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Technology Distilled is the third incarnation of the Surfacesmiths podcast. The podcast that takes the torrent of complex technology issues and news, mashes it up and and distills it into a smooth sip enjoyed neat or on the rocks. The hosts are technology veterans with over 60 years of IT experience between them.


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Technology Distilled is the third incarnation of the Surfacesmiths podcast. The podcast that takes the torrent of complex technology issues and news, mashes it up and and distills it into a smooth sip enjoyed neat or on the rocks. The hosts are technology veterans with over 60 years of IT experience between them.






Episode 114 - Mr. Kotter

David and Colin are joined by "That Canadian Guy", Glen Foster for this trailer for the reboot of the Technology Distilled podcast after an eighteen month hiatus.


Episode 113 - Team Finland

Introduction Colin and David are joined by Vesku Nopanen, MVP and expert in Microsoft Teams. You can contact Vesku at on twitter @vesanopanen and LinkedIn News New Windows 10 bug hits home working: Outlook, Office 365, Teams can't access the internetWhiskey may protect against CovidZoom has major security issuesTeams calls increase 1000% in March Teams Call for Help Whiskey of the Week


Episode 112 - 50 Shades of Azure

Introduction Clearview AI app was reportedly used for fun by company's investors, friends Word of the Week Interview ITOPSTalk.comMany tech events canceled due to CoronaWebex and Google giving away free services GiggleBytes Flat-Earth martyr or victim? ‘Mad’ Mike Hughes dies in DIY rocket crashOn Being Round Call for Help Whiskey of the Week Glenfiddich Solera Reserve Cask Single Malt Whisky


Episode 111 - Cumbersome Covid19

Introduction Word of the Week Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Cumbersome” News Microsoft: Free unified Office app is now open to all Android users Windows 10X: Everything you need to know Install Windows 10x Emulator GiggleBytes Spotify launches playlists for dogs left home alone Call for Help Whiskey of the Week Redstar Wine – a little something brought back from China! Heat Map


Episode 110 – Powershell Fish Sauce

Introduction Word of the Week Microsoft Moment Microsoft to developers: Here's how you can start making apps for Surface Duo, Neo David’s China Trip Book Review Learn Powershell in a month of lunches Powershell Practice PrimerThe PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Book@Jeffhickspoddistilled19 Call for Help Whiskey of the Week


Episode 109 - Announcements from Ignite

Introduction Technology Distilled Podcast – Episode 109 Word of the Week Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says "Announcement" New of the Week David and Colin distill some of the announcements from Microsoft Ignite Microsoft: Here's why we just stored the whole Superman movie inside a bit of glass Microsoft makes its unified Office Mobile app available to Android and iOS users Microsoft's Hybrid 2.0 strategy: Azure Arc, Azure Stack Hub, Azure Stack Edge explained New Microsoft Endpoint Manager To Combine SCCM and Intune Power Platform (Power BI + Power Apps)- Flow is now PowerAutomate Microsoft Power Virtual Agents Project Cortex - KM for O365 Chromium Based Edge to ship in January and on Linux Microsoft starts embedding Cortana in Outlook Mobile Call for Help Your Favourite SoundbiteWho would you like to be on the show?Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week Macallan 12 Drinking Buddy Chloe Vincent author of the book of the week Life of a Pie


Episode 108 - Lick It Up!

Introduction · Technology Distilled Podcast – Episode 108 Word of the Week · Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says “Tongue” Featured Interview · Dr Alasdair Clark, of the University of Glasgow’s School of Engineering - Is the W for Whiskey? · The paper, titled ‘Whisky tasting using a bimetallic nanoplasmonic tongue -- nanoscale metal ‘tastebuds’, Stuff · Rare Whisky Estimated to be Worth $800,000 is Actually Fake GiggleBytes · Richmond University Trains Rats to Drive Cars! Announcements · Check out our new evolving website - Call for Help · Your Favourite Soundbite · Who would you like to be on the show? · Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week The Glenlivet 12 year old


Technology Distilled Trailer

As we are about to switch over to the new show format we thought we'd share the new intro with you. Share and Enjoy!


