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The Agile Revolution :: your one-stop podcast for all things Agile. Hosted by practicing agilists Craig Smith, Renee Troughton and Tony Ponton.

The Agile Revolution :: your one-stop podcast for all things Agile. Hosted by practicing agilists Craig Smith, Renee Troughton and Tony Ponton.


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The Agile Revolution :: your one-stop podcast for all things Agile. Hosted by practicing agilists Craig Smith, Renee Troughton and Tony Ponton.




Episode 180: Extreme Programming & 3X Explained with Kent Beck

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and have a rockstar moment and catchup with Kent Beck, the creator of Extreme Programming, the pioneer of xUnit and author of numerous books including “Extreme Programming Explained” and “Test Driven Development“: Extreme Programming (XP) was born at Chrysler by letting go of conventional wisdom and … Continue reading →


Episode 179: The Heart of Agile Distilled with Alistair Cockburn

Tony and guest host Phil Gadzinski talk to Alistair Cockburn for a brief overview and understanding about the Heart of Agile (and the link to how it all started in Australia): Scrum training had turned into training wheels and consistency – wanted to get back to the essence of Agile Progression from shu (follow techniques), … Continue reading →


Episode 178: YOW! Speaker Vox Pop with Randy Shoup, Dean Wampler, Mark Hibberd, Dave Thomas & Michele Playfair

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and wander around the hallways talking to different speakers, hosts and attendees: Highlights included Kent Beck keynote “3x Explore, Expand, Extract“, Anita Sengupta keynote “The Future of High Speed Transportation“, Brendan Gregg keynote “Cloud Performance Root Cause Analysis at Netflix” and Jessica Kerr (keynote “The Origins of … Continue reading →


Episode 177: The Human Side of Agile for Non-Software Teams with Gil Broza

Renee and Craig are at Agile 2019 in Washington, DC and talk to Gil Broza, Agile Mindset and Leadership Coach / Trainer at 3P Vantage and author of “The Agile Mind-Set“, “The Human Side of Agile” and “Agile for Non-Software Teams” and they talk about: Agile 2019 talk – “How to Help your Non-Software Colleagues … Continue reading →


Episode 176: The Lost Tapes – Kanban For One with Sandy Mamoli

In this previously lost and unreleased podcast from 2012 (we found it on a SD card that was thought to be lost forever), Craig catches up with Sandy Mamoli at Agile 2012 in Dallas, Texas and chat about Personal Kanban and how everything is bigger in Texas. It’s amazing how much hasn’t changed in this … Continue reading →


Episode 175: Self Selecting Teams & Olympic Lessons with Sandy Mamoli

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and chat with Sandy Mamoli, Agile Advisor and Coach at Nomad8 and co-author of “Creating Great Teams” and they chat about: Nomad8 is a managerless agile coaching collective in New Zealand, based on the Crisp model The lost podcast Kanbanfor1 (and Jim Benson – Personal Kanban) … Continue reading →


Episode 174: Dynamic Reteaming with Heidi Helfand

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and talk to Heidi Helfand, Director of Engineering Excellence at Procore Technologies and author of Dynamic Reteaming and they talk about: YOW! 2017 talk “Dynamic Reteaming: The Art & Wisdom of Changing Teams“ The general belief is the best teams are the ones that are stable … Continue reading →


Episode 173: Modern Agile (Is Not A Framework) with Joshua Kerievsky

Craig and Tony are at YOW! Conference in Brisbane and catch up with Joshua Kerievsky, CEO of Industrial Logic and founder of Modern Agile and they talk about: Episode 20: Lean Start-ups with Joshua Kerievsky Industrial Logic and the Extreme Programming Playing Cards If you are a consulting company and don’t have your hands dirty … Continue reading →


Episode 172: Business Agility & DevOps Health Radars with Sally Elatta

Craig catches up with Sally Elatta, president of Agile Transformation and the founder of Agility Health Radar and they chat about: Companies struggle to get the metrics to know if their agile transformations are making a difference, hence the creation of Agility Health Radar Business Agility pillars – customer seat at the table, lean portfolio … Continue reading →


