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Episode 38: (Season 3) I Don't Run, I Only Walk

Welcome to Season 3! In this episode: * Facebook gives up on building its own internet drone * Bitcoin Bloodbath Nears Dot-Com Levels as Many Tokens Go to Zero * Blockchain Voting Notches Another Success—This Time in Switzerland * Google Duplex really works and testing begins this summer * Wireless speaker maker Sonos files for IPO * Crypto Visa card company Monaco just spent millions to buy * California’s new online cancellation law benefits many disgruntled subscribers in other...


Episode 37: Blockchain is the Answer for Everything

In this episode: - Back on the air with Jamie Dupree 2.0 (1:47) - The Damage from Atlanta’s Cyber Attack is even worse than the city first thought (4:12) - Scientists Have Invented a Software That Can 'See' Several Minutes Into The Future (8:04) - New technology can see your body through walls (10:26) - Robo-cones could speed up roadworks and spell the end for traffic jams (13:30) - Airbnb Is Testing a New Service That Lets Hosts Offer Their Homes During Emergencies (17:29) - This DNA...


Episode 36: Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

In this episode: - Weed killing robots (1:45) - Blocking 500M users easier than following rules (4:22) - Microsoft buys GitHub (7:00) - Jeff Bezos talks moon colony plans (10:32) - Airpods get live listen features (14:06) - Ripple funding crypto research (17:06) - Game-changing car batteries (18:40) - Walmart text ordering service (22:30) Weird and Wacky Tech (24:37): - Research-based caffine algorithm - Robotic hose dragon for burning buildings - Apple watch checking is distracted driving...


Episode 35: Sending an E-mail on the E-mail

In this Episode: - EFF Wins Over Podcasting Patent (2:18) - Facebook to Create Its Own Crypto (4:07) - ‘Almost Irresponsible’ to Not Invest in Bitcoin (6:17) - New Variant on Spectre, Meltdown Security Flaws (12:00) - Not So Pretty: E-Fail and the PGP Flaw (13:54) - Blockchain as `Next Frontier' for Logistics (16:00) - 3D Audio Headphones Startup Ossic Disappears (18:33) Weird and Wacky (21:30): - Tesla Washed Their Cars With This Waterless Car Wash - Microsoft acquires conversational AI...


Episode 34: Ice Ice Baby Warms to Crypto

In this episode: - Wall Street Warms to Crypto (2:43) - MoviePass brings back movie-a-day subscription (5:01) - Cambridge Analytica shuts down post Facebook scandal (8:43) - Firefox is adding ads, because only insults are free (12:18) - Self-driving minivan crashes in Arizona (18:08) - One atom thick light paving the way for tiny switches and sensors (23:40) Weird and Wacky Tech: - Bose Soundwear companion neck speaker (26:55) - Stick-On Tags Attach Laser Beams to Eyeballs (31:22) -...


Episode 33: Are Elon Musk and Bill Gates frenemies?

In this episode: - Movie Pass is struggling (2:15) - Netflix may buy a movie theater (2:42) - Bill Gates is spying from space (3:50) - Samsung's latest phone can't connect to the internet. On purpose. (5:39) - Elon Musk pours 100M into Boring Company (7:43) - Hackers build master key for hotel rooms (10:55) - Amazon delivering packages to a trunk near you (13:50) - A new Alexa skill can spy on you (17:38) Weird and Wacky Tech: - Transition contact lenses are here (21:36) - Google search...


Episode 32: Three Engineers are Saying.... That's Steep!

In this episode: Theranos has laid off most of its remaining staff (1:43) ACE Submarine Cable Cut Impacts Ten Countries (4:56) Robots are not taking over, says head of UN body on autonomous weapons (9:37) California proposes new rules for self-driving cars to pick up passengers (12:24) FTC Warns Companies ‘Warranty Void if Removed’ Stickers Are Flatly Illegal (19:44) Announcing the fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service (26:18) Steve Wozniak drops Facebook (30:21) A long...


Episode 31: (Season 2.5) Pay Homage to the Drone Overloards

In this episode: A cyber attack on Atlanta computers (2:48) Facebook is all kinds of out-of-whack (6:30) Russian court says Telegram must hand over encryption keys (10:45) Youtube is introducing your kids to conspiracy theories (13:30) HQ trivia lands Warner Brothers for a $3M ad deal (16:48) A Chinese space lab is falling to Earth in a fiery demise (21:47) Samsung has a patent out for over the air wireless charging (23:40) Amazon patent points to a future in which humanity is reduced to...