Episode 107 - Hybrid

Introduction Word of the Week Microsoft Moment What to expect from Windows 10 November 2019 Update: A pleasant surprise Discussion - Cars Volvo unveils its first electric car, the XC40 Recharge Volvo will launch a new electric vehicle every year through 2025 Volvo clarifies electrification plan, aims for 50% of sales to be 'fully electric' by 2025Autonomous shuttles in Northern Virginia suburb show why the future of robot cars might be slowBackup driver in fatal self-driving Uber crash was streaming Hulu'Raising the bar': Uber details shortcomings in self-driving car that killed pedestrian How environmentally friendly are electric cars? GiggleBytes Keep the bad off your goods - Announcements Call for Help Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week The Aaron Malt Port Cask Finish


Episode 106 - Farewell

Introduction Word of the Week News of the Week Dona Sarkar is leaving Microsoft Insider Program Surface Event Recap Surface X Surface Laptop Surface Pro 7 Announcements Call for Help Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week The Balvennie Triple Cask


Episode 105 – Neo? Duo? Trio!

Introduction Word of the Week News of the Week widely available Surface Event Predictions Folding Device ARM Based Surface Announcements Surface Laptop 3 Surface Pro 7 Surface Earbuds Surface Pro X Future of Products Surface Neo Surface Duo Call for Help Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week Macallan Edition No 4


Episode 104 – Digital Lifestyle

Introduction Ian DixonDigital Lifestyle Podcast Feature of the Week This week we discuss three free Apps that rock the Surface CollaBoard Xodo PDF Reader & Editor Bamboo Paper News of the Week The Windows 10 May 2019 Update is now available Microsoft has started rolling out its new option for controlling feature updates. Microsoft releases a Windows XP Security Patch Microsoft brings PowerToys back to let anyone improve Windows 10 for power users Windows 10 now on 825 million devices Alexa is now hands-free on every Windows 10 device Microsoft will ship a full Linux kernel in Windows 10 Microsoft unveils Windows Terminal, a new command line app for Windows Windows 10's Your Phone app can now view and send MMS messages Microsoft Solitaire inducted into World Video Game Hall of Fame Microsoft says its 'xCloud' Xbox streaming service will work with thousands of games 'Gaming disorder' deemed an official illness by WHO Qualcomm is a monopoly and must renegotiate deals, judge rulesQualcomm's Snapdragon 8cx smashes Intel Core i5 in new PCMark10 benchmarks Apple Maps announces plans to start surveying Canada for image and data collection Apple says your iPhone could injure you. A repair specialist is appalled Ian discusses updates in 20H1 Rumours Microsoft patent shows a redesigned Type Cover for the Surface Pro 7 Amazon preparing a wearable that ‘reads human emotions,’ says report Getting to Know Ian Dixon Colin asked Ian the standard Surfacesmiths interview questions. Here are the questions but you will have to listen to get the answers. Hint, some of his answers are very British Whiskey of the Week Colin has to drink alone as Ian’s not really a Whiskey drinker and it’s 6 hours later in the UK. Of course he goes to one of his favourites.


Episode 103 - If you build it will they come?

Introduction Word of the Week News of the Week Microsoft Build 2019: Microsoft launches election security service, SDK Cosmos DB, Azure Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse all see significant updates. Azure - Intelligent Cloud/Edge AI Speech Service Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Common Data Model M365 CREDGE Fluid Framework Teams Gaming Rant of the Week Let's see if it is fixed by the next podcast Call for Help Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week While at Microsoft MVP Summit Colin and David both picked up the Kirkland Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Episode 102 - Pre-After Party

