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289: Technology assisting with education, booking flights, and #AskTechTalk

This week, Steven and Robin are joined by Abi James from Ability.Net, who talks about technology that can make the difference in transitioning from school to college and university. Also, one of our intrepid blind reporters takes on apps from three major airlines, to book a flight to Barcelona - but how successful will he be? Also, be sure to check the end of the episode to find out more about #AskTechTalk - a new feature for you to contact us with all those tricky IT issues, headaches and...


Stanford Engineers develop Autofocal Lenses

Bi-focals, or clumsy progressive lenses, may soon be a thing of the past. Kris Wallace has been chatting to Stanford Graduates Nitish Padmanaban and Robert Konrad about the current research on Auto-Focal Lenses…and how far we may be from them being commercially available.


288: Sky Q, Tile Mate, and more of your emails

On this week's Tech Talk, Steven and Robin go through the email inbox with Producer Andy, answering your questions including reading books on your Amazon Echo, and whether or not Sky Q is an accessible set top box. Robin also tells us about one of his most recent purchases, the Tile Mate. Huge thanks for all emails you've sent in; we try to get to as many as we can during the show! As always, you can join the conversation by emailing #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


287: Victor Reader Stream, Synapptic TV Box, and more emails

On this week's show we discuss more of your emails and comments, plus we get a review of the Synapptic TV Box from our listener Nadia. We also talk more about the Victor Reader Stream device including thoughts from Steven about how to get more books. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


286: Android, Adam Morse, Sight Village and emails

On this week's show, Steven and Robin find out why three blind Android fans are in the studio and why they like that particular smartphone, plus we meet a visually impaired film director called Adam Morse and ask what tech he uses to do his job, and Sheila Armstrong from Torch Trust joins Steven to talk about her experience of Sight Village in Birmingham. Plus there is a look at the email inbox with Andy. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


285: Victor Reader Stream, Cyber attacks, and more emails

On this week's show there is lots more love for the Victor Reader Stream from Humanware, plus we find out about a new piece of tech that could help end isolation of older people from a company called No Isolation. Plus we look at how cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, and what we should do to keep ourselves safe online. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


284: Victor Reader Stream, RNIB PenFriend, and Social Media

This week, on Tech Talk - Steven Scott and Robin Christopherson talk about the new RNIB PenFriend device, which has just been announced - we hear from one user who finds it a wonderful way of helping her read books along with her children. There's also a look at how removing the amount of likes from our social media posts can reduce anxiety among users, and there's a lot of love for the Humanware Victor Reader Stream in the email inbox! Speaking of emails, we read and appreciate all the kind...


283: Emails, Specialist vs Mainstream tech, and final WWDC thoughts

Time for Tech Talk! This week, Steven and Robin hear more of your emails with Producer Andy, which includes a specialist vs mainstream technology debate, a look into the upcoming voice-over features on iOS 13, and Robin ticked off the final bits and pieces from WWDC. Huge thanks for all emails you've sent in; we try to get to as many as we can during the show! As always, you can join the conversation by emailing #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


282: Ten years of iPhone Voiceover, WWDC and more

Steven Scott is joined by Robin Kristofferson from AbilityNet & David Woodbridge from Vision Australia, they will be discussing a decade of voice-over on the iPhone…Plus more on the announcements from Apple's worldwide developer conference


281: Apple WWDC, 5G in UK, Emails

On this week's show... Steven Scott and Robin Christopherson discuss Apple's yearly developer conference and its implications for blind and partially sighted people. Also, as 5G is rolled out in the UK we talk about what that could mean for technology and services in our home and beyond in the future. Plus there's a read through your emails and some big questions for our audience to help us answer. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


280: WWDC preview, Windows Spring update, and Emails

It’s Tuesday, so it’s time for Tech Talk! Steven and Robin sit down to discuss the upcoming WWDC event in California, preferring iPhone or iPad for productivity, what’s been included in the latest Spring update to Windows (and why Robin can’t seem to download it), and also more of your own emails with Producer Andy, including OCR and SuperNOVA screenreaders, action cameras, the Lazarillo App, and more! #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


279: Orcam, Google Accessibility and Emails

On this week's show Steven Scott and Robin Christopherson discuss scanning documents and reading printed materials using tech. Robin demonstrates the scanning features of JAWS and Steven speaks to one of the trainers for Orcam, Ian White. Also, there's a chat about Google's new accessibility features announced at Google i/O and there's a report into how older people could benefit from new technology. Plus there's more of your emails. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


278: Tech Talk: Global Accessibility Awareness Day Special

On this special episode of Tech Talk we celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day, with a look back at how accessible tech has allowed more and more blind people to participate in society. We also look ahead to the latest tech trends including autonomous vehicles and smart glasses to see how they could change our lives for the better. Steven Scott is joined by special guests Robin Christopherson from AbilityNet and Robin Spinks from RNIB in a special one-off extra episode aired on the...


277: Tech Talk: How It's Made

On this week’s special episode, Steven Scott is rejoined by former co-hosts Shaun Preece and Tim Schwartz to answer one of our listeners most burning questions: how do we actually make Tech Talk? As Steven is in Glasgow, Shaun is in Manchester and Tim is in Ohio in the US, how do we all end up sounding like we are in the same room, and how do we connect and edit the show each week? All those questions are answered in this week’s special! #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


276: Tech Talk: Gaming Special

This week it's a gaming special with Shaun Preece and Robin Christopherson rounding up the latest information and discussion on games for all blind people to enjoy. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


275: Voice Dream Scanner, Google Gets Visual, Amazon AirPods?

This week Steven Scott and Robin Christopherson speak to one of the members of the popular website AppleVis to discuss his role in the website's development and also to review the new Voice Dream Scanner app. How does it compare to other applications that let you scan and read documents? Also Steven and Robin review the week's news in tech including the stories of Google planning to offer more visual responses through it's smart assistants and Amazon potentially bringing out its own version...


274: Emails, smart speakers and Disney

On this week's show, Steven and Robin go through the email inbox to answer more of your queries. They also discuss the news that the UK Government is launching a wide range of new advice and information through the popular smart speakers Google Home and Amazon Echo, and there's news about Disney's new foray into the world of streaming services. #RNIBConnect #RNIBTechTalk


273: DAISY player, Vision Australia and emails

On this week's show, Steven Scott and Robin Christopherson are joined by tech enthusiast and podcaster David Woodbridge from Vision Australia to talk about his first hand experiences of the Samsung Galaxy Watch and new Samsung S10 smartphone. He also tells us about the new Envoy Connect solar-powered DAISY player that can be purchased from the Vusion Australia store There's also a brief look at your emails...


272: Energy Monitors, emojis and emails.

Time for some Tech Talk! This week the tech mavericks Steven and Robin discuss RNIB's approval of the new accessible energy monitor, which will be available to customers in the summer. Plus there's a look at the top news in tech and a read through the email inbox. Also Robin demonstrates how you can easily find and use emojis with your Mac - which you can find out more here: Have an opinion on whats been on today's show? Email