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The audio only edition of the TMRO Shows. Live, weekly webcasts about Space, Science and Technology at

The audio only edition of the TMRO Shows. Live, weekly webcasts about Space, Science and Technology at
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The audio only edition of the TMRO Shows. Live, weekly webcasts about Space, Science and Technology at








India's Vikram Lunar Lander may not be lost | SPACE NEWS

Jared Head brings us our Earthly and ISS departures along with a quick update on India's Vikram lunar lander -- Spoiler: not all hope is lost just yet! Jared also covers a relativity important contract and rounds out the show with Aeolus performing a course correction to avoid the SpaceX Starlink constellation. Lisa Stojanovski has some exciting and future looking space science updates from cargo that recently returned to Earth aboard SpaceX's Dragon spaceship. Jade Kim returns with a HUGE...


Virgin is getting close to Orbit | SPACE INTERVIEW

Virgin Orbit VP of Special Projects William Pomerantz joins us on station to talk about everything they are working on. Sounds like Virgin Orbit isn't just near flying, but ready to come out of the gate strong with a series of vehicles already being built! In this hour long interview Jared and Will talk about the small satellite market and Virgin Orbit's place in it, rocket reusability and the Brooke Owens Fellowship. Will is an amazing force within the NewSpace community and this is an...


Starhopper's final flight and Europa Clipper is even more real | SPACE NEWS

We have a slew of launches, arrivals and departures this week including a test flight from SpaceX! I believe that means that Jared lost a bet with me! Jared also gets super excited about Europa Clipper becoming even more real, Lisa joins us from New Zealand to talk about Australia possibly joining ESA and of course we have the Space Weather Woman Dr. Tamith Skov giving us an update on our local star!


Vulcan Wins and Virgin Galactic has a new home | SPACE NEWS

United Launch Alliance has won a couple of contracts for its not-yet-flying Vulcan rocket, one of which has a mini space shuttle as a payload! Virgin Galactic is taking up residence at Spaceport America (finally!) And NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building may have a new tenant!


SpaceX, ESA and NASA Tests and a look back at DC-X | SPACE NEWS

We only had one launch with the Atlas V this week, but we did have an unusual ISS departure in the form of Cygnus leaving -- But not coming back to Earth. NASA tested the Orion abort engines while SpaceX tested the emergency pad escape system at LC-39A. And ESA tested a parachute, but didn't quite get the results they were hoping for. Finally, we take a peek back at the DC-X prototype which flew for the first time 26 years ago this week!


Space News | Rocket lab announced reusability as SpaceX Catches a Fairing

Peter Beck said they would never do it... But it looks like now they will try! Rocket Lab will be attempting to recover the 1st stage of their Electron rocket. We cover their announcement at the SmallSat conference. We also have a quick picture update on the new ULA Vulcan rocket showcasing its current status. And there is an epic video of the SpaceX Ms. Tree ship capturing a Fairing half out at sea! It's a stunning shot!


Can SpaceX really get StarShip to Mars by 2024 | Space

This week we welcome on Tim Dodd the Everyday Astronaut to talk about the SpaceX Starship and Super Heavy programs, his experiences in Boca Chica and what we can look forward to with SpaceX's Moon and Mars plans.


Space News | STS Green Run Test and the controlled chaos of STS-93

Jared and Tamitha are off this week, so you're stuck with just me for a bit. Sorry! For our July 31st news I covered the launches from this last week including iSpace who made orbit for the very first time! With a small hot-wheels sized car? Also talked about the SLS Green Run test that is now back on the books at Stennis... And finally I cover my favorite off-nominal space shuttle mission of all time: STS-93!


Space News | Catching up on Launches and NASA's Artemis Shakeups

Sorry about the over-driven audio, rookie mistake on my part. This week we take a few minutes to catch up on launches and tests. We also have some updates on how ISRO is looking to help scope out water for a NASA Project Artemis Lunar landing site as well as shakeups in the NASA Administration ranks themselves. Also want to welcome Manju to Space News!