Introduction Word of the Week Discussion of the Week What should you do with your Windows 2008 Servers / Windows 7 that you won't upgrade by the deadline? Windows 2008 Scenarios Windows 7 Feature of the Week Windows 10 May 2019 Update: The new features that matter most News of the Week 5G will make iPhone and Android phones better. Then it may kill them Gartner: 30 million foldable phones will be sold in 2023 5 Surface Pro keyboards that cost less than Microsoft's Type Covers Army's version of Microsoft's HoloLens AR goggles likened to Call of Duty Pengwin: A Linux specifically for Windows Subsystem for Linux Edge and Firefox for Qualcomm PCs also on the way Rumor of the Week Microsoft is working on Surface earbuds to compete with Apple's AirPods What if Microsoft … Microsoft added Kaizala to Teams Rant and Rave… Microsoft added Kaizala to Teams Call for Help Tell a friend about the show! Whiskey of the Week Game of Thrones "White Walker by Johnnie Walker" Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program here are your hosts the surface. I am deaf smith and smith and we're the surface smiths welcome to episode one of to take to, take to take to refund the case record him this is one of those episodes where i can record it exactly as he recorded the first time is what we do at the different well normally after a record we have an after party but, well it's after recording doing after party and the author of this many people in bk uses of drinking during the podcast and that does happen, add to get so disgusted our guest today is the white walker is johnny what's johnny walker white walker. That's because yesterday was season eight episode one of game of thrones season so we thought. We'd have some white walker i drank some white walker during the episode i can talk too much but game of thrones set it up to much but the whisky we are going to do, drink some well we do the rest of the episodes and we will talk about the whiskey after so that we don't normally do things his family child either its not hey guys what about the word of the week, so where did the week, i am free to use a guide because we're tired we have to do the whole episode i tired of talking about the camouflage clothing. Remind me ok so every time you hear the word fatigue take a sip of your favorite drinks with david. Invest why are there so to take twenty kg with my sleeve for tonight. Alright so david you got the you got serve more than expected. You got a new segment you wanna talk about it that's right that discussion the weeks up since calling and i'm running a lot of scenarios at work that. Probably your firm with other people in the it world that we can discuss some so this week would you wanna touch scott's is, the expiry of support for windows two thousand eight and server and windows seven and organization should do about that. Should i bring okay with that. Well okay that's good podcasts lecture like yourself to dance in five years ago they been extended support for quite sometime now january twenty twenty sixth of jan fourteenth of i'm not mistaken they go extended support hands and that's it for getting free start a support is a better switch than hoping microsoft excel support. What would you wanna be an old is anyways i doubt people did not sure okay so what about if you have some. Any suggestions what i should do have some service she needs to keep running for a little while are the physical and virtual. Oh ok flights from denver to atlanta reason for that is they got something called seal okay, he is a hardcore compatibility lists that's right so yeah guys gals and non binary folks that rode windows server two thousand eight. Navigate getting. Before two thousand manufactured yep three dicembre compatibility lists yeah other drivers and things like...


Episode 101 - Living on the Edge

Introduction Today we have a studio audience – I'd put in their twitter accounts, but they are millennials … Word of the Week Feature of the Week Microsoft changes how Windows 10 disconnects USB storage devices News of the Week Microsoft Edge Windows 10's new Edge with Chromium browser preview builds drop today Chromium-based Microsoft Edge will be able to stream videos in 4K Will Windows 10 users flock to Chromium Edge for its exclusive 4K Netflix streaming? Microsoft's File Explorer learns a trick from Google Chrome Insider News Android Mirroring available in latest insider builds Microsoft is making big Windows 10 update changes starting with the May 2019 release Surface Microsoft adds new Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2 configurations for business usersMicrosoft Releases updated Firmware for many Surface models Surface Pro 5/6 Surface Laptop /LTP2/ Studio Surface Go SEMM – Surface Enterprise Management ModeSurface app updated with new feature Microsoft has a new Blush Blend Signature Type Cover for its Surface Pro 6 Microsoft envisions a new kickstand for its upcoming Surface Pro Other News Microsoft Outlook on web gets smarter: AI features save time setting up meetings Surprise! Windows Mixed Reality does what Windows Phone never could – cross 10% market share Microsoft removes the Books category from the Microsoft Store Whisky of the Week Wayne Gretzky Ice Cask Premium Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI 2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast Universal Windows Podcast David and Colin talk about Microsoft and other Technology News Edit TranscriptStop Play-on-click Export...? Transcript Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program, who are your hosts the surface smiths david smith and golden smith and we are the surface smiths welcome to one hundred one. What's the invite david that is five well done after three attempts take three if it's five yes will there really do but will take some podcast but today we are will there is no way that's toronto five in binary, does any one zero text better at best or an accident similar october its five its only in binary is. One zero one i think we should probably move on to something else i can do to distract hey guys what about the word of the week how but i forgot the suite you pick it this week while microsoft just released a beta version of microsoft s so let's go with my with add chocolate to them for long time what you mean is the beta version of you will talk about that later okay so as for those either playing the game every time i hear the word dead. I have a seventy average alright so who's the special date david is. Turn and what is that. Five by five in binary five days after april third yes which is the release of the original at the race that the first phone call made on her cell phone, forty six years and five days ago today and it was made by a gentlemen worked at motorola, what was the name is name is cooper coupe or agent cooper yeah and he made a phone call hoodie call david, adblock to call bell hey guess what i'm doing yet you called bell labs he was a martin cooper standing, new york hilton on six avenue and email to call to the head of research labs company has also attempting to make the world's first cell phone it is screw robin hawk, yeah that's a good for him no make new rules for a cell phone calls quite impressive what would you like some price of is, how was first telephone why not call. Ghostbusters exactly so that being said any other housekeeping any other, so what can we do yesterday studio audience why do we have studio audience while there people that work for you call him, add me making up a new website and done price of right to any listeners then that have any suggestions for the website love and hate it etc feel free to send information is the contact info is at the end...


