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Episode 061: Eric Zakovich of Long Run Leadership Consulting

Our friend and colleague Eric Zakovich is our podcast guest this week. Eric and Ivan discuss his new venture, Long Run Leadership Consulting, share small business stories and nerd out over their shared love of Hamilton!


Episode 060: A Recap of Drupaldelphia 2019

In this week’s podcast TEN7’s DevOps Tess Flynn aka @socketwench is our guest, giving us her observations of the Drupaldelphia 2019 conference she recently attended, as well as a summary of her helpful session, “Return of the Clustering: Kubernetes for Drupal.”


Episode 059: 2019 Twin Cities Drupal Camp

Chris Weber and Dan Moriarty, volunteer organizers for the 2019 Twin Cities Drupal Camp are today's podcast guests. We'll be talking about the changes to this year's TCDrupal Camp and fond memories of previous camps.


Episode 058: New Support Clients and Why We Date Before Getting "Married"

Are you looking for someone to support your existing Drupal site? Or, are you an agency and you're considering taking on a new client? We think you should date before getting married right away. Trust us, it's better for both parties! In this podcast, Ivan Stegic and our DevOps Engineer Tess Flynn discuss the TEN7 courtship—er—new client onboarding process, which insures that we get to know your site better than you do!


Episode 057: Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Company

In Episode 57 of the TEN7 podcast, our guest is Aaron Draplin, graphic designer, author and founder of Draplin Design Company in Portland, OR. Aaron, the designer of a USA Forever Stamp and the TEN7 logo, provides an interview quite unlike any we've done to date. Join us for a trip through his fast mind.


Episode 056: 2019 Manage Digital Conference

In Episode 56 of the TEN7 Podcast, Ivan Stegic once again sits down with Lynn Winter to discuss the 2019 Manage Digital conference, May 9th at The American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis, MN. Subscribe to the podcast. Here's what we're discussing in this episode: The 2019 Manage Digital Conference; Why another project management conference; It's all about the Free in Freelance; Tickets are like hotcakes, get one now; It's all about the people, the relationships, the community; A legit...


Episode 055: Personal Backup Strategy

In Episode 55 of the TEN7 Podcast, Ivan Stegic sits down with Tess Flynn, TEN7's DevOps, to discuss why everyone using a computer or mobile device needs a personal backup strategy and how to create one. Here's what we're discussing in this episode: Developing a personal backup strategy; Backups are most important when you need them; Without them, too late, too bad; Do them since the universe is cruel, unpredictable and unkind; Backing up computers, tablets and phones, anything digital; Auto...


Episode 054: Adam Evers of believr

In Episode 54 of the TEN7 Podcast, Ivan Stegic sits down for a chat with Adam Evers, founder of the dating app believr and all-in-one start up maven.


Episode 053: Heather Schrock from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation

In Episode 53 of the TEN7 Podcast, Ivan Stegic sits down for a chat with Heather Schrock, Environmental Products Representative for the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF), a Portland, OR non-profit that empowers business to be in balance with the environment through a full suite of products, programs and custom solutions that help address the environmental footprint.


Episode 052: Eva Stegic Interviews Ivan Stegic

In Episode 52, Ivan is on the other side of the table and is interviewed by his daughter Eva Stegic for extra credit in her Social Studies class. Ivan tells his story, from growing up in Johannesburg, to his early geekery, to his starting TEN7, with some of his life lessons told along the way.


Episode 051: Blueprint Series #6 Backup & Disaster Recovery

In this the sixth episode of TEN7's Blueprint for Operations series, Ivan is joined by Tess Flynn to discuss Backup and Disaster Recovery. Here's what we're discussing in this episode: Backing up your Website; Recovering from that inevitable disaster; Protecting your organization's website; Why bother to do backups?; Life with Mac OS 7.6.3; Computer data is non-durable; The various levels of potential failure; Executing geographical level backups; Ya get what ya pay for; Backing up the...


