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93: Software Testing, Book Writing, Teaching, Public Speaking, and PyCarolinas - Andy Knight

Andy Knight is the Automation Panda. Andy Knight is passionate about software testing, and shares his passion through public speaking, writing on automationpanda.com, teaching as an adjunct professor, and now also through writing a book and organizing a new regional Python conference. Topics of this episode include: Andy's book on software testing Being an adjunct professor Public speaking and preparing talk proposals including tips from Andy about proposals and preparing for talks...


92: 9 Steps to Crater Quality & Destroy Customer Satisfaction - Cristian Medina

Cristian Medina wrote an article recently called "Test Engineering Anti-Patterns: Destroy Your Customer Satisfaction and Crater Your Quality By Using These 9 Easy Organizational Practices" Of course, it's sarcastic, and aims to highlight many problems with organizational practices that reduce software quality. The article doesn't go out of character, and only promotes the anti-patterns. However, in this interview, we discuss each point, and the corollary of what you really should do. At...


91: Python 3.8 - there's a lot more new than most people are talking about

Python 3.8.0 final is live and ready to download. On todays episode, we're going to run through what's new, picking out the bits that I think are the most interesting and affect the most people, including new language features standard library changes optimizations in 3.8 Not just the big stuff everyone's already talking about. But also some little things that will make programming Python even more fun and easy. I'm excited about Python 3.8. And really, this episode is to my way to try to...


90: Dynamic Scope Fixtures in pytest 5.2 - Anthony Sottile

pytest 5.2 was just released, and with it, a cool fun feature called dynamic scope fixtures. Anthony Sottile so tilly is one of the pytest core developers, so I thought it be fun to have Anthony describe this new feature for us. We also talk about parametrized testing and really what is fixture scope and then what is dynamic scope. Special Guest: Anthony Sottile.


89: Improving Programming Education - Nicholas Tollervey

Nicholas Tollervey is working toward better ways of teaching programming. His projects include the Mu Editor, PyperCard, and CodeGrades. Many of us talk about problems with software education. Nicholas is doing something about it. Special Guest: Nicholas Tollervey.


88: Error Monitoring, Crash Reporting, Performance Monitoring - JD Trask

Tools like error monitoring, crash reporting, and performance monitoring are tools to help you create a better user experience and are fast becoming crucial tools for web development and site reliability. But really what are they? And when do you need them? You've built a cool web app or service, and you want to make sure your customers have a great experience. You know I advocate for utilizing automated tests so you find bugs before your customers do. However, fast development lifecycles,...


87: Paths to Parametrization - from one test to many

There's a cool feature of pytest called parametrization. It's totally one of the superpowers of pytest. It's actually a handful of features, and there are a few ways to approach it. Parametrization is the ability to take one test, and send lots of different input datasets into the code under test, and maybe even have different output checks, all within the same test that you developed in the simple test case. Super powerful, but something since there's a few approaches to it, a tad tricky...


86: Teaching testing best practices with 4 testing maxims - Josh Peak

You've incorporated software testing into your coding practices and know from experience that it helps you get your stuff done faster with less headache. Awesome. Now your colleagues want in on that super power and want to learn testing. How do you help them? That's where Josh Peak is. He's helping his team add testing to their workflow to boost their productivity. That's what we're talking about today on Test & Code. Josh walks us through 4 maxims of developing software tests that help...


85: Speed Up Test Suites - Niklas Meinzer

Good software testing strategy is one of the best ways to save developer time and shorten software development delivery cycle time. Software test suites grow from small quick suites at the beginning of a project to larger suites as we add tests, and the time to run the suites grows with it. Fortunately, pytest has many tricks up it's sleave to help shorten those test suite times. Niklas Meinzer is a software developer that recentely wrote an article on optimizing test suites. In this...


84: CircuitPython - Scott Shawcroft

Adafruit enables beginners to make amazing hardware/software projects. With CircuitPython, these projects can now use Python. The combination of Python's ease of use and Adafruit's super cool hardware and a focus on a successful beginner experience makes learning to write code that controls hardware super fun. In this episode, Scott Shawcroft, the project lead, talks about the past, present, and future of CircuitPython, and discusses the focus on the beginner. We also discuss contributing...