Episode 100 - Skilling Spree

Introduction With special guests…. This is the second time we had Dona and Jeremiah on our podcast. Listen to our interview witht hem in 2016 from our archive: Surface Smiths - Episode 42 Surface Smiths – Episode 43 Word of the Week Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says "Summit" News of the Week Now Windows 10 users can set up a call with Microsoft to chat directly with its engineers about features. Microsoft to start nagging users in April about the January 2020 Windows 7 end-of-support deadlineMicrosoft is working on and will release it . DevCollective#WindowsUp Whisky of the Week Late Harvest Jim Murrays Best Whiskey of 2017 Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI David and Colin record a live show in Redmond with Dona Sarkar and Jeremiah Marble. 2019, The Surface Smiths Podcast Universal Windows Podcast News from Redmond about Windows Insiders and Microsoft Announcements Transcript Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program. Who are your hosts the surface smiths on gold smith and smith ion we are the surface and we'll go and buy some special guest today. Who will be willing to disagree with you some outfits i can send but been on the show before but this is a special episode and white a special it's summer and one hundred yeah so we gotta hundred if really well you know we're going to hear it goes seven eight point one ten i didn't finish yo on the next cold name of the file so we are recording live backwards to eighty three for microsoft you told me lol is crap he's very secret right so just see how we are so serious. Apple is NDA so the listening and holding you can't tell anyone please go to my website download the nba will wait. Sign it send it back and then continue their reign how much is due break your NDA hey guys what about the word of the week, where did the week of the word of the week is summit summit as in top of the mountain and add it all together as in. How is good can i get your address from the spot do i still game everytime you know where we can get to take a your favorite beverage another beverage is coming out later that they were yeah what we introduce our guests i don't want to use the first two alphabet. Left i think i'll get anywhere with this are resulting already go ahead and write so well we got nutsack is the head of the windows insider program and also known as a code blooded beast. Well yes i don't know why thank you last time we were on the show together was july twenty sixteen and why is july twenty sixteen toronto i've been on the job for about a month we have very exciting time that's right and also with us we have your mobile i just love seeing mr marvel roll that weed like making me all data for my favorite magazine that is a good age etc jeremiah has changed job since we last had them on the show he's not the director. I have developer marketing for windows needs best job you direct me happy because i ran out, which party but lot of things we know all about showing me the hand wheel your favorite sandwich all sorts of things like that without we talk about something different today is killing people. Yeah not kilanski sweat where can i go to schooling springs not like i have a list financing killing that's not with the word is no usa you have a list who came up with the word list must be a really mean, you got a, can you tell people you hey i wonder what the real world what's let's true right friday the exact want to talk about killing people. You are the talk about mysql had dinner at oak you were gonna call up skillet id like a okay that feeling so we believe that. Everybody. Should be a lifelong learner because of lifelong learners are the people who are happiest and they tend to be the most fulfilled and the live their best lives windows insiders are notorious lifelong...


