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57: What is Data Science? - Vicki Boykis

Data science, data engineering, data analysis, and machine learning are part of the recent massive growth of Python. But really what is data science? Vicki Boykis helps me understand questions like: No really, what is data science? What does a data pipeline look like? What is it like to do data science, data analysis, data engineering? Can you do analysis on a laptop? How big does data have to be to be considered big? What are the challenges in data science? Does it make sense for software...


56: Being a Guest on a Podcast - Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy of Talk Python and Python Bytes fame joins Brian to talk about being a great guest and what to expect. Even if you have never wanted to be on a podcast, you might learn some great tips. A few of the things we talk about will be helpful for other endeavors, like public speaking, guest blog posts, look for unsolicited job opportunities. Some people have never been on a podcast before, and are possibly freaked out about some of the unknowns of being on a podcast. That's why we...


55: When 100% test coverage just isn't enough - Mahmoud Hashemi

What happens when 100% test code coverage just isn't enough. In this episode, we talk with Mahmoud Hashemi about glom, a very cool project in itself, but a project that needs more coverage than 100%. This problem affects lots of projects that use higher level programming constructs, like domain specific languages (DSLs), sub languages mini languages, compilers, and db query languages. Also covered: * awesome Python applications * versioning: 0-ver vs calver vs semver Special Guest: Mahmoud...


54: Python 1994 - Paul Everitt

Paul talks about the beginning years of Python. Talking about Python's beginnings is also talking about the Python community beginnings. Yes, it's reminiscing, but it's fun. Special Guest: Paul Everitt.


53: Seven Databases in Seven Weeks - Luc Perkins

Luc Perkins joins the show to talk about "Seven Databases in Seven Weeks: A guide to modern databases and the NoSQL movement." We discuss a bit about each database: Redis, Neo4J, CouchDB, MongoDB, HBase, Postgres, and DynamoDB. Special Guest: Luc Perkins.


52: pyproject.toml : the future of Python packaging - Brett Cannon

Brett Cannon discusses the changes afoot in Python packaging as a result of PEP 517, PEP 518, starting with "How did we get here?" and "Where are we going?" Discussed: flit Poetry tox Continuous Integration setup.py, MANIFEST.in, etc. pipenv what's with lock files applications (doesn't go on PyPI) vs libraries (goes on PyPI) workflows dependency resolution deployment dependencies vs development dependencies will lock files be standarized multiple lock files requirements.txt Special Guest:...


51: Feature Testing

Andy Knight joins me in discussing the concept of feature testing. A feature tests is "a test verifying a service or library as the customer would use it, but within a single process." That was a quote from an article that appeared on the Twitter engineering blog. The article describes a shift away from class tests towards feature tests, the benefits of the shift, and some reactions to it. Feature tests are similar to something I used to call "functional subcutaneous integration test", but...


50: Flaky Tests and How to Deal with Them

Anthony Shaw joins Brian to discuss flaky tests and flaky test suites. What are flaky tests? Is it the same as fragile tests? Why are they bad? How do we deal with them? What causes flakiness? How can we fix them? How can we avoid them? Proactively rooting out flakiness Test design GUI tests Sharing solutions Special Guest: Anthony Shaw.


49: tox - Oliver Bestwalter

tox is a simple yet powerful tool that is used by many Python projects. tox is not just a tool to help you test a Python project against multiple versions of Python. In this interview, Oliver and Brian just scratch the surface of this simple yet powerful automation tool. This is from the tox documentation: tox is a generic virtualenv management and test command line tool you can use for: checking your package installs correctly with different Python versions and interpreters running your...


48: A GUI for pytest

The story of how I came to find a good user interface for running and debugging automated tests is interleaved with a multi-year effort of mine to have a test workflow that’s works smoothly with product development and actually speeds things up. It’s also interleaved with the origins of the blog pythontesting.net, this podcast, and the pytest book I wrote with Pragmatic. It’s not a long story. And it has a happy ending. Well. It’s not over. But I’m happy with where we are now. I’m also...


