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Connection Techsperience: a boisterous group of tech enthusiasts keen on deciphering the inner workings of the IT world, sharing their passion (along with industry-insider secrets), and offering a fresh perspective on all things technology.

Connection Techsperience: a boisterous group of tech enthusiasts keen on deciphering the inner workings of the IT world, sharing their passion (along with industry-insider secrets), and offering a fresh perspective on all things technology.
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Connection Techsperience: a boisterous group of tech enthusiasts keen on deciphering the inner workings of the IT world, sharing their passion (along with industry-insider secrets), and offering a fresh perspective on all things technology.






Episode 22: Cisco tackles the Safer Schools issue with cutting edge technology

Episode 22 tackles the tough issue of how to make our schools more safe! Traditional school security measures have not kept pace with today’s physical and digital threats. The threats to our students and educators are becoming more and more complex, and despite the significant investments already made, you want to do more to protect your educators, students, and staff from the threats of violence, intimidation, crime and cyber-attacks. Cisco talks about some of the available technologies to...


Episode 21: School Vaping and Bullying has a Technology Solution!

In this episode of TechSperience, our host Penny Conway is joined by Michael Henson, Dir. National Partner Accounts, Ruckus Sales at CommScope to talk about vaping and bullying in K12 and although this is not an IT problem, it can be solved with an IT solution. In recent weeks the CDC reported 13 deaths and over 800 illnesses directly related to vaping. It was also reported that vaping by teenagers has breached over 3.6M as of November 2018, up from 1.5M from 2017. The National Institute of...


Episode 20: HPE Security in the New Digital Landscape

Episode 20 is the 8th installment of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month series. Penny Conway continues discussions with the Connection TSG Cyber Security group and Jeannette Riker, HPE Product Manager. Listen as Jeannette speaks to HPE's complete end to end security approach and learn why HPE boasts "The industry's most secure server in the world" Show Notes


Episode 19: Intel Hardware and Software Enabled Security and the Security First Pledge

Episode 19 is a continuation of the TechSperience Cyber Security Series as we have a candid discussion with Marc Sadinsky, Partner Manager for Intel. Discussions focus on Intel's VPro chip set and how it can be used to protect end user devices. What is the Intel Security first pledge and what does it mean to the end user? New technologies and integration of security capabilities - learn where Intel heading and learn what you may or may not know about Intel Vpro Chipset and why it's such a...


Episode 18: Cyber Security from the Cisco point of view

TechSperience episode 18 picks up at week 3 of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month series where our host, Penny Conway talks with David Booth, Technical Sales Executive for Cisco Solutions Architecture and Marsilda Bialczak Cisco Product Development Specialist. Our guests are joined by our TSG Cyber Security Solutions Team Steve Nardone, Rob Di Girolamo and Bill Virtue. Discussions include: Demystifying the Cisco Meraki partnership, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco's collaboration with Duo and...


Episode 17: Microsoft Cloud Security Roundtable Discussion with the Technology Solutions Group

In this episode of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month series, Lane Shelton VP of Microsoft Center of Excellence speaks to Cloud Security and the many features and benefits in the Microsoft Tech Stack including,Windows 10, M365, A3 and A5 as they create a safer work environment for digital transformation. The Connection TSG Cyber Security Team discusses risk management and the need to push updates and utilize many of the security tools Microsoft offers.


Episode 16: All Things HP and All Things Security

Continuing our National Cyber Security Awareness Month podcast series, Sarah Bates, Partner Business Manager from HP discusses with our host, Penny Conway, and the Connection TSG Cyber Security Team, how HPs innovative security features can fit into your Organization's security practice to help eliminate critical threats. Learn about visual hacking as well as other threats and best practices to prevent them.


Episode 14: KICK-OFF to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Episode 14 is a Round table discussion with the TSG Cyber Security Team as they talk about the fact that you've probably already been compromised on a security level. How to prepare for the when - it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when you're going to get compromised and next steps. How secure is secure? Find out this and other answers as Penny Conway uncovers some interesting facts about cyber security with the Connection TSG. Protect, Detect, React. Detection and reaction are the...


