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One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.

One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.
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One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.




Governments worldwide under cyberattack -- Are you using the worst passwords around? -- Flaw in Samsung's mobile site is spotted

Hackers are infecting government agencies around the world with malware. You won't believe the horrible passwords people are still using. Virgin Galactic just took a huge leap into space. Samsung's website is open to hackers. Hi-tech doorbells are getting swiped off people's houses. An amazing robot turns out to be a fake. Taylor Swift is using some interesting tech to spot stalkers. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Android app found stealing from PayPal accounts -- Source of huge Marriott hack found -- Guess what people searched for this year

Another malicious Android app has been caught ripping people off. Apple is working on a news subscription service. You won't believe who’s responsible for the latest Marriott data breach. Microsoft is tracking your activity through Windows 10, even when it's not supposed to. NASA just made another amazing discovery. You'll never guess the most popular search term on Google for 2018. Police come up with a new way to catch package thieves. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Data breach is closing Google+ early -- Facebook wants to figure out where you're going -- More look to social media for news than newspapers

A massive data leak is forcing Google to shut down its social networking service early. Facebook wants to predict where you are going at all times. Scammers have come up with a new way to rip off senior citizens. Amazon's Alexa is adding helpful location-based reminders and routines. Parents are concerned about children and their addiction to Fortnite. Social media has become the number one news source for people. All that and more in Tech News Today from


NASA shares the amazing sounds of Mars -- Malicious apps removed from Google Play Store -- Your anonymous data isn't that private

Some amazing sounds are coming from Mars. Over 20 malicious apps recently made it into Google's Play Store. Your hidden identity isn't as hidden as you think. Some apps are tracking your every move to sell to advertisers. A couple new smartphones will have edge-to-edge displays without the notch. People are not as happy as they appear on social media. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Facebook figures way around ad-blockers -- Sextortion scams now adding ransomware to arsenal -- Your jeans could help find your phone

Facebook has a real problem with ad-blockers. Amazon wants to put some of its checkout-free stores in airports. Google's new jean jacket might stop you from ever losing another smartphone. Scammers have been taking advantage of a bug in Firefox for over a decade. Sextortion scams are getting even more shady. Apple is creating new battery cases to increase an iPhone's life. Home security cameras are not as secure as you think. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Apple trying new ways to sell iPhones -- Microsoft update causing Blue Screen of Death -- Anti-porn move backfiring on Tumblr

Apple is offering unheard of deals on new iPhones. Microsoft's Blue Screen of Death is back and causing all kinds of havoc. Tumblr’s new ban on adult content isn't going so well. A new Apple Watch feature could help save your life. People are taking their emojis way too seriously. A New York newspaper from 1988 completely misses the mark on predicting the jobs of the future. 23andMe signs a deal to share DNA data with a pharmaceutical company. All that and more in Tech News Today from...


Chrome update features some helpful upgrades -- NYPD unveils drone assistants -- Waymo launches self-driving rides for a price

You're going to love the latest Chrome browser update! The NYPD will now implement drones in certain emergency situations. A new self-driving car rideshare service from Google is being launched. Incognito Mode might not be as secure as you think. Tom Cruise wants you to change your TV settings. A 7-year-old boy makes $22 million online. All that and more in Tech News Today from


A data breach that compromised 100 million people -- Woman filmed in hotel shower, sues -- Website to dump all its porn

World's most popular Q&A website was hacked and over 100 million accounts were exposed. Virgin Galactic CEO Richard Branson says his company is ready for space travelers. You won't believe the shenanigans Samsung was just caught up in. Tumblr is starting to ban pornography from its site. A woman is suing Hilton Worldwide after an employee allegedly filmed her in the shower. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Microsoft cracks down on tech-support scams -- Jeweler fixes major data leak -- Sony hints at foldable, transparent phone

Microsoft is cracking down on tech support scams. A third-party health tracking app found on Apple's App Store is ripping people off. A huge data breach from a couple of popular jewelry stores has been discovered. Rumors say Apple will upgrade its Airpods to wireless charging soon. 5G technology is starting up as soon as next year. Amazon drone delivery is getting a slow start. All that and more in Tech News Today from


The Marriott data breach and what you need to do -- Instagram may be able to pinpoint flu -- Moscow cable cars shut down with ransomware

