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In-depth conversations about Swift and software development in general, hosted by John Sundell.

In-depth conversations about Swift and software development in general, hosted by John Sundell.


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In-depth conversations about Swift and software development in general, hosted by John Sundell.




92: “All of our wildest Swift dreams”, with special guest Kaitlin Mahar

Kaitlin Mahar, lead engineer at MongoDB and member of the Swift Server Work Group, joins John to discuss the current state of server-side Swift, designing APIs for server-side libraries, and Swift’s upcoming suite of structured concurrency features.


91: “Is SwiftUI ready for production?”, with special guest David Smith

David Smith, creator of apps like Widgetsmith, returns to the show to discuss whether SwiftUI is currently capable and stable enough to build production-level apps, and what sort of things that can be good to keep in mind when starting to deploy SwiftUI in production.


90: “The essence of app architecture”, with special guest Matt Gallagher

Matt Gallagher, creator of Cocoa with Love, returns to the show to discuss how the introduction of SwiftUI and Combine has impacted how apps are architected on Apple’s platforms, and what sort of principles that are good to keep in mind when designing a solid app architecture.


89: “Framework and SDK development”, with special guest Ellen Shapiro

Ellen Shapiro returns to the show to discuss framework and SDK development, and how that often requires a somewhat different process from app development. Also, API design, GraphQL, using the standard library’s protocol-oriented design, and more.


88: “The 2020 Holiday Special”

On this special episode of the show, John wraps up the 2020 season by revisiting some of the key themes and topics that were discussed on the show during the year.


87: “The SwiftUI layout system”, with special guest Chris Eidhof

Chris Eidhof returns to the show to go on a deep dive into the SwiftUI layout system. What are the different phases involved in determining a given view’s layout, how do concepts like layout priorities and flexibility work, and what makes SwiftUI different from UIKit and AppKit in terms of layout?


86: “Map is a design pattern”, with special guest Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg joins John to discuss how various functional programming patterns can be adopted in Swift, and how many of those patterns can be found in both the standard library and in frameworks like Combine and SwiftUI.


85: “Cross-Apple platform development”, with special guest James Thomson

James Thomson, creator of PCalc, returns to the show to discuss how developers can bring their apps to multiple Apple platforms using technologies like Catalyst and SwiftUI, and how and when it can be a good idea to share code across platforms.


84: “Key paths, functions and closures”, with special guest Vincent Pradeilles

Vincent Pradeilles joins John to discuss various ways to use Swift language features like key paths and closures, how they relate to patterns typically used within functional programming, and when and how to adopt such patterns.


83: “Adventure into widgets”, with Scriptable developer Simon Støvring

Simon Støvring, the developer behind several powerful iOS productivity apps, including Scriptable, joins John on an episode all about the new home screen widgets introduced in iOS 14. Topics include how to create and update dynamic widgets, managing and sharing data between an app and its widgets, and much more.


82: “Translating designs into code”, with special guest Jordan Singer

Jordan Singer joins John to discuss various approaches of turning designs into fully implemented UIs, how to manage things like mock data during the development process, and when to turn a given view into a reusable component. Also, the story behind the Airport app and Jordan’s recent SwiftUI experiments.


81: “How big iOS teams typically operate”, with special guest Carola Nitz

Carola Nitz, iOS developer at Netflix, joins John to discuss how larger iOS development teams typically operate, and how smaller teams can prepare their code bases for future growth. Also, organizing remote conferences, balancing feature development with bug fixing, and much more.


80: “Lists and loops”, with special guest Nick Lockwood

Nick Lockwood returns to the show to go on a deep dive into data structures and algorithms, what some of the pros and cons of writing high-performance code in Swift are, and how all of that relates to parallelization and performance.


79: “All about UICollectionView”, with special guest Ben Scheirman

Ben Scheirman, creator of NSScreencast, joins John on an episode all about UICollectionView. How have UICollectionView’s features evolved over time, and how are modern APIs like compositional layouts and diffable data sources changing the way collection views are built and used?


78: “What’s new in Swift 5.3”, with special guest JP Simard

JP Simard returns to the show to discuss Swift 5.3’s main new features and improvements, and what those changes might tell us about the current state of Swift and its evolution process.


77: “Adopting new system features”, with special guest Jordan Morgan

Jordan Morgan joins John to discuss various strategies for adopting new system features and APIs, how to keep up with the rapid changes to iOS, macOS and Apple’s other platforms, and how to allocate time between different projects.


76: “A huge year for SwiftUI”, a WWDC20 special with Josh Shaffer and Eliza Block

Josh Shaffer and Eliza Block from Apple join John to talk about what’s new in SwiftUI, how Xcode Previews work under the hood, the new home screen widget system, Apple’s internal process of adopting and improving SwiftUI, and much more.


75: “The Swift package ecosystem”, with special guests Dave Verwer and Sven A. Schmidt

Dave Verwer and Sven A. Schmidt join John to talk about their newly launched Swift Package Index, and what the overall state of Swift’s package ecosystem currently is. Also, dependency management, composing libraries, deploying server-side Swift in production, and much more.


74: “Let’s build a camera app”, a conversation with the Halide and Spectre team

On this special episode, John is joined by the entire team behind the award-winning apps Halide and Spectre, Apple’s 2019 App of the Year. Ben, Sebastiaan and Rebecca share their stories of how these apps came to life, how they’re working together between design and development, and how technologies like Computational Photography and Augmented Reality are influencing their work.


73: “Truly a general-purpose language”, with special guest Kilo Loco

Kyle Lee, also known as Kilo Loco, joins John to go behind the scenes of Publish — the static site generator used to build Swift by Sundell. Also, how to make a code base accessible to new team members, learning from open source, getting started with Swift-based web development, and much more.