Episode 099 - Gretzky

Introduction With special guests…. Word of the Week Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says "Space" News of the Week Microsoft announce HoloLense 2 folding phones Stop using IE Windows for robots Cool Things MVPs Do MVP Summit How to become a MVP Episode 100 of Surface Smiths Need Whiskey for 50 people? Whisky of the Week Robert Burns Scotch Whisky Transcript Courtesy of Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows suggest service x box phones and the windows insider program, who are your hosts the surface smith's i'm goldsmith. I'm dennis smith american hundred and remotely join us we have reached, and someone else not just a special episode david what episode is this service of such joyous is not here yet the third this is how can i buy ninety nine episode ninety nine apa what sports u playing fault wine whiskey and would like the west coast, super model but play with garfield ok so you know what we can talk about that with my folding phones okay. Hold research into the center fold yo are you so with us because we have eric with us and we have richard with us and why do we have the new david, what because our next episode will be at MVP summer. And they are all lights are some software guys what about the word of the week how much would a wood bed, what we got richard to okay richard what's the weather here and if i didn't have cortana mean to be here is cortana for the word of the week but we struggle with that the past, what british build a skill for don't know it's not in stock cortana duh is that it doesn't alexa that's right um the battle of the yeah did you assistance, jolly man i'm getting build around assisted buying that later. Ok i guess word of the what is the word of the day we will end of the week is the podcast episode and playwright yeah. Let's sad. I think i got a lot of control here don't i am happy and that day i got the other thing bored so i got some good morning. I'm let's do space space space bar. What is the final frontier via was spacex yes. Right between your ears the other space yet i got somebody that already so for those of you that you listeners and those of you that their frequent letters but play the game too heavily do you wanna remind me one day with the word of the week what's the drink name so that when one of us mentions the word of the week in this case week is space when you have a favorite beverage. How can such as whiskey rent skis for it yeah or white wine or red wine. Alright eric your of the quite i have to have a drink handy i do have a drink handy alright is your favorite drink. Keeps me going are you story of the week are we got a few new stories to talk about. David young start the first one was just last week that microsoft announced that leads to. Ok so what's different what do you know but has a wider field of. Fishing naked who will review it using the new car is or that hollywood's three. It is using a new version of windows that is it for the windows holographic ended using a i don't get this pull request with hearing all the talk about the light of western everyone the new version, i had a lot of functionality yes the original, ok so basically it still and that commercial it's not endgame when do the whole year this is totally enterprise play continuous baby is just, this one is less expensive than the original it's only three thousand dollars instead of five thousand for the commercial unit, why it's still very much targeting the enterprise its just not consumer lab with you okay, that's what i make the windows mixed reality headsets right so the other thing we will talk about mobile world congress and all folding phones so, samsung of course probably got the biggest headlines with their galaxy fold and of course white has. Make me a text limit or that made egg yeah well i don't know but that's a laptop and i think you...


Episode 098 - Countdown

Introduction Countdown Word of the Week Feature of the Week In this Episode we talk about the Kensington Cable Lock for Surface Pro and Surface Go. News of the Week Microsoft fixes connection problems with Windows Update Galaxy Fold $2,000 US$ Galaxy 10 Windows Insider Build Commandeer Storage For Upgrade Whisky of the Week Distillery Tasmania Transcript provided by 2018, The Surface Smiths Podcast Universal Windows Podcast David and Colin Do Stuff Edit TranscriptStop Play-on-click Export...? Transcript Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program who are your hosts the surface smiths on goldsmith i'm david smith and you are allergic we are the surface smiths and a half. Lock the podcast select yes we can special guest today this is episode ninety eight david to episodes this year, fun to intel we do a hundred how that scripture has done three hundred so congratulation richard on your podcasts what you don't know the xx br host coronation issue we have. He provided neither result coronation i don't know he keeps himself yes i know i paid for it no yes job part of pendant publishing i think i may have to sell, on with the show reba no wonder record during the day until we get paid for it so i supposed alright so this is the episode ninety eight lots to talk about, we had a few issues getting started again this year but we're back into it. Stop i gotta pace urself hey guys what about the word of the week right with the word of the week ugh do we normally would our guest shoes at a about the virtues of the week. Countdown yeah let's go with that counted as or whatever that song is highlighted how do the rockets or face launches or, i was just sticking countdown two hundred five to argus field coach. Contact under podcasts i think countdown to galaxy s ten launch that was that was today where is the best yesterday this week minus one so let the countdown starts, alright so where do we get count of you playing the game when you hear the word of the week will you get steaks. Right so speaking taking a step uh banana to podcast with david i o let's get in open relationships where i was on the. Mac pc guys podcast with santosh what are we gonna thing about having a drink what are the weak to in, he's good idea and i was also on another podcast called guys night that sounds fun it lets what was the last night of tuesday night and day record morgan start recording the over the world three, and drinking think so. That's suppose to three two brothers and yeah but the interesting thing is two of them were drinking kombucha. No i wanna drink it was written the orange beard that some interesting stuff. How anything else housekeeping lamp before the show let's talk about let's. I got the week ugh do let's start with feature of the week boxing, turn on boxing it was in the box what's in a but i just want to go for the concerts should be in boxes but, right so i think what really episode three episode two or three or four somewhere in the first five would be for david went to asia he had a super soccer. Yes before the contract with an agent basically security device the stock down to the surface and keep it secure so you can lock it surface is, at that point i didn't have a consent to unlock when i still don't get how is the weekend that you're here is the interesting thing that they have USB c port on some of us can walk play feed that. What nigga i bet we could engineer at usb-c kensington port i like the look that up. Alright but that's not why is both of us are working at service canada and will not let to talk about that but whatever. Add that stop. Submit does strange things sometimes but this is one thing that that things really need their new standard device for for knowledge workers is a surface pro, what will u call filing because...