STEAM | Using AI to build our best possible future on Mars

Astreia Founder Dr. Natalie Rens joins us to talk about Artificial Intelligence. We cover her plans to use AI here on Earth and how that AI can then assist on colonizing the Red Planet and beyond.


Space | Astrobotic's journey post Google Lunar XPRIZE

Astrobotic CEO John Thornton joins us to talk about the past, present and future of the company. They are developing lunar infrastructure starting with landers and have recently won a NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services contract (CLPS) to help enable that tech.


Space News | Falcon Heavy Center Core Curse & SLS Ground System Tests

We have a slew of launches this week to catch you up on! And in news the Space Launch System is gearing up to test its mobile launch platform over at Launch Complex 39B. This week you'll really want to watch the weather segment, awesome meteor that broke up over Puerto Rico and what that would have looked like on Mars!


Interview | NASA's Psyche Mission to a Metal Asteroid

We are joined by NASA's Psyche mission lead Lindy Elkins-Tanton to talk about this upcoming mission to explore the metallic asteroid that may be the core of a protoplanet! We cover what this means for us here on Earth and why is it important as well as how they plan to accomplish the mission itself! Orbit 12.21


Space News | How you can travel to the International Space Station

NASA is opening its doors (or airlocks) to the International Space Station. If you have enough cash, cash, money you will be able to hitch a ride up to the iconic orbiting laboratory, Athena return to give us an interesting look at the rings of Saturn and newly discovered findings from Cassini.


Space News | Reusable Spaceships and a mysterious Lunar lump

This week we bring you launches in a slightly updated format. A bit tweaked even from last week, let me know if that adds some of the excitement and fun back in. In News this week ESA is working on a reusable spaceship that can rapidly bring back samples to Earth. There's also a mysterious lump on the Moon that may be made of materials we can use to build with. And of course Dr. Tamitha Skov brings us not only this weeks Space Weather but also a quick update on some beautiful clouds that...


Space News | Starlink Launches, OmegA Anomaly and Plasma

We are back with a SLEW of launches this week! Trying a slightly modified launch format combining the best of Launch Minute with the flexibility of the current format. Needs a bit of love (especially the upcoming launches graphic) but hopefully you see the vision here. In Space News this week, Northrup Grumman has an anomaly with their OmegA launcher on the ground and EXTREME Matter in Sun's Atmosphere! As always we close it out with Dr. Tamitha Skov bringing us this weeks Space Traffic!


Roundtable | NASA's Project Artemis and their plans to settle the moon

This week we have special guest Manju Bangalore along with Cariann, Jared and Jade return for our first round table in a while to talk about NASA"s plan to colonize the moon. We dive specifically in to their Project Artemis. Since we didn't really cover it on the show, a bit about Manju. She used to work on the Orion Display systems at NASA's Johnson Space Center and is currently the founder and executive of Operation Period. We are hoping to make Maju a more regular host on the show!


Space News | ISS Update and Pluto's Secret Ocean

There's a special contest happening this week, brought to us by NBC/Universal. For our US viewers, head out at night, snap a picture of the moon, tweet it with #KeepLookingUp and @TMRO to get entered to win one of a few different awesome prizes! This week in Space News we have: - An ISS Update - The Universe is expanding in a confusing way - Pluto may have secret underground oceans - Dr. Tamitha Skov brings us the latest Space Weather...


Open Source Space Suits - Orbit 12.18

Dr. Cameron Smith of Pacific Spaceflight joins us to talk about low cost, open source, custom built space suits. Why is this important? As we open the cosmos to more and more people, space suits will be one of the next things that enables our continued exploration.


Space News | Blue Origin's Lunar Lander and a Solar Storm is about to hit Earth

We accidentally missed a launch from Japan last week so we're covering it this week. And what a week it was! Blue unveiled their lunar ambitions, ULA is prepping to test re-entry heat shield tech with NASA and we found out that the moon is shrinking! As always Dr. Tamitha Skov joins us to talk about our local star, and what an update it is -- A solar storm is heading right toward Earth!