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TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.

TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.
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TechZing is an informal chat show hosted by Justin Vincent & Jason Roberts.




326: TZ Discussion – Turning that Frown Upside Down

Justin and Jason discuss Speak and Justin’s thoughts on how to market it, why entrepreneurship isn’t for most people, the latest on Jason’s crypto-trading project and Math Academy, the motivations for mathematical proofs and why mathematician’s do what they do, and the mythology of the 10X engineer.


325: TZ Discussion – Justin’s Widget

Justin and Jason discuss filmmaking with an iPhone and the power of the Filmic Pro app, the latest with Justin’s secret business widget, the Bob Lazar documentary on Netflix and his interview with Joe Rogan, Justin’s love of The Orville and other streaming recommendations, the summer math course Jason is teaching and how he’s tutoring his niece in calculus, the content and […]


324: TZ Discussion – Fun for Physicists

Justin and Jason discuss Peldi’s success with Balsamiq, the site Indie Hackers, the book Crossing the Chasm, Justin’s launch strategy for his secret project, how Justin got help with his “maths”, the advantage of growing slowly and focusing on developing a product that your users love, the summer Math Academy course that Jason is teaching on proofs and group theory, Justin’s […]


323: TZ Discussion – Slow Burn

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s elbow surgery, Justin’s secret project, the deal he made with his wife, why he’s patenting the technology, and how he ended up building it himself, Gabriel Weinberg’s new book, a postmortem on SOLVE 2019, the growth of MV Code Club, the movie The Founder, and Jason’s automated-trading project.


322: TZ Discussion – My Code Bot

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s new puppy, when “quick and dirty” works and when it doesn’t, the latest with Math Academy, the transition from a subject-based to a course-based approach to content development, how Jason works with his remote developer, “The Math Academy Way”, fun and profit with 3D printing, Jason’s frustrations with trying to […]


321: TZ Discussion – Quick and Dirty

Justin and Jason discuss Sean Murphy’s extension to the Luck Surface Area, Gabriel Weinberg’s mental models, Uber’s impending IPO, how Jason is adopting a dog, the book Justin is writing called Founder First, the endemic nature of overengineering, the latest with the Math Academy program and software, why Jason is dabbling with cryptocurrency HFT, Game of Thrones and The Walking […]


320: TZ Discussion – Happiness is Cash Flow Positive

Justin and Jason discuss how injuries have derailed Operation Superhero and Jason’s strategy for moving forward with the Math Academy online system.


319: TZ Interview / Bryan Helmig – Zapier: The First 10 Customers

Justin talks with Bryan Helmig (CTO and co-founder of Zapier) about Zapier’s genesis and how they won their first 10 customers.


318: TZ Interview – Laura Kerber / NASA Research Scientist

Jason talks to NASA Research Scientist Laura Kerber.


317: TZ Discussion – Rolling Thunder

Justin and Jason discuss the introduction of rolling batches in Nugget, signs that your startup project is about to fail, the book Blondie 24, Playing at the Edge of AI, how John Humphrey generously acquired for Jason, the impending arrival of Joe Stech’s book Compelling Science Fiction, the importance of having a MacGuffin in your life, the benefits of […]


316: TZ Discussion – Don’t Call It a Comeback

Justin and Jason discuss the prerequisite viewer that Jason’s building for Math Academy, Rob Walling’s Tiny Seed, Chamath Palihapitiya’s advice to grow slow and to grow real, why Jason’s latest hire on Upwork didn’t work out, Justin’s Nugget webinar and why he’s no longer going to employ squeeze marketing, how Jason is back writing code again and loving it, […]


315: TZ Discussion – Two Weeks Late

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s tendency to argue with himself about code, the strategy board game that Jason and Colby are building together, the JS 13K Game challenge, Jason’s advice on how to find inexpensive talent on Upwork and how Justin might include these ideas on Nugget, how parents think about after-school coding programs, the Hacker News […]


314: TZ Discussion – Quantum of Utility

Justin and Jason discuss some new feature concepts for Nugget and Jason’s plans for the Math Academy software, the Masters Of Scale Uncut Interview with Airbnb’s Brian Chesky, how Jason’s house is like the Tardis, the state of Justin’s cryptocurrency portfolio, Elon Musk’s fight against short sellers, top-down vs bottom-up automation, why MV Code Club’s future […]

313: TZ Discussion – The Full Stack Entrepreneur

Justin and Jason discuss the Nugget Mercury launch and some ideas on how best to assign mentors and configure batches, how Justin is helping Jason with the UX/UI of the new Math Academy website, Jason’s latest realizations on diet and exercise, Colby’s introductory computer science courses, Elon Musk’s slow-motion meltdown, how the Luck Surface Area […]

312: TZ Discussion – Validation Nation

Justin and Jason discuss how Nugget users are validating their ideas, why and how Justin posted tracks from his old band Moneypenny, Jason’s haircut fiasco, the acid-trip television show Legion, why Jason likes the television show Bosch and why Justin likes Rick and Morty, the movie Mission Impossible Fallout and thoughts on the Mission Impossible series, the progress on Operation Superhero and the […]

311: TZ Discussion – Blasting off with Nugget 3.0

Justin and Jason discuss Jason’s new house, Justin’s desire to get back into music, the latest with Operation Superhero and Math Academy, the road to launching the commercial version of the Math Academy software and the launch of Nugget 3.0.

310: TZ Discussion – Are you in an ancestral simulation, or possibly a Judd Apatow movie?

Justin and Jason discuss Justin’s electric car, what happened at Solve 2018, how the 8th graders just took the AP Calculus BC Exam, why Jason isn’t going to teach anymore, Justin’s new approach to designing a product, how Jason set up the management structure of his content teams, the local startup that Jason is helping […]

309: TZ Discussion – The Vision Quest

Justin and Jason discuss how Jason is finally buying a house, the reinvention of Nugget, Operation Superhero (Part Deux), the software platform that powers Math Academy and the latest with the program, the importance of building a startup around your passion, Blue Origin, the Tesla productions delays, Jason’s OmiseGO investment, the latest on MV Code Club, how not to get […]


308: TZ Discussion – Cookin’ the Crypto Crack

Justin and Jason discuss crypto as a tradable asset and as an investment (specifically Justin’s love affair with OmiseGo – OMG), the latest with the Math Academy program and the software platform, Justin’s plans for Nugget, ORMs vs SQL, Stranger Things, the best X-Files episode (Bad Blood), why Jason dropped off The Walking Dead bandwagon, why Justin loves The Last Man on Earth, the movies The […]


307: TZ Discussion – Live Forever or Die Trying

Justin and Jason discuss CRISPR’s impact on curing diseases and on building muscles, the results of a promising new anti-aging drug, a pill that makes exercise obsolete, and a nanoparticle drug that turns calorie-hoarding white fat into calorie-burning brown fat, the TV show Future Man, the upcoming season of X-FIles, why Justin can’t go to movies, The Cheesecake Factory, Las Vegas, or country […]