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38: Torin Perez, Speaker and Author On Why Self-Awareness Is Part Of Being An Inclusive Leader

Torin Perez is a speaker and author who recently published the book ‘Who Am I to lead’. He talks to us about how we can all be a catalyst of change. Only 2% of our thoughts are conscious, so what happen when we slow down and become self-aware? Torin shares with us his belief that it is one way of growing as an inclusive leader.


37: Shruti Shah, Entrepreneur In Residence At SVBank On Her Work To Change The Tech Industry

Shruti Shah, Entrepreneur In Residence At Silicon Valley talks to us about her work at Silicon Valley Bank and her experience as a women of color entrepreneur.


36: Jessica Loché-Eggert on Why Tech Companies Need More Than A Ping Pong Table

This week, it is my pleasure to welcome Jessica Loché to the show. Since I recorded this episode with Jessica, she started a new position as the Head of Culture & Innovation at The Riveter. In this interview, she talks to us about why tech companies need more than ping pong tables to make their employees happy and why we should not expect diversity inclusion teams to do everything


35: Steve Huffman, Reddit CEO On What It Takes To Build An Inclusive Company.

Steve Huffman, Co-Founder and CEO of Reddit shares with us why he thinks diversity and inclusion is core to Reddit’s success.


34: Meghan Nesbit on how companies can make their technology more accessible to nonprofits.

Meghan Nesbit is the Director of Nonprofit Market Development at Twilio. She talks to us about how companies can make their technology more accessible to nonprofit and the importance of having diversity and inclusion strategies in the nonprofit sector.


33: Emilie Hsieh On Her Mission To Give A Voice To Employees

Emilie Hsieh is the co-founder and Ceo of Allie, an engagement platform that allows employees to give feedback and get personalized coaching on issues like inclusion.


32: Benjamin Evans On His Work at Airbnb Anti-Discrimination Team and more!

Benjamin Evans is the Airbnb design lead to the anti-discrimination team. You’ll learn how Benjamin landed his job at Airbnb and how his work supports his desire to create more inclusive tech platforms.


31: Carolina Mendoza on Her Work With Kapor Capital and Latinx Startup Weekend

Carolina Huaranca Mendoza is a principal at Kapor Capital, a social impact venture fund based in Oakland. Carolina shares with us what she likes the most working for a VC company and her own experience as an entrepreneur. She also talks about the Startup Weekend Latinx she launched in partnership with Techstars.


30: Nicole Lazzaro On Building a VR Impact Game Company

Nicole Lazzaro, the CEO of XEODesign talks about her journey to build a VR impact game company and her takeaway from being a female game developer and entrepreneur in the Tech industry.


29: Monique Woodward On Why Raising Money Is Not About Being Comfortable

Monique used to be a venture partner at 500 Startups. She talks about the positive changes she has noticed in the VC world and all the different initiatives she is working on to support under-represented founders and companies with a social impact. Monique is also the Founder and Executive Director of Black Founders.


28: How Victor Pineda Amplifies Disabled Voices in Tech

One in seven people might live with a disability. Victor talks to us about why we most certainly will experience disability at some point in our lives. He shares his work of bringing awareness to include the disabled community in the design of products and cities.


27: How Arlan Hamilton Started Backstage Capital With No Background in Finance

Arlan is the managing director of Backstage Capital, a seed investment firm with a focus on underserved founders.


26: Lexi Curtice, Development Team Girls Who Code On How Scholarships Are Crucial To Girls Success

26 Lexi Curtice, Development Team Girls Who Code on how scholarships are crucial to girls success by Change Catalyst


25: Christina Ulerio, Program Manager Tech Kids On Why It Is Important To Change Hiring Practices

25- Christina Ulerio, program manager Tech Kids on why it is important to change hiring practices by Change Catalyst


4: Rachel Williams, Head of D&I at Yelp on creating an inclusive environment

Interview with Rachel Williams at the Ability and Tech Conference in Berkeley - May 2016 Executive Producer & Host: Juliette Bouquerel Roy Producer: Jasmín Mara López


3: Melinda Briana Epler, CEO at Change Catalyst on the state of the industry

Interview with Melinda Briana Epler at the Ability and Tech Conference in Berkeley - May 2016 Executive Producer & Host: Juliette Bouquerel Roy Producer: Jasmín Mara López


2: Thibaut Duchemin, CEO at explores total accessibility

Executive Producer & Host: Juliette Bouquerel Roy Producer: Jasmín Mara López