Episode 050: Dries Buytaert

In this our 50th episode, Ivan is joined by Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, an open source software developer, a startup founder, technology executive, father, world traveler and photographer. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: Dries' life and career; The creation and emergence of Drupal; Growing up in Antwerp; Living in Boston; Shared love for tennis; Yet another flying start with the Commodore 64; The power of copy/paste; Writing code for his father's medical practice;...


Episode 049: Jeff Robbins

In this episode, Ivan is joined by his friend Jeff Robbins, entrepreneur, co-founder of Lullabot, founder of Yonder, an executive coach, an author, a signed recording artist and a self-proclaimed philosopher Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: Discovering the meaning of a fortnight; Jeff's background; Boston's universities tour; Starting at O'Reilly Media; Gopher & open source software; Orbit, one of the first bands on the internet; Signing with A&M Records; Surviving record...


Episode 048: Brian Lucas

Brian Lucas, veteran strategic communicator and storyteller joins Ivan Stegic to discuss his fascinating career and other related topics. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: Brian's background; And a joke; The Best Buy transformation; A killer knuckleball; Why we learn... To remember the past so as not to repeat it; A passion for teaching; Becoming a journalist; Life at CNN; Life in LaCrosse; Live shots and blank minds; Reporters need to tell authentic stories; Dried flowers with...


Episode 047: Chris Dart

In today's podcast, Chris Dart and Ivan Stegic discuss intentional communities and other related topics. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: Chris' background; Ethnography, cultural & medical anthropology; Life as a community organizer; Arthur C. Clarke; University of Liverpool in England; University of Chicago; The arc into technology; Founding an intentional community; The Lutheran Volunteer Corps; Finances in an intentional community; Seeking the right community members; The...


Episode 046: Introducing Healthcheck, a Physician for Drupal 8

Today, Tess Flynn and Ivan Stegic discuss Healthcheck, a new Drupal module that will make your site think it has its own personal physician. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: Healthcheck - a new Drupal 8 module; Contributing to Open Source; What is Healthcheck; Your site's personal physician; The need to know the health of a site; Healthcheck vs. Site Audit; Action modality; Hard coded vs. rules based; Notifications, webhooks & Zapier; A call for patches; Writing from scratch;...


Episode 045: Ron Zasadzinski

Today, it is our privilege to be talking with Ron Zasadzinski, owner of CodeGeek in Fort Collins, CO and accomplished pilot. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: How to correctly pronounce Zasadzinski; Polish genealogy; Yet another physicist; Playing the tuba; Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; Working for the Department of Energy; A culture of grant writing; Measuring paper thickness at high velocity; Differential geometry; Quantum chroma dynamics; Large Hadron Collider &...


Episode 044: DrupalCamp Ottawa 2018

It is our pleasure to welcome once again Tess Flynn, TEN7's DevOps Engineer and DrupalCamp ambassador, to discuss the 2018 DrupalCamp Ottawa. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: 2018 DrupalCamp Ottawa; Minnesota maple syrup; Camp format; Ottawa's move to Drupal open source; Award for travelling the farthest to attend; Camp without BOFs; Drupal 101; Keynote: “Building Accessible Experiences”; Accessibility is a core aspect of the entire design experience; Socketwench presents:...


Episode 043: 2018 Twin Cities Open Source CMS Unconference #2

It is our pleasure to welcome once again Tim Erickson and Wilbur Ince to discuss the 2018 Twin Cities Open Source CMS Unconference, its highlights and outcomes, and where it goes from here. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: 2018 Twin Cities Open Source CMS Unconference follow up; The Caffeine Bennie; The power of a small gathering; Adhering to the Unconference model; Open source, not only Drupal; Butterflies and Bumblebees; Significant teaching and learning; Communities coming...


Episode 042: DrupalCorn 2018

It is our pleasure to welcome Tess Flynn to the TEN7 podcast to discuss attending the 2018 DrupalCorn and presenting "Dr. Upal Is In, Health Check Your Site". Tess is TEN7's DevOps engineer. Here's what we're discussing in this podcast: DrupalCorn2018; DrupalSnow; Camp scheduling; What it takes to put on a camp; Unconference the conference; Substantive keynotes; Dr. Upal is now in; The good health of your website is important; It takes humans and tools; Every website is a bit like a person,...