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Manufacturing & Education with Lynette Frey at SCC Milford

Episode 13 is a discussion with Lynette Frey from SCC Milford to discuss manufacturing engineering and what students are learning to prepare them for the workforce as well as the impact SCC has on the local midwest manufacturing industry.


I didn't like studying but I really liked learning - Cherry Creek Innovation Campus

Episode 12 hosts Paul Clinton and Ross Erikson from the Cherry Creek Innovation Campus in Colorado. This discussion covers design and manufacturing courses available to students and how they are educating future engineers, machinists, and makers.


Design, Manufacturing, Olympics & 3DEXPERIENCE World chatting with the Center for Advanced Design

In this episode, we talk with Jesse and Marc from the Center for Advanced Design (CAD). We talk about design, manufacturing, recycling, Olympics, and what users can expect to see at 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020. It is an action-packed episode that covers a lot of topics to start in 2020!


Driving business decisions by using the correct data analytics - George Korn, DELMIAWORKS

Manufacturing is a competitive place. Every day, companies are competing in global markets to win business and increase profits, but how do the most innovative companies stay ahead of the pack? They use integrated systems that allow them to make decisions based on analytics vs. a gut feel. In this episode, we speak with George Korn from DELMIAWORKS to understand how ERP/MES plays an integral part in making the correct decisions based on real-time analytics.


"Nothing big ever happens without the right team" - Aaron Kaufman

Episode 9 is a discussion with Aaron Kaufman, owner of Arclight Fab and host of Discovery's Aaron Needs a Job. Our conversation covers building cars, manufacturing, starting a business, and learning about his experiences in becoming a leader in the aftermarket automotive industry.


"Changing a habit only happens from the top down" Akshat Thirani CEO Amper

Episode 8 is a discussion on real-time data tracking and using analytics to make better business decisions in manufacturing. As manufacturing evolves and the skills gap widens, companies are looking to have a better understanding of their processes to be competitive in a global market.


Milling doesn't make parts it makes chips - Glenn Coleman, Celerative Technologies

This Podcast is a little unique. Due to the nature of the discussion, we have also uploaded a visual option with a PowerPoint showing the differences in toolpaths. You can find the version with visual aids here.


There is no substitute for just doing it. John Saunders, Saunders Machine Works

Episode 6 is an in-depth discussion with John Saunders of Saunders Machine Works. We cover a range of topics from bootstrapping to business to new tooling and fixturing in the industry today. John also has many machining videos and a podcast available to everyone interested in manufacturing and building a business. Check out "The business of machining" after listening to this episode!


You can go a long way without talent if you've got grit. Jim & Mike Ring, RingBrothers

Jim and Mike Ring spend some time chatting about building show winning SEMA cars, advanced manufacturing and of course, horsepower!


If Manufacturing is more accessible, more people will create more things! Chris Fox, Tormach

In this discussion, we have a chance to chat with marketing guru Chris Fox from Tormach. We talk about machines, equipment, makers, education, and getting into manufacturing in today's fast-paced world.


It’s all about culture and robots taking jobs that you don’t want to do. MetalQuest Unlimited

The video referenced in the podcast can be found here: We have a great discussion about business, manufacturing, automation, and helping the community develop tomorrows leaders. To be short do something to change the world, don't just complain. Our guests are Scott Harms and Scott Volk from MetalQuest Unlimited in Hebron, Nebraska. The video referenced in the podcast can be found here:


Design, Machining, & Automation oh my, Chris Macbain

In this episode of The 3D Experience, John and I chat with Chris Macbain an industry expert with lots of experience in wood working, CNC machining, and manufacturing workflows. We chat a little about the history of design and manufacturing, automation and how technology has changed the way people produce components today.