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Get Smart: How Cultural Transformation is Enabling a Smarter Aviation Industry

It’s rush hour, and you are about to embark on your daily commute to work. The drive normally takes you about 20 minutes, but it’s raining, so you plug your destination into your GPS app to make sure you’re on the fastest route. It turns out that there’s been an accident on your typical path and traffic is heavy as a result, so the app guides you toward an alternate route, saving you an additional 10 minutes of travel time and enabling you to get to work on time. Data and connectivity have...


Navigating the Navy in a F-18

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a fighter pilot or weapon systems officer (WSO)? Malissa Gallini, part of our junior officer leadership program, interviewed US Navy pilot Lt. Jenny Moore and WSO Lt. Claire Gunnison during their visit to GE Aviation in Evendale. Lt. Moore and Lt. Gunnison discussed how they got their call signs (Juno and Hooks!), how they became interested in flying, and what it's like to juggle family and work while serving our country.


The FATE of future rotorcraft

Tom Champion, GE’s Director of Advanced Turboshaft Demonstrator Programs, and Jon Perkins, Program Manager of the Future Affordable Turbine Engine (FATE) program review the world’s most powerful, technologically advanced turboshaft engine being developed with the US Army. First, Tom discusses his experience as an Army aviator (0:45-3:00) and then Jon details his recently concluded time in the Navy (3:00-5:40). They then share: why the FATE program was launched by the Army in 2011...