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One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.

One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.
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One trusted name gives you the tech news you need to stay up-to-date. Listen and be informed every day. Knowledge is power.




Major email hack - Thousands of donated iPhones unusable - Algorithm predicts 'GoT' deaths

MMicrosoft email programs Outlook, MSN and Hotmail were hacked, affecting thousands. Giving away your old iPhone? Do this one thing, or the phone will be useless. An algorithm predicts who will die in the final season of "Game of Thrones." Watch out for fake Facebook requests. IBM and McCormick team up to use artificial intelligence to invent new food flavors.


FBI hacked, identities exposed - Find hidden cams in Airbnbs - Google alternatives

Latest hack could put thousands of FBI agents and government employees at risk. Worried about hidden cameras at your next Airbnb stay? This free scan will tell you if someone is watching. There are alternatives if you're tired of Google's privacy issues. Apple's IOS Photos app is getting smarter in helping you organize all the photos in your iPhone. A metal 3D-printed guitar is proving to be unbreakable. Listen to the tech news you need to know.


Hotel data breach - You might get money from Yahoo settlement - Make your dumb speakers smart with Amazon Amp

Two out of three hotels inadvertently expose your personal data during online bookings. What you need to know about a settlement in the big Yahoo data breach case. Amazon wants to turn your dumb speakers into smart ones by using Alexa. Find out the best tracking apps and tools to locate your phone or family. You may sleep better if you share your bed with a robot. All the tech news you need, in 15 minutes.


Major patch against hackers you need now - New privacy app shows Facebook, Google, and Twitter gotchas - Own a video doorbell? Watch out for thieves

A router used by millions is vulnerable to hackers. An innovative new app shows your Facebook, Twitter and Google privacy gotchas. If you have a video doorbell, you need to be on the lookout for thieves. Find out about Netflix’s secret codes that unlock a ton of new search options. Drone deliveries are finally happening, in some places anyway. Catch the tech news you need to know.


Nasty spyware infecting phones -- New app to avoid traffic jams -- Go from NYC to London in an hour

Spyware posing as legitimate apps is affecting not only Android smartphones but iPhones too. A new maps feature might help you avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam. You'll see robots at this national, big-box grocer soon. Watch a brand-new movie from the comfort of your couch, but it’ll cost you. A big breakthrough could mean getting from New York to London in under an hour. Listen to tech news you need to know.


Robocalls becoming scarier -- Google's violent kids' games -- More hidden cameras at Airbnbs

Robocallers changing for the worse and use your own info. Kids can still download violent video games marked as safe from this app store. Airbnb's hidden camera problems continue, as one tech-savvy vacationer easily discovered. Garbage pickers selling billionaires' trash, including Mark Zuckerberg's. As we get closer to tax day, hackers are ramping up scams (you need to hear about this one). These stories and more tech news.


New iPhone massive security flaw -- Huge PC repair scam exposed — See who's snooping on you

A security flaw in Apple's IOS allows anyone to make a call or send texts on locked iPhones. Office Depot has been fined $35 million by the FTC for a service the government says was a fraud. Find various ways to detect if someone has been snooping through your computer. The large phishing group London Blue is making serious inroads in the U.S. and getting bolder with its scams. Adobe's After Effects can now make some moving images disappear. Listen to all these and more high tech news.


Spotting a fake Uber or Lyft driver -- Facebook tax scam ads -- Credit card breaches make case for cash

Ride-sharing companies have become commonplace — and that's causing some deadly incidents. Learn how to spot a fake ride-sharing driver. A recent data breach exposed the credit card information of 2 million people. Is it time to rethink cash? Hundreds of scam ads on Facebook are promising big tax breaks. Drop the phone and start talking face-to-face again. A fake viral video shows a giant Amazon blimp letting loose a swarm of delivery drones. Listen to these stories and more tech news.


Millions of Facebook records on unsecured servers -- Consumer Report's robocall petition -- AT&T has fastest Wi-Fi network

As many as 540 million Facebook records containing personal data were found on unsecured servers. Consumer Reports has started a petition demanding the FCC require phone carriers to stop spoofed robocalls. A third-party study finds that AT&T has the fastest wireless network. Google rolls out Duplex, which can make reservations for you using a very human-sounding voice. Some teens in New Jersey crashed their school's Wi-Fi to avoid taking a test. Listen to these stories and more tech news.


Hidden cameras found in more Airbnb rentals -- Scammers can control your cellphone -- Pirating TV shows brings identity theft

So much for that relaxing vacation. The number of hidden cameras found in Airbnb rentals is on the rise. A new cellphone scams lets a thief take complete control of your phone. Call it karma. If you pirate T.V. shows, not only are you breaking the law, but you also risk malware and identity theft. Google and Walmart are joining forces to create their own grocery ordering program. More wearable devices to track your heart are coming. Listen to these stories and more tech news.