Episode 15: KICK-OFF part II to National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Episode 15 is part 2 of our continued round table discussion to kick-off National Cyber Security Month starting tomorrow. What would happen if you talked with experts about some interesting, crazy and scary cyber security issues they've come across? Listen in to a very interesting Cyber Security Podcast. Hosted by Penny Conway with special guests... Steve Nardone: Director of Connection's Cyber Security Practice Lane Shelton: Head of Connection's Microsoft Center of Excellence Mitch...


Episode 13: Security Health Check Round Table Discussion

Kick-Off to Cyber Security Month! Episode 13 is a round table discussion with Connection's Technical Solutions Cyber Security Team and the advantages of a security assessment and security health check. Uncover areas your company or organization could be vulnerable and steps to take to secure your IT, protect your IT, own your IT.


Episode 12: Demystifying Managed Print Services

Episode 12 of TechSperience dives into all things Managed Print Services. With companies spending an average of 3% of annual revenue on printing, Managed Print Services are estimated to double in growth by 2025. This TechSperience episode helps to simplify and demystify MPS. Guests include: Craig Burns, Partner Business Manager from HP and Katie Mackenzie, Connection Product Manager for Print and Supplies.


Episode 11: All things Microsoft in the Modern Workplace

Join us as we listen to Sree Vasukuttan Product Marketing Coordinator and Dan Fischetti, Sr. Program Manager both from the Microsoft Center of Excellence. Discussions on M365 in the modern workspace, how Microsoft Teams works and migration to AZURE. How are you securing your data from end user to the data center? How are you dealing with Windows Server and Sql Server End of Life?


Episode 10: Google and Microsoft Round 2 - Google and Microsoft engage students wherever and however they learn best.

In this episode of Techsperience we'll explore learning outside the four walls of school. The latest technologies from Google and Microsoft enable schools to engage students where ever and however they learn best. Ally and Alex go head to head again in this latest episode of the "battle of the titans". All in good fun, we take a hard look at a day in the life in education and a product and feature example from a student perspective. A true look at the student experience from both the...


Episode 09: "War of the Algorithms" The impact of AI now and in the future.

In this episode of TechSperience, Penny Conway has a frank discussion with Jamal Khan, President of Global Digital and eCommerce Marketing for Connection, on AI and how machine learning is infiltrating our everyday lives.


Episode 08: 15 Minutes Inside your Cafeteria -Are you a Google Centric or Microsoft Centric Company?

On this episode of TechSperience, Penny Conway has a fun and interesting perspective talk with Lane Shelton on the cultural differences between Google and Microsoft. Listen and see if you can determine if your company is Microsoft or Google - Centric based on your Cafeteria. Have fun and leave a comment and let us know!


Episode 07: WOW An Inside Look at Women Optimizing Women

Episode 07 of Connection TechSperience focuses on a great organization celebrating the accomplishments of Women in Technology. Dale Howard and Judy Rafferty talk with Penny Conway and how women help each other advance careers and balance life's demands. Learn how WOW was formed and the wonderful journey since the early days.


Episode 06: Understanding UCAAS Unified Communication As A Service

In this episode of Connection Techsperience Penny Conway and John Fuhrman take a deep dive into the world of UCAAS - Unified Communication as a Service. Learn about UCAAS, how it can benefit your organization and what you can do to harness the power of this exciting as a Service addition.


Episode 05: How Mobile Devices Have Transformed Police Procedures

On this episode of Connection TechSperience, Colonel Robert Prickett of the Clinton County Sheriff's Office is interviewed by James Hilliard on mobile device technology in law enforcement. Learn how mobile devices and Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) have revolutionized law enforcement over the past 25 years.


Episode 04: Make the Shift to a Modern Device

Now’s the time to migrate to Windows 10 Pro on a modern device. Listen to our podcast and find out how to protect what you’ve built, get more done anywhere, and simplify IT. Learn about security issues, mistakes to avoid, cost wasters and features available on newer devices running Windows 10. Intel integration and the engine behind the magic! Also learn about employee attraction and retention through technology, leveraging DaaS and Autopilot, Security and much more.


Episode 03: Are Your Classrooms Ready for Game-Based Learning?

Game-based learning is pushing education towards an increasingly digital future. Through the A+ Academy, Connection® Public Sector Solutions and Microsoft have teamed up to offer the latest in technology to help your school adapt to changing classroom trends. From Minecraft: Education Edition to virtual and augmented reality, we have the right partners to help you maximize student engagement and learning outcomes. Find out how Microsoft and Minecraft: Education Edition are at the head of...