Episode 171 – Beyond Legacy Code with David Bernstein

Craig is at Agile 2017 in Orlando, Florida and speaks with David Bernstein, author of “Beyond Legacy Code“, and they chat about agile technical practices: Agile does have something to with software development Agile 2017 talk “Create Software Quality The real value of Agile is in the technical practices so we can build iteratively, but … Continue reading →


Episode 170: Agile Our Way at Flinders University with Kerrie Campbell

Craig is as LAST Conference in Canberra and with guest co-host (and co-founder of LAST) Craig Brown they talk to Kerrie Campbell, the CIO at Flinders University in Adelaide and they talk (amongst some unscheduled cup stacking) about: LAST Keynote talk “Flinders University Transformation“ Leadership through seeding rather than driving by changing language, building mindset … Continue reading →


Episode 169: A Slice of Agile Pi with Betsy Kauffman and Oscar Rodriquez

Craig is in Charlotte, North Carolina and catches up with Betsy Kauffman from Agile Pi and Oscar Rodriquez and they chat about: 40 Agile Methods in 40 Minutes at Charlotte Agile Network meetup The role and the state of Agile coaching Agile Practice Guide ICAgile, the ICAgile Certified Expert In Agile Coaching (ICE-AC) and non-framework … Continue reading →


Episode 168: Agile 2019 (Un)bagging

Craig and Renee are in Washington, DC at Agile 2019 and ahead of day one have some fun and decide to open up the swag bag after collecting their badges and see what is inside: Air Force One Experience next to the conference hotel in National Harbor Women In Agile 2019 conference tshirt Octo Consulting … Continue reading →


Episode 167: Unlearning and the Improv Effect with Jessie Shternshus

Craig and Tony are at Agile Australia in Melbourne and with guest revolutionist Toby Thompson (who was sitting at the table and initially didn’t want to speak on the podcast but then we couldn’t keep him quiet!) catch up with Jessie Shternshus, CEO at The Improv Effect and author of “CTRLShift“: Agile 2015 keynote “Individuals, … Continue reading →


Episode 166: A Trip Down Agile Memory Lane with Jeff Smith

Craig and Tony are at Agile Australia in Melbourne and talk to their former leader Jeff Smith, EVP and COO at World Fuel Services and former CEO of Suncorp Business Services: Australian Agile journey took him from Telstra, to a small startup and then to Suncorp, and later IBM and World Fuel Services Scale of … Continue reading →


Episode 165: Two Years and Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad

Craig and Tony sit down for a personal chat with the microphone turned on for the first time in 2 years (that is not an interview) (wow, time files…), unfortunately without Renee who was out sick: State of the nation is a lot of dark / fake Agile and lack of collaborative connective tissues Fail … Continue reading →


Episode 164: Agile Australia 2017 Vox Pop #2

Craig and Tony are once again roaming the halls at Agile Australia in Sydney and finding random folks to talk to at the conference: Sarah Romeyn from WorkCover Queensland – enjoyed Pete Steel talk “Developing an Experimentation Culture” and Sherif Monsour talk “The art of building a roadmap“ Rachel Slattery from Slatterys (organiser of Agile … Continue reading →


Episode 163: Agile Australia 2017 Vox Pop #1

Tony and Craig are at Agile Australia 2017 in Sydney and wander the very busy hallways catching up with attendees and with old friends: Sieger de Vries – enjoyed Matt Pancino talk “The future of Agile in the enterprise: has the war been lost?”, distributed Agile and use of partnering is here to stay Mia … Continue reading →


Episode 162: Leadership and Coaching Beyond the Team with Esther Derby

Craig and Tony are at Agile Australia in Sydney and catch up with Esther Derby, co-author of numerous agile books including Agile Retrospectives and Behind Closed Doors. We also ask the question whether Tony is cool or not…. Agile Australia keynote “Leaders At All Levels“ Leadership is the ability to adapt the environment so that … Continue reading →


Episode 161: State of Agile in Singapore with Stanly Lau

Craig is at YOW! Singapore and catches up with Stanly Lau, organiser of the Agile Singapore conference and the Agile Singapore meetup: Bas Vodde was one of the early advocates for Agile in Singapore The state of Agile in Singapore has progressed from “doing a standup” in 2010 to now many companies thinking about how … Continue reading →