Episode 30: 3D-Printing Robot Taxis Translate Invisible Sunglasses

In this episode: We are one step closer to robot world domination Flying taxis, worth your trip to New Zealand The SEC is formally charging the founder of Theranos with fraud Bose AR sunglasses Earbuds that translate language in real time The New - Weird and Wacky Tech - segment


Episode 29: Doctor Verified Internet Taxes Crypto Flying Doorbell

In this episode we talk about: Uber wants to get you to your doctor appointment That microchipped e-passport you've got? US border cops still can't verify the data in it Net Neutrality Legal Battle Officially Begins: What You Need To Know Are You a Coinbase User? Your Data Could Be on Its Way to the IRS Someone Stole 7 Bitcoins from Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Rapper 50 Cent Says He Isn't Actually a Bitcoin Millionaire Sprint, Delta, Airbus work to bring high-speed Internet to the skies...


Episode 28: Unusable Electronics Puzzle Driving Crypto-Aliens with Criminal Passwords

In this episode we talk about: A script that renders useless the marketing snoop by your ISP Electronics that can self destruct Adam quizzes Sanjay about security products Uber and Lyft are trying to stop you from using your autonomous vehicle in cities Waymo and Uber reach a settlement to end their ongoing legal battles Too much crypto means no aliens for you Instead of a paywall, Salon has rolled out a cryptomining-wall The Georgia Senate thinks they can fix online security with a bad...


Episode 27: (Season 2) Beaming Bitcoin Satellites Running Driverless

This is the start of our second year of podcasting - yay! In this episode we talk about: The semi-realization of a real life tractor/levitation beam. Lots of talk about Bitcoin from Stripe, Robinhood, and 50 Cent. A disco ball satellite revolving around the Earth. US soldiers giving away their locations because of their addiction to fitness. And driverless cars are going to be careening through the streets of Atlanta! Plus FIVE (yes FIVE!) great tech recommendations. Special Guest: Adam...


Episode 26: Careening Phone Vulnerable Water Sun

In this episode we talk about: GM's driverless, steering wheel-less, and pedel-less autonomous vehicle. iOS is heading to be bigger than the worldwide movie market. iPhone will soon give you a choice between slowing down or risking an overheated phone. Facebook is launching a home video chat device. Google bought a startup that can make your entire mobile device screen into a giant speaker. Samsung is working on a phone with a screen on both sides. Qualcomm joins the other companies with...


Episode 25: Cancer Checkout Computer Charity Compromise Trivia

In this episode we talk about: California recommending that you don't keep your smartphone anywhere near your body. Kroger is trying to innovate in the retail space to keep ahead of Amazon and Walmart. Google can now create a speaking bot that is indistinguishable from a real human. A Bitcoin multi-millionaire is donating $85m in Bitcoin to charity. Two major flaws have been discovered that affect nearly every computer, smartphone, and computing device in the world. HQ Trivia has built a...


Episode 22: Neutral giant batteries not $88 per month

In this episode we talk about: The Uber hack that lost 57M people's data The removal of Net Neutrality Tesla just built the world's largest battery The startup wanting to do braces for $88 per month Scientists have used cells as a recording device Plus two great tech recommendations.


Episode 20: Browser Krack Phone Clear Power

In this episode we talk about: How you're (unwittingly) helping people make money on your computer How all your wifi is now vulnerable and what it means for you A new technology that can ruin pictures and videos made from a smartphone See through solar panels that could transform electricity generation Tesla gets going in Puerto Rico to help the kids


Episode 19: Postal Gigs Amazon Forest Chat Corner Spies Default

In this episode we talk about: The US Postal Service employing autonomous vehicles How you can help make detailed 3D driving maps and get paid Amazon launching a delivery service, delivering to your trunk or in your house, and trying to get the .amazon top-level-domain AOL Instant Messenger is shutting down Researchers have figured out a way to see around corners Israel figured out that U.S. secrets were being leaked to the Russians via Kaspersky An Australia defense contractor lost 30...


Episode 17: Escaping Electric Breach Suing Bluetooth Matrix Recycling

In this episode we talk about: Tesla unlocking vehicle range ahead of hurricane Irma China is focusing on only electric vehicles being sold there from 2030 Europe following suit and requiring new and remodeled homes in 2019 and beyond to have electric vehicle charging Equifax got breached badly - now what should you do? Hackers can take over your devices if Bluetooth is enabled Using your blood to create electricity - yes, VampirePower Rubicon Global hits unicorn status! Three (what -...


Episode 16: 16

In this episode we talk about: How the Docx Games are ruining the youth of the world Initial Coin Offerings burger King (Russia) gets into the crypto-currency craze Sonos cares more about their revenue than your privacy The DOJ backs down from their demands for data Pacemakers that can be hacked to make them (literally) kill Palm (as in Palm Pilot) is making a comeback Internet security problems visualized and exposed A body cam for everyone Two fantastic tech recommendations!