative aspects of the hiring process, such as firing and forgetting via LinkedIn and the practice of 'stump the chump' interviews. They emphasize the need for a collaborative and sales-oriented approach to interviewing, where both parties are evaluating fit and potential contributions


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#25 - DevSecNetOps

This episode of Bytes of Wisdom delves into the intricate world of DevOps, SecOps, and NetOps, exploring their evolution, current significance, and future trajectory. Join hosts Ossie Munroe, Jeremy Rossi, and John Bellone as they navigate through the definitions, misconceptions, and real-world applications of these practices. They share their personal journeys and experiences, bringing to light the challenges and triumphs encountered along the way. This conversation also tackles the role of new technologies and practices like Kubernetes, tail scale, and the SRE movement, highlighting how they fit into the broader picture of DevSecNetOps. Whether you're an expert or new to the field, this episode offers valuable insights into creating more efficient, secure, and collaborative IT environments.


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#24 - The Complexity of Complexity

In this vivid discourse, John Bellone and Jeremy Rossi delve into the nuanced world of software development, exploring the often overlooked aspects of complexity in technology. Their conversation spans several critical areas, including the challenges of understanding and addressing complexity, the impact of tech debt and legacy systems, and innovative ways to manage and communicate about complexity through technology. Highlighting examples from government infrastructure to modern software deployments, they dissect the multifaceted layers of complexity that pervade decision-making and operational efficacy in technology projects. Through engaging dialogue, they offer insights on employing frameworks, tools, and methodologies—such as protobuf, gRPC, and—to navigate and mitigate complexity, underscoring the importance of schema, version control, and the human element in technology development.


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#23 - Bridges, Ships, Regulation, Oh My

John and Jeremy explore a recent incident in Baltimore Harbor where a container ship caused significant destruction, highlighting the enormity and power of such vessels. The discussion delves into the event's implications on traffic, economic impact, and the inefficiencies in modern shipping and infrastructure challenges. It further touches on the regulatory hurdles in the United States that hinder rapid infrastructure development and the necessity for more streamlined processes to foster improvement. Additionally, the dialogue navigates through broader themes of global shipping, the efficiency and scale of container ships, and the potential future of shipping with advancements in automation. The conversation also takes a critical view of governmental response to infrastructure needs and regulatory processes, reflecting on broader societal and political challenges in addressing such fundamental issues.


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#22 - Scott Snowiss (SS&C)

In this episode, our hosts speak with Scott Snowiss, CTO of SS&C Retirement Solutions, who talks about his background and his journey in the technology and employee benefits industry. Scott explains how he got into the industry and why he has stayed in it for so long. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the business and domain expertise in the employee benefits space. The conversation explores the complexity of solving employer's problems in the employee benefits industry, including the challenges of integration and regulatory changes.


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#21 - Funding and Nuclear Dreams

Venture Capital, iCloud Woes, and the Future of Nuclear Energy In this episode of the Bytes of Wisdom podcast, hosts John and Jeremy dive into various topics starting with problems encountered with Apple's iCloud, particularly focusing on difficulties with its custom domain features and poor technical support. The conversation transitions to venture capital investments and the impact of the absence of cheap money on the industry. They also discuss the stigmas and potential of nuclear energy in America, the challenges and inefficiencies within large corporations and government committees, and briefly touch upon the taxation system. The episode concludes with a discussion on the video game 'Helldivers 2', highlighting its cooperative gameplay, challenges with cross-platform play, and anticipation for future expansions. The hosts also share personal anecdotes, including the purchase of a second PlayStation due to family gaming demands. 00:00 Introduction 00:49 Getting iCloud Support for Custom Domains 04:22 Navigating the Complexities of Customer Support and Software Bugs 14:21 Venturing into the World of Startups, VC, and Innovation 34:18 Exploring the Complexities of Fusion Energy and ITER 39:23 The Challenges of Nuclear Waste Management and Innovation 47:36 Diving Deep into Government, Budgets, and Democracy


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#20 - Heads or Tail(scale)

Discovering the Magic of Tailscale In this engaging episode of the Bytes of Wisdom podcast, hosts John, Jeremy, and Ossie delve into the transformative power of Tailscale, a networking service described as 'literal magic'. As they discuss the service's seamless integration, security by default, and simplicity comparable to installing an app on an iPhone, the hosts also touch upon the podcast's rebranding to better reflect its evolved content beyond gaming. With insightful contributions from a guest, the episode explores Tailscale's impact on networking, its potential use cases, and its impressive technology that includes features like Magic DNS, service discovery, and robust encryption protocols. Alongside discussing various technical aspects and potential enterprise applications of Tailscale, the conversation occasionally drifts into the possibilities of adversarial use and speculations about future acquisitions. Highlighting personal experiences with Tailscale, the hosts champion the service's ability to revolutionize networking and application deployment, making this episode a treasure trove for tech enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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#19 - Veda Woods (Protect Us Kids)

In this engaging episode, Veda Woods, the founder of Protect Us Kids and Global Cybersecurity Advisory Group, discusses her groundbreaking work. The conversation explores her journey in the information security industry and how it led her to establish organizations focused on protecting children and promoting sustainable cybersecurity efforts. This episode delves deep into the challenges of child exploitation and organizational culture in cybersecurity, and the importance of establishing genuine connections in the industry. It's a unique blend of technology, social impact, and the vital task of shaping a safer future for our children.


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#18 - Magic Tech Ski Goggles

In this episode of 'Bytes of Wisdom', Ossie, Jeremy and John dive deep into the realm of cutting-edge technology. The episode begins with an important announcement about the podcast's name change to better align with its mission. The trio then delves into a discussion about Apple's Vision Pro and other potential applications of augmented reality technology. As they share personal experiences with technology, they touch on the evolution of mobile technology, the impact of the internet, and the rise of the iPhone and mobile apps. They explore the potential of devices like the Vision Pro to transform our interactions and experiences—whether it's redefining how we work or transforming the way we consume content. The conversation ends on a forward-thinking note, emphasizing the benefits of staying curious and open to new technological developments.


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#17 - ADHD

In this week's episode, live and in person, Jeremy, John, and Ossie discuss their personal experiences living with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), mainly focusing on how it affects them in their professional and personal lives. They discuss their different mechanisms for coping with ADHD and how they have sometimes found their symptoms to be advantageous in certain situations. The conversation also broaches the topic of stardom and its impact on personal lives, using athletes such as Tiger Woods as examples. The speakers also consider the effectiveness of certain ADHD medications and the changes they've noticed in their personality, focus, and behaviors after starting the treatment.


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#16 - Mentee - Jen Swann

Mentoring Session EP16 M2 - Discussion on Career Growth in Cybersecurity In the second episode of the 'Mentoring Session' series, the special guest Jen Swan, a cybersecurity professional with an 11-year experience, discusses her growth and prospects in the field. Conversation covers her pathway from senior manager of incident response to the director managing three cybersecurity teams. The challenges of imposter syndrome and maintaining professional relationships are also discussed, with valuable advice on team management and mentoring. Jen expresses her future ambition to become a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and the team suggests strategies for her continued professional development.