Episode 097 - No More Excuses

Introduction Universal Windows Podcast – Episode 97 – No ExcusesExcuses for no new episodes include Christmas Funerals Australia ACLs Cuba CES Weddings New YearsMicrosoft MVP Summit March 17-22 Word of the Week Enjoy a sip of your favourite beverage each time any of us says "Excuses" News of the Week All About assistantsCES - Where mediocre ideas go to???Tips for attending CES and survive Qualcomm aims straight at Intelwith 8cx chip, its first CPU for PCsWorst of CES Bendable screenAnother freaky kids robotSuitcasesVictrola Record PlayersPolaroidAmazon makes clear it's now competing with shippers like FedEx and UPS in its annual filing Whisky of the Week Benromach10 – yummy Transcript Courtesy of Wit.AI Episode 097 - No More Excuses Transcript [0:00] Hello i'm cortana welcome to the universal windows podcast the show about everything windows such a service x box phones and the windows insider program, who are your hosts the surface smiths on gold smith and we're the surface smiths welcome to one episode. What weekday is ninety seven ish twenty seven th correct so. Let me connect when they ship and get one hundred seven that's right where we been we been gone for a long time and i would give me good excuses for that i will leave in everywhere man u on all the way to australia. I didn't know how many comments wearing himself out with his ACR is access control lists is broken. Are there a couple of death threats that i know of that no way. [0:53] And then why didn't is it christmas, look up the most recent get so you don't have a good excuse not that anyone looks like your squad know the only actually the only good excuse was that i was sad i been sick for business hard to talk yourself. [1:14] Okay umm plain colors we do it for you but so let's say enough providers details and the after party and move on with the show, the show must go on so i picked little bit uh housekeeping MVP summit march seventeen to twenty second, we'll be bringing robbie there will be there so when a lot of our listeners are the other, i had some work in redmond as well we got some microsoft staff where we to be there and black scotch, yes i would like whiskey cigarettes out adam will if you buy a drink with argyle shirt or something with that. Wow ok hey there we have people bringing bringing bottles out if it that if you tell them you gonna write out but ok ok if you tell me what if you don't we'll write on you because i write so we need to move on then we need a. [2:13] We need hey guys what about the word of the yes will need to order with david while the weak excuse are we had our excuse for not having the showing the vote to not so quick to have money i was exactly two months. Last episode of the sixth of december will there be rain today in the fifth of february so that was the weather like, that's so that i don't off the about the same so let's move on um when you hear the word we get to take a drinking favorite beverage, yes right and what the week again is david excuse is the only excuse excuse. [2:53] You can you can use anywhere you want really if there is no judging this competition you do not need an excuse lol we'll win. We all went ok so we got that, coming up with got new new story at the wee will this is news of jeremy dyson gone for so long what's the stuff but that is somewhat relevant that we wanted to chat about yes yes, so one of my excuses website was that she is what's the earliest date will it stand for what can i come in for CES great is nothing right the show but nothing i do not use the consumer electronic show and i do not want it to the things the time i think the worst of CS are actually, what month would roughly say as a consumer electronics okay, so you got some notes here i do not get to say about it i think that's the big thing everywhere was was all about the assistance google and. Amazon alexa contact adam dad he would be found. What was there but not really caring either available from her point of view...


Episode 096 - Beneath a Surface

Introduction @BDSAMSBrad has nearly a decade of writing and publishing experience under his belt. From breaking news about Microsoft to pushing publications to new heights, he has significant experience as a journalist as well as growing web-based brands. Word of the Week Interview of the Week Introduction to the book Beneath a SURFACE is available on Amazon in Kindle format and @stevesi@JoeBelfioreThe "Good Old Days" at Microsoft Lapable - I thought Colin had invented the word Lapable (June 4 2015) Surface Mini Start of the Windows Insider Program Surface Book 1 was a Dumpster Fire Outro Call for your help with the podcast, please… Follow and Re-tweet @SurfaceSmiths Listen Email Whisky of the Week The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve