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Ep. 4: Alexander Kravets of Xtrade on Modernizing Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cyptocurrency exchanges lack the features that enable the large amounts of liquidity in today's equity markets. Xtrade is working to change that. By providing interoperability between exchanges and modern trading platform, Xtrade plans on modernizing the state of cryptocurrency exchanges. In Episode 4 of the Blockcast Show, Alexander Kravets of Xtrade talks about how his team is leveraging their extensive financial technology background to offer solutions to cryptocurrency...


Ep. 3 - How the Experienced Wall Street Executives at VaultBank are Leveraging Blockchain To Provide a Unique Investment Firm

Is your token a security? Most companies doing ICO’s try to say no, but VaultBank is bucking that trend. Listen to Austin Trombley, Chris Cummock, and Eric Clarke of VaultBank explain why they decided to register their tokens with the SEC as a security. By bringing Wall Street experience to the blockchain space, the team at VaultBank is offering a unique investment firm, where their tokens are equity in VaultBank paying dividends to their holders. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