47: Automation Panda - Andy Knight

Interview with Andy Knight, the Automation Panda. * Selenium & WebDriver * Headless Chrome * Gherkin * BDD * Given When Then * pytest-bdd * PyCharm * Writing Good Gherkin * Overhead of Gherkin and if it's worth it * When to use pytest vs pytest-bdd * The art of test automation Special Guest: Andy Knight.


46: Testing Hard To Test Applications - Anthony Shaw

How do you write tests for things that aren’t that easy to write tests for? That question is a possibly terrible summary of a question sent to me by a listener. And to help me start answering that question, I asked a friend of mine to help, Antony Shaw. Of course, different types of applications have different test strategies, so there’s not a universal answer. But I know some of you out there have experience and expertise around how to tackle this problem. Listen to the discussion Anthony...


45: David Heinemeier Hansson - Software Development and Testing, TDD, and exploratory QA

David Heinemeier Hansson is the creator of Ruby on Rails, founder & CTO at Basecamp (formerly 37signals). He's a best selling author, public speaker, and even a Le Mans class winning racing driver. All of that, of course, is awesome. But that's not why I asked him on the show. In 2014, during a RailsConf keynote, he started a discussion about damage caused by TDD. This was followed by a few blog posts, and then a series of recorded hangouts with Martin Fowler and Kent Beck. This is what I...


44: Mentoring - Nina Zakharenko

Nina Zakharenko is a cloud developer advocate at Microsoft focusing on Python. She's also an excellent public speaker. We talk about her experience with mentoring, both being a mentor, and utilizing mentors. We also talk about public speaking, her move to Microsoft, and to Portland, and the Microsoft/GitHub merge. Special Guest: Nina Zakharenko.


Preparing for Technical Talks with Kelsey Hightower - bonus episode

After I had wrapped up the interview with Kelsey Hightower for episode 43 (http://testandcode.com/43), I asked him one last question. You see, I admire the his presentation style. So I asked him if he would share with me how he prepared for his presentations. His answer is so thoughtful and makes so much sense, I couldn't keep it to myself. I'm releasing this as a bonus mini-episode so that it's easy to refer back to the next time you or I have a chance to do a technical talk. Special Guest:...


43: Kelsey Hightower - End to End & Integration Testing

I first heard Kelsey speak during his 2017 PyCon keynote. He's an amazing speaker, and I knew right then I wanted to hear more about what he does and hear more of his story. We discuss testing, of course, but we take it further and discuss: tests for large systems, like kubernetes Testing in real world scenarios with all the configuration and everything Becoming a complete engineer by thinking about the end to end flow from the users perspective Learning from other roles, and the value of...


42: Using Automated Tests to Help Teach Python - Trey Hunner

This interview with Trey Hunner discusses his use of automated tests to help teach programming. Automated testing is a huge part of developing great software. But many new developers don't get exposed to testing for quite a while. But this is changing. New ways to teach programming include automated tests from the beginning. Trey Hunner is one of the PSF directors and a Python and Django team trainer, and he has been using automated tests to help people learn Python. Special Guest: Trey...


41: Testing in DevOps and Agile - Anthony Shaw

We talk with Anthony Shaw about some of the testing problems facing both DevOps teams, and Agile teams. We also talk about his recent pull request accepted into pytest. Special Guest: Anthony Shaw.


40: On Podcasting - Adam Clark

Adam is the host of The Gently Mad (https://thegentlymad.com/) podcast, and teaches the steps in creating and growing a podcast in his course Irresistible Podcasting (https://irresistiblepodcasting.com). He was one of the people who inspired Brian to get the Test & Code podcast started in the first place. Brian took his course in 2015. Adam is in the process of updating the course, and building a community around it. Warning: This may be an episode to listen to with headphones if you have...


39: Thorough software testing for critical features

Complete and exhaustive testing is not possible. Nor would it be fun, or maintainable, or a good use of your time. However, some functionality is important enough to make sure the test behavior coverage is thorough enough to have high confidence in it's quality. In this episode, we discuss 3 techniques that can be combined to quickly generate test cases. We then talk about how to implement them efficiently in pytest. The techniques covered are: equivalence partitioning boundary value...