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TechByter Worldwide, once limited to the reach of WTVN Radio in Columbus, Ohio, as Technology Corner, is now available worldwide. Programs are listed by date (YYYY.MM.DD: Topic) so that you'll know the date the program was recorded.

TechByter Worldwide, once limited to the reach of WTVN Radio in Columbus, Ohio, as Technology Corner, is now available worldwide. Programs are listed by date (YYYY.MM.DD: Topic) so that you'll know the date the program was recorded.
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TechByter Worldwide, once limited to the reach of WTVN Radio in Columbus, Ohio, as Technology Corner, is now available worldwide. Programs are listed by date (YYYY.MM.DD: Topic) so that you'll know the date the program was recorded.




TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-21: After Much Research, I Have Identified the Best Camera in the World. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

You may be surprised by the price of the best camera in the world, but extensive research and testing have revealed that it probably costs less than you would expect. In Short Circuits: If your Windows 10 computer seems slow, it might be the result of having too many applications open in the background. Far too many developers think their app should run all the time, but it's easy to turn off the ones you don't want. Police departments are using social media and some have even developed apps...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-14: Publisher: The Final Part of Serif's Affinity Puzzle. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

If you're struggling with Microsoft Word or Publisher to create newsletters and other publications, Affinity Publisher might be just what you need. Surprisingly, it's also good for much larger documents. In Short Circuits: As a follow-up to this week's review of Affinity Publisher, let's take a look back at how much publishing has changed since the mid-1980s when the first electronic typesetting applications came to desktop computers. If you sometimes see page not found errors when you try...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-07-07: A Few Ways to Get More From Windows 10. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

For most of us, Windows 10 is Microsoft's best operating system, but that doesn't mean it can't be improved. Let's take a look at some ways that you can modify a few settings or learn a few tricks that will make it better. In Short Circuits: In a few days Google will modify how Photos and Drive interact with each other. Changes made in one location will no longer be reflected in the other. That's the way it should have been all along, but the change will probably cause some confusion....


TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-30: Looking for HDR Processing? Check Aurora. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

If you like the idea of combining multiple photos to create a cool high-dynamic-range look, but haven't been able to get the results you want, now would be a good time to take a look at Aurora HDR from Skylum. It works as a standalone application or as a plug-in for Adobe's applications. In Short Circuits: Facebook constantly adds features I don't want and displays far more ads than seems reasonable. Social Fixer makes Facebook tolerable by removing stories, games, and other components you...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-23: Living on the Microsoft Edge. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

After trying to convince Windows users that its own proprietary display engine was better than the ones used by Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has given up on EdgeHTML. The next version of Edge will be based on Chromium. In Short Circuits: Recently released updates to Adobe Lightroom Classic include a powerful new feature that most people probably won't use, but those who care deeply about color purity will be delighted. For the majority of users, a new Texture slider will have more appeal...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-16: Password Managers Revisited. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

I'm a proponent of password managers, but I've chosen to switch from one password manager to another even though the one I'm switching from is still a worthwhile and viable application. In Short Circuits: When I receive an email account deactivation notice, I instantly recognize it as phony because I am my own email system administrator, but what if you receive a deactivation message that seems to be from your ISP or from the corporate email manager? Some of the new top-level domains (ICU,...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-09: After a Rough Start, On1 PhotoRaw 2019 Recovers. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

After stumbling more than a little with the initial 2019 release of PhotoRaw, On1 has remedied most of the performance problems with the 2019.5 release. In Short Circuits: Not content to interfere only with US elections, Russia is now actively opposing development of 5G cellular networks in the United States with disinformation campaigns while encouraging 5G development in Russia. Scaremongers have been spreading concern about cellular signals and Wi-Fi for years even though there is no...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-06-02: You Can Tech Support Yourself. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Tech support seems a lot more complex than it really is. Once you realize that hardware and software companies really don't want to hear your tech support questions, the path to solving your own problems becomes clearer. In Short Circuits: Windows 10 version 1903 should have been released in March, but it's just now being pushed out. If your computer hasn't yet been updated and you wonder why, let's explore that topic. What's in 1903? There are some useful features and you may think that one...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-05-26: Luminar Works with Lightroom, but also Threatens Lightroom. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Luminar is a new photo editing application. Although it may not yet be a serious competitor for Adobe's Lightroom Classic, it does offer some useful features and works with Lightroom. In Short Circuits: Fans of magazines will find two on-line options worth checking out: Apple News Plus (formerly Texture), which has a $10 monthly fee, and Flipster, which is available for free to patrons of many libraries. Microsoft has an easy way to add emoticons to any document or email, but still lags when...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-05-19: Camtasia's New Features Improve Instructional Videos. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

