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Learn a few tips about everyday technology from a technology expert, ask your questions, and share your experiences.

Learn a few tips about everyday technology from a technology expert, ask your questions, and share your experiences.


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Learn a few tips about everyday technology from a technology expert, ask your questions, and share your experiences.




Let's Talk Tablet Computers

Tablet computers are known for being portable and easy to use. Compared to a smartphone or personal computer, can a tablet really do it all? We shared tips on what tablets can do, which are most accessible, and why you might choose a tablet over other devices.


A Deep Dive into the Amazon Echo and Alexa Smart Assistant

Thinking about getting an Amazon Echo but have questions about which one to get, or what it can do for you? Or maybe you already have an Echo but you want to learn more about all the things it can do. This month we took a deep dive into the Amazon Echo and Alexa voice assistant.


Assistive Technology Basics

We explored a variety of assistive technology for blind and low vision users, including electronic braille, screen reading and screen enlargement for the PC and mobile devices.


Enjoying the Movies after Vision Loss with Audio Description

Watching TV or going to the movies can become less enjoyable if seeing the action becomes more difficult or impossible. Audio description can make all the difference. We discussed how to access audio description at the movie theater and from streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.


Labeling Technology

Appliances, food, clothing, medicine and more can all be labeled. But how? We explored both high and low tech options, and which labeling methods work best in a given situation.


Online Shopping Tips and Tricks

It's the holiday season, which means it's time to shop 'til you drop. Luckily, lots of shopping can be done without ever stepping foot outside your door. This month we talked about accessible online shopping. We explored how to find the best bargains online, accessible gifts for the gadget lovers in your life, and which accessible tech gifts you may want in your own stocking!


Music Apps and Gadgets

There's nothing more relaxing than listening to great tunes, but there's nothing more frustrating than trying to do so with an inaccessible solution. This month we discussed smart speakers, converting old vinyl and CDs into digital music, and digital music services such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music.


Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Ever wish you could just tell your microwave to cook your food? And wouldn't it be great if your phone alerted you to an open refrigerator door? This month we discussed the pros and cons of tech tools in the kitchen and answered the questions: what's out there and what's worth it?


Reading Printed Text

Reading your mail, the handwritten message on a birthday card, or cake mix directions - all can present challenges. Thankfully, there's an app for this! Several actually. And some gadgets as well. This month we explored tools for reading printed text.


Tech Tools for Health and Wellness

In this discussion, we explored a number of apps and smart devices for health and wellness, including exercising, tracking, and measurement. The discussion touched on calorie tracking, cooking food, making exercise equipment accessible, using continuous glucose monitoring systems, and much more.


Reading Apps and Gadgets

From standalone reading hardware, like the Victor Reader Stream, to your phone, tablet or braille display, there are a number of accessible reading options. We also covered a wide variety of book sources, including Bookshare, BARD, Kindle, Audible and OverDrive.


Where Am I? GPS to the rescue!

This session is going to be all about GPS apps to help you navigate your world. We'll discuss widely available options like Google Maps and Apple Maps as well as more specialized apps like BlindSquare, Lazarillo and Nearby Explorer, which were specifically designed for those with visual impairment. Let's go exploring together!


Tech Tools to Get Around Town

It's easy to think of places we'd like to go, but it's not always easy figuring out how to get there. In this month's Tech it Out, we'll cover rideshare apps and services such as Uber, Lyft, Go Go Grandparent, and Curb for taxis. We'll explore safely requesting transportation even without a smartphone. If you're curious about these services, or have experiences you can share, tune in to ask questions and share your experiences.


Accessible Games

From puzzles to multiplayer role-playing games, the world of gaming is expansive. Let's talk about it! We'll discuss tactile games, smartphone games, and video game consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation. Share your favorite games and learn some new ones!


Accessing Entertainment with Technology

We live in the age of smart TVs, streaming, and voice-guided narration. But with all the options for fun can come confusion. That's why we're tackling entertainment at our next Tech It Out. We'll discuss things like:Come to get a few tips, share your experiences, and learn from each other.


Audio Identification and Visual Interpreter Services

There are several tech-enabled tools out there that you can use to act as your visual guide or assistant. Some involve artificial intelligence; others use human assistance. We will walk through several options and compare our experiences. Tune in and share what you've learned and ask your questions.


Using Digital Assistants Siri Alexa Google

Listen in as Ricky Enger and the Hadley Tech It Out community ask questions and discuss their experiences with digital assistants, like Alexa, Siri and Google.


Restaurant and Cook at Home Delivery Services

Home delivery of restaurant food or meal kits to cook yourself is now easier than ever. There are several options available, depending on your location. We will discuss our experiences using these services as visually impaired diners.


Online Grocery Delivery Services

Technology today can really make the chore of grocery shopping much easier. Online ordering and home delivery takes much more of the hassle out of the process.