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Episode 10: Steve Hilton Talks Populism and the future of Democracy With Tom Serres

It’s become something of a mantra for the Tech On Politics team, but there is no doubt we’re living in interesting political times. Last year, Brits voted to leave the EU, populist movements and candidates were on the rise, and US President Trump continues to whip the news media into a daily frenzy. So what does this mean for our current political systems and what role is technology playing in the democratic protest? In the final episode of season 1, Tech On Politics sit down with Steve...


Episode 8: Howard Rheingold and Tom Serres Discuss Fake News and The Real Politics of Technology

Welcome back to Episode 8 of Tech on Politics! In our show today, I am honored to visit with Howard Rheingold - one of the earliest pioneers of the internet, a member of The Well, a critic, a writer, and a teacher. Howard's specialties are on the cultural, social and political implications of modern communication media such as the Internet, mobile telephony and virtual communities (a term he is credited with inventing). We discuss everything from Fake News to Internet Literacy - topics he...


Episode 4: Don Tapscott and Tom Serres Discuss, What's Next?

The Internet is entering a second era. We’ve had the Internet of Information. With blockchain we’re seeing the rise of the Internet of Value. There are profound opportunities to improve the economy and also the operations of government. Technology is all around us. In our work, in our transportation, in our homes, even in our dating lives. But where is technology going to play a role in our government? A lot of attention in the news has spun to Silicon Valley’s reaction to the election of...


Episode 3: Blockchain Nation States with Jutta Steiner - Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Welcome back to Episode 3 of Tech on Politics! On today's show, we interview crypto hacker math genius Jutta Steiner. Jutta is the co-founder and COO of Ethcore - an EU based company pioneering some of the most interesting advancements in Blockchain Technology. Perhaps you've heard of Bitcoin - but maybe not Blockchain, its underlying technology. Today we talk about Blockchain, Blockchain Nation States, Decentralized Autonomous Governments, AI's building Blockchains, cryptography, internet...