TechSmith has added two features to Camtasia that anyone who makes instructional or promotional videos will doubtless want. In Short Circuits: Increasing numbers of crooks want to install malware on your computer and they're getting better at doing it. Fake Facebook accounts seem to be on the rise. You may receive a friend request from someone who is already your friend. That's just one of several ploys used by "Fakebook" mongers. In Spare Parts (only on the website): This week, a look at...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-05-12: How to Avoid Documents with Unpleasant Hidden Surprises. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Email continues to be the most common vector for distributing malware and attached documents slip by defenses all too often. In Short Circuits: Have you received a message from someone who says that he's broken into your computer, has embarrassing pictures taken with the computer's camera, and will send them to each of your contacts unless you pay? Oh, and he has one of your passwords, too. It's a fake and we'll consider how it works. Windows 10 version 1903 will be pushed out to computers...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-05-05: Google's Sensorvault Knows Where You Were. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

If you're planning to commit a crime, you might want to leave your phone at home because Google's Sensorvault knows where you are, where you were, and how long it took you to get from there to here. Sensorvault has data going back several years and, in some situations, police can access it. In Short Circuits: Internet crimes cost individuals and companies nearly $3 billion last year and that's just the crimes that were reported. Changing passwords frequently has been promoted as a good...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-04-28: Protecting Portable Data with VeraCrypt. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Carrying important information around on an unencrypted phone, computer, or thumb drive is dangerous, but you might think that encrypting important files is difficult. It's not. In Short Circuits: The prices for solid state disk drives continue to drop and 2TB SSDs are now available for about $100. If you've ever had to deal with a stubborn Windows update that simply will not install, you might find the process I used this month to be helpful. Adobe is working on a new feature for...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-04-21: Alien Skin's Exposure X4 Is Better With LUTs. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Look up tables, LUTs, are an important new feature for Alien Skin's Exposure X4.5. LUTs are used in the creation of motion pictures, but they can also be used to great advantage by still photographers. In Short Circuits: Now is the time to get rid of Internet Explorer. The first step involves installing a more modern browser and making it your default, then you can remove IE entirely. The latest version of the Android operating system, Pie, has been pushed out to nearly all models of most...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-04-14: Privacy Questions About Windows 10. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Windows 10 shares information about your computer with Microsoft. There are good reasons for Microsoft to want the data and good reasons for you to allow it, but maybe you don't want to share the information. It's possible to disable the sharing if you know where to look and a small utility provides an easy way to review and change the settings. In Short Circuits: Some tech writers advise against using password managers, but I see them as the best way to create and maintain passwords that...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-04-07: Finding the Right Tool to Enhance and Improve Your Photos. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Which is better: Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop? The answer to that question is "it depends." Mainly it depends on what you need to do, but that's not all. We'll try to sort out which is the right option to use and when. In Short Circuits: The operators of the electric grid and other utilities are under nearly constant attack. So far, most of the attacks have been limited to the IT network, but critical infrastructure is at risk. If you've noticed that sometimes the Windows File Explorer takes...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-03-31: Better Ways to Work with the Registry. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Removing unwanted key functions from the keyboard can be accomplished with a Registry Edit, but there's a better option for those who fear touching the Registry. And for those who do edit the Registry, there's a non-Microsoft editor with some clever tricks. In Short Circuits: Asus has moved to correct a problem with their Live Update application that was used to push malware to hundreds of thousands of computers. We'll take a look at some of the most persistent high-tech myths. Artists who...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-03-24: Visiting the Dark Web. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

You've doubtless heard of the dark web and may consider it to be a place to avoid because illegal activity takes place there, but there's good to be found, too. After all, The Onion Router was a project undertaken by the US Navy in the 1990s. In Short Circuits: Merchants of angst are predicting that GPS systems will fail on 6 April. They will do no such thing, but older GPS devices might be a bit confused on that day. What happens if a Windows update causes problems for your computer?...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-03-17: Is it Finally Time for a Solid-State Drive? Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

If your computer is a few years old and you'd like it to be faster, the right change may no longer be to add RAM. Instead, maybe it's time to consider a solid-state disk drive. In Short Circuits: Now would be a really good time to confirm that your browser is fully up to date. That's true for any browser, but this week it's particularly true for Chrome. Microsoft is beginning to bad-mouth its own Office suite in an attempt to convert users to Office 365. The scourge of Robocalls continues to...


TechByter Worldwide 2019-03-10: Brave: The Browser with a Difference. Short Circuits. Spare Parts.

Brave is a browser that promises faster and more secure operation. It seems to follow through on both promises, but there are some features that infuriate newspaper and magazine publishers. In Short Circuits: Flat maps have been lying to us and technology can be used to eliminate the lies by more accurately representing the land masses of the globe on flat monitor surfaces. Microsoft wants to get rid of passwords and has taken some steps toward doing that, but it won't happen soon. The...