83: PyBites Code Challenges behind the scenes - Bob Belderbos

Bob Belderbos and Julian Sequeira started PyBites (https://pybit.es/) a few years ago. They started doing code challanges along with people around the world and writing about it. Then came the codechalleng.es (https://codechalleng.es/) platform, where you can do code challenges in the browser and have your answer checked by pytest tests. But how does it all work? Bob joins me today to go behind the scenes and share the tech stack running the PyBites Code Challenges platform. We talk about...


82: pytest - favorite features since 3.0 - Anthony Sottile

Anthony Sottile is a pytest core contributor, as well as a maintainer and contributor to many other projects. In this episode, Anthony shares some of the super cool features of pytest that have been added since he started using it. We also discuss Anthony's move from user to contributor, and how others can help with the pytest project. Special Guest: Anthony Sottile.


81: TDD with flit

In the last episode, we talked about going from script to supported package. I worked on a project called subark and did the packaging with flit. Today's episode is a continuation where we add new features to a supported package and how to develop and test a flit based package. Covered: viewing stages of a project with git tags flit support for editable installs flit description entry in pyproject.toml to put README on pypi. development dependencies in pyproject.toml editor layout for...


80: From Python script to Maintainable Package

This episode is a story about packaging, and flit, tox, pytest, and coverage. And an alternate solution to "using the src". Python makes it easy to build simple tools for all kinds of tasks. And it's great to be able to share small projects with others on your team, in your company, or with the world. When you want to take a script from "just a script" to maintainable package, there are a few steps, but none of it's hard. Also, the structure of the code layout changes to help with the...


79: Fixing misinformation about software testing

Some information about software testing is just wrong. I'm not talking about opinions. I have lots of opinions and they differ from other peoples opinions. I'm talking about misinformation and old information that is no longer applicable. I've ran across a few lateley that I want to address. All of the following are wrong: Integrated tests can't work. I can prove it with wacky math. Tests have to be blazing fast or they won't get run. TDD is about design, not about testing. This episode...


78: I don't write tests because ...

Roadblocks to writing tests, and what to do about it. Some developers either don't write tests, or don't like writing tests. Why not? I love writing tests. In this episode we examine lots of roadblocks to testing, and start coming up with solutions for these.


77: Testing Complex Systems with Maintainable Test Suites

Creating maintainable test suites for complex systems. The episode describes some complexities involved with hardware testing, then shares techniques for shifting complexity out of the test cases. quick overview of what test instruments are discussion of API and communication with instruments techniques for shifting complexity out of test cases These techniques should apply to all test suites dealing with complex systems: Creating test cases that are easy to read and debug and tell a story...


76: TDD: Don’t be afraid of Test-Driven Development - Chris May

Test Driven Development, TDD, can be intimidating to try. Why is that? And how can we make it less scary? That's what this episode is about. Chris May is a Python developer and the co-founder of PyRVA, the Richmond Virginia Python group. In this episode, Chris shares his experience with adding testing and TDD to his work flow. I really enjoyed talking with Chris, and I think his story will help lots of people overcome testing anxiety. Special Guest: Chris May.


75: Modern Testing Principles - Alan Page

Software testing, if done right, is done all the time, throughout the whole life of a software project. This is different than the verification and validation of a classical model of QA teams. It's more of a collaborative model that actually tries to help get great software out the door faster and iterate quicker. One of the people at the forefront of this push is Alan Page. Alan and his podcast cohost Brent Jensen tried to boil down what modern testing looks like in the Modern Testing...


74: Technical Interviews: Preparing For, What to Expect, and Tips for Success - Derrick Mar

In this episode, I talk with Derrick Mar, CTO and co-founder of Pathrise. This is the episode you need to listen to to get ready for software interviews. We discuss four aspects of technical interviews that interviewers are looking for: communication problem solving coding verification How to practice for the interview. Techniques for synchronizing with interviewer and asking for hints. Even how to ask the recruiter or hiring manager how to prepare for the interview. If you or anyone you...