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Episode 52 - Global Scrum Gathering London 2018

From The Docksider Bar, Aloft Hotel, London Docklands Geoff, Paul & Nigel grab a pint during the Global Scrum Gathering London 2018 (8-10 October)to reflect on the first couple of days. Paul was part of the organising committee for this gathering and reflects on the feedback received so far...


Episode 51 - ScrumMasters - Nice or Nasty?

We're back! In this episode, Geoff & Paul discuss how "nice" a ScrumMaster should be, and they also experimented with LIVE streaming on YouTube! If you want to see the video version of this pubcast check it out -


Episode 42 - Metaphors & Abstraction

From The Mesmerist, Brighton, UK Geoff and Paul chat over a couple of interesting drinks in a rather unusual pub in Brighton, after completing day one of their Advanced Certified Scrum Master class. They discuss how some of the content in the course made the group feel uncomfortable, and why that might be a good thing.


Episode 41 - Agile Leadership & Coaching For Change

From The Three Pears, Worcester, UK Geoff and Paul met with the Worcester Agile Scrum People (WASP) and recorded the first ever pubcast with a LIVE pub audience! The agenda was dictated by the crowd including dealing with "management", coaching "up" the organisation and product owners vs. project managers! Enjoy!


Episode 40 - Puzzle Rooms & Principles of Persuasion

From The Four Thieves, London, UK Happy New Year! Geoff and Paul met at a very cool pub in Battersea, it turns into a very busy evening indeed! They discuss the science behind Robert Ciadini's 6 Principles of Persuasion and how agile teams could benefit from being locked in an escape room together!


Episode 39 - Conflict, Planning & The 12 "Agile" Days of Christmas

Our Christmas special this year saw the three wise men (Geoff, Paul and Nigel) get back together again over some beer and mulled cider to review the year that was and look forward to 2018. This episode is split over two pubs and comprises discussions about family stresses at Christmas, how scrum teams plan over the Christmas break, our favourite Christmas songs and the agile version of the famous 12 Days of Christmas. Oh, and if you’re lucky you may also get to listen in on us playing a...


Episode 38 - The ScrumMaster Role & "Rest" Time

From The Block and Gasket, Burgess Hill, UK Geoff meets up with two of his agile coach friends, Steve Arnold and Eddie Kenny, and talks about their perspectives on the ScrumMaster role and how that has changed during their journey as agile coaches. They discuss the virtues or “doing” work against “enabling” work and how the latter can be harder to justify. And just wait until you hear about Rubber Duck 2.0 - that’s got to be a winner!


Episode 37 - Codes of Conduct & The Bystander Effect

From The Swift Bar, CityWest Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. Geoff and Paul meet on the second day of the Global Scrum Gathering in Dublin, and discuss the how codes of conduct and ethics are as essential for teams as there are for communities and conferences too. And, how do we overcome the Bystander Effect in order to stand up to what we know is wrong?


Episode 36 - Neuroscience of Coaching & Agile Contracts

From the Guinness Storehouse, Dublin, as part of the Global Scrum Gathering 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. Geoff and Paul shared a drink with two very experienced agile practitioners and friends, Aislinn Green and Emma Hopkinson-Spark. In this episode, they discuss Day 1 of the gathering and two of the sessions attended by Emma and Aislinn, as well as the panel discussion which concluded the day. Despite being in the home of Guinness, none of them are actually drinking it!


Episode 35 - Challenges of Unlearning & Motivating

Episode 35 comes from the appropriately named Goddard Arms in Swindon where Geoff and Paul talk about the differences between working with students and the younger generations compared to those with a background of traditional project delivery. Does creativity, self-organisation, collaboration, servant-leadership come more naturally to those who don't have to unlearn old habits first? They then discussed another question that was sent in by a listener about pay, incentives and motivation in...


Episode 34 - Team Diversity & Hiring For Fit

The Hole in the Wall, Bristol, UK Paul, Geoff and Nigel discuss a question from listener Lawrence Weetman about the challenges of hiring and creating a balanced and diverse agile team.


Episode 33 - Agile Rollbacks & Regressions

The Master Mariner, Brighton, UK Geoff and Paul enjoyed a road trip to the seaside this week, and stopped in at the Master Mariner for a drink and a chat by the water. They discuss a couple of questions relating to agile transformations and when they "rollback", and how a ScrumMaster can respond if that happens.


Episode 32 - Coaching Teams Formed Of Fear

The City Arms, Cardiff, UK We are back! Geoff, Paul and (special guest star) Nigel are getting to know the Cardiff pub scene well, and stopped in the City Arms to discuss a question from one of our listeners. Andy asked the boys about how to coach a team formed of fear, rather than trust. Great question!


Episode 31 - Geoff's 'Island' Experience

The Smoking Dog, Malmesbury, UK Geoff is back (alive) from his survival experience in Scotland, so this episode features his thoughts and learnings from his trip. Geoff describes the trip as "the hardest thing he has ever done" so tune in to find out why...


Episode 30 - Question Time

The Owain Glyndwr, Cardiff, UK Question time. Nigel followed us (again) to Cardiff so we stopped by a pub in the centre of name - mainly because the name sounded REALLY welsh. We took time to ponder the answers to two questions from two of our listeners. As you would expect, we couldn't all agree on the answers!


Episode 29 - Summer Velocity, Dress Code & Feedback

The Argyll Arms, London, UK Summer is here! Geoff & Paul cool off over a pint in the west end of London and discuss how the summer months can affect a scrum team's capacity and maybe even their velocity. Given the hot weather, the topic of dress code comes up, and also how teams should be prepared to give and receive feedback.


Episode 28 - Common Purpose & Agile Animals

The Air Balloon, Crickley Hill, UK Geoff's has started planning his survival experience in deepest darkest Scotland! In this episode, the guys discuss what teams can learn from sharing a common purpose and how behaviours can be amplified in such a basic rural desert island setting! There is also some talk of agile animals. Which animal do you think is the most agile?


Episode 27 - Is Agile The New 'Alternative'?

The Hatchet Inn, Bristol, UK Geoff and Paul find Nigel in a Bristol pub and wax lyrical about Geoff's question, "Is Agile the new 'alternative'?" and delve into the history of the waterfall approach. In part two, the guys get more reflective on their own choices during their school years and how that may have formed who they are now. A little philosophical compared to the usual!


Episode 26 - Sat Navs and Intrinsic Motivation

Bag O' Nails, Victoria, London, UK A real meandering episode this one, from a pub with a great name! Geoff and Paul start off with the value in sat nav systems, journey through intrinsic motivation, belief, pragmatism and venture into dedicated scrum masters and ritual dissent! A real mixed bag!


Episode 25 - New Path to CSP Discussion

The Knights Templar, Bristol, UK We welcome Geoff after the San Diego gathering, and the guys discuss the new Certified Scrum Professional (CSP) pathway announced by the Scrum Alliance recently. Of course, with Nigel in attendance the conversation so wanders into Star Wars and many other children's television programmes from the 1980s.