Here's what you need to know about Marriott's massive data breach and what to do now. Google Hangouts might be going away for good. A wise computer programmer has found a way to turn the table on robocallers. Amazon deliveries are faster than ever. An iPhone is posting to Samsung's Twitter account. Hackers shut down a Moscow cable-car system with ransomware. All that and more in Tech News Today from


A new business target for phishing attacks -- Instagram makes a sensible change to help you -- Starbucks will finally keep people from seeing this one thing

Phishing attacks have been skyrocketing over the past year. This new tiny camera could help you become a social media sensation. Instagram is adding a feature that older generations are going to love. Starbucks is finally adding pornagraphy blocking filters to its Wi-Fi network. All that and more in Tech News Today from


Bitcoin scam makes its way to Facebook -- Company says it can get into your locked device -- AI flags people for crimes they haven't committed yet

A new twist on an old Bitcoin scam is circulating on Facebook. If you ever find yourself locked out of your gadget, there's a company that can unlock it for you. The Department of Justice has broken up an international cybercriminal ring that led to millions of dollars being ripped off. A new feature that would let you ban certain words from your timeline might be coming to Facebook. Everything that's coming to Netflix in December. All that and more from the news desk at


More problems with the latest Windows 10 update -- Biggest days ever for Amazon -- Scammers learn how to fake a secure site

Microsoft's latest attempt to fix Windows 10 is broken. An app developer is accused of click fraud. Cyber Monday was Amazon's top-selling day ever. Scammers figure out a new way to steal from you. Facebook messages from the past come back. Bitcoin used to fund terrorists. GPS leads woman astray. All that and more from the news desk at


Cyber Monday deals disappeared too quickly for some -- State starts accepting cryptocurrency for tax payments -- Is China creating designer babies?

One retailer's Cyber Monday deals disappeared too fast for some. Apple is going to offer coding classes to students. The post office finally plugs a year-old data leak. Scientists says he's created gene-edited babies. Mysterious bacteria on the International Space Station could be harmful to astronauts. Elon Musk looking for a new home on Mars. All that and more from the news desk at


Watch out for these Cyber Monday scams -- Google Maps is used to scam your banking information -- Could a smartphone with 16 lenses be coming soon?

Find out how to protect yourself against Cyber Monday scams. Black Friday spending was up 23%. A simple change to Google Maps is costing people their banking information. A woman is rejected for a heart transplant and told to try raising funds online first. LG phones could soon have 16 lenses. NASA is landing on Mars. YouTube is filled with fake news. All that and more from the news desk at


The Wright Stuff: The invention of heavier than air flight

In this special encore episode of History and the Highway, host Stan Ellsworth looks back at the Wright brothers' humble beginnings, how they made their dream a reality and the legacy they left behind. From high school dropouts to pioneers of a new technology that changed the world, the Wright brothers demonstrated vision, ambition, and drive to get their invention, the airplane, off the ground and into the air.


The Fred Allen Show: "Les Miserables"

A special presentation from The Golden Age of Radio podcast of The Fred Allen Show from 3/3/46, Orson Welles stars in a production of “Les Miserables.” Arthur Godfrey makes another of several appearances as the announcer before deciding the studio wasn't big enough for himself and Fred Allen.


Avoid Thanksgiving snarls with Google Maps -- Malicious apps were disguised as driving games -- Let a robot save your parking space

Google Maps can help you avoid that Thanksgiving traffic jam. Some malicious apps made it into the Google Play Store and could infect your gadget with malware. An illegal pyramid scheme is circulating on Facebook. A new app could take all the frustration out of finding a parking spot at the mall. You might be able to hitch a ride to space with NASA soon. All that and more in Tech News Today from


The best laptop deals this Black Friday -- Amazon will send you a live Christmas tree -- Will we live on Mars like we do on Earth?

There are some amazing Black Friday deals that you won’t want to miss. Cybercriminals have compromised the Make-A-Wish website. You won't believe how Amazon is trying to make Christmas easier for you. There’s an easy way for you to see the new Aquaman movie a week before its official release date. Bill Nye "The Science Guy" says humans will never live on Mars. All that and more in Tech News Today from


The best Black Friday deals available now -- Watch full-length movies on YouTube for free -- You might get something free from Amazon Prime

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are almost here, are you ready? YouTube is offering some movies that you can stream for free. You might be able to get a free month extension to your Amazon Prime membership. A popular web browser will now warn you of websites that are victims of data breaches. Elon Musk is one step closer to bringing internet to outer space. All that and more in Tech News Today from