Robocaller loses in court -- Security flaws in medical implants -- Home DNA company and FBI deal

A furniture company paid a Memphis woman almost $500,000 after its robocall service bombarded her with 300 calls. Some life-saving medical implants connected to the internet face security threats. Family Tree DNA made a deal with the FBI to allow agents to access its database to identify suspects. Did you hear about the small story from a small Texas town? It's Facebook's most shared story of 2019 so far. Toyota's servers have been breached by hackers. Listen to these stories and more tech...


Data breach at popular restaurant affects 2 million -- Zuckerberg says Facebook needs more government regulation -- Apple pulls plug on Air Power

More than 2 million customers at a popular restaurant chain had their credit card information stolen. Worse, the data breach at Earl Enterprises lasted 10 months. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says governments need to better regulate companies like his. Apple pulls the plug on its planned Air Power. Artificial Intelligence experts say we would all be safer if robots learned humor. Gmail celebrates its 15th birthday with some handy new features. Listen to these and more tech stories.


FTC demands data from internet providers -- Your Android might be a spy -- Cars get smarter

The government wants answers. Specifically, the Federal Trade Commission wants to know how internet providers are using your data. Your Android could be collecting your sensitive data. Car makers are adding more smart features to cars to increase safety. YouTube's streaming TV service has rolled out nationwide. Video of a stressed-out teen taking care of a robotic baby goes viral. Hear these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.


McDonald's wants your data -- UPS launches 'drone' airline -- Verizon app fights robocalls

McDonald's is creating a data-gathering algorithm to offer customers menu recommendations. UPS drones are delivering medical samples around a North Carolina hospital. Verizon is set to announce a new, free app to block robocalls. For $10, Apple gives you access to 300 digital publications. Random tweets offer a prize if you do this one thing in your account settings – but don't do it! You might get locked out. All these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.


iPhone gets 50 security fixes -- Million ASUS laptops infected by malware -- Gmail becoming more interactive

iPhones get more than 50 security fixes with the latest iOS update. A hacked software update tool has infected a million ASUS laptops with malware. Soon, Google's Gmail will allow you to browse websites without leaving your email. The Department of Homeland Security plans to implement a facial recognition system at the nation's 20 largest airports by 2021. Facebook says it closed more than 2,500 accounts, pages and groups for spreading misinformation. All these stories and more tech news...


FEMA leaks info of 2 million victims -- How hackable is your car? -- Beware 'Florida Man Challenge'

First, they were victims of natural disasters. Now, they're contending with a massive data breach by FEMA that has exposed their sensitive information. A new rating system tells you which high-tech cars are easier to steal. The social media 'Florida Man Challenge' has become a hunting ground for scammers. After six weeks, a company can't secure a database exposing people’s intimate photos and phone calls. 'Drunk Shopping' is booming among Americans. All these stories and more tech news from...


Apple announces new services -- Facebook privacy settings to change -- Apps could be draining your phone's battery

Apple's new event announced games, TVs and even a credit card! If you want to beef up your Facebook privacy, change these settings right now. What you can do to avoid these apps from siphoning your phone's battery. If you sent an email on accident, here's how to unsend it. Famed Chinese K-9 known for her detective abilities was successfully cloned. All these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.


Phone companies ready to help stop robocalls -- New hearing aid translates 27 languages -- Phishing scams use popular subject lines

Phone carriers are finally working to help stop robocalls. A new hearing aid will translate 27 different languages. Learn about the most commonly used subject lines in phishing emails. Dyson has a new lamp that’ll take care of lighting for you. A new smart cigarette lighter wants to help you kick the habit. The "Angry Birds" are back, this time in augmented reality. All these stories and more tech news from Kim Komando.


Apple unveils new AirPods, iMac updates and colorful accessories -- Google gets into video gaming

In another surprise this week, Apple has unveiled updated AirPods. Apple has also updated their line of iMacs with new specs. New Apple Watch bands and colorful battery cases round out Apple’s new round of tech. Google is looking to shake up the video-gaming world with Stadia. The big mistake people make when donating old tech. Waymo looks to be expanding their self-driving taxi service. Get ready for a Keurig for cocktails arriving in more states. All these stories and more tech news from...


App exposes illicit child-teacher relationship -- Is a gender-neutral voice assistant better? -- Apple Watch detects heart issues

A teacher's perverted relationship with a child was discovered on an app installed in the child's phone. One company says we need a gender-neutral voice assistant. Do you agree? A study may show how accurately an Apple Watch can detect heart problems. Say goodbye to "Inbox," Google's failed personalized email experiment. Learn how you can watch March Madness games for free. Now you can buy things directly through Instagram. Phone maker comes up with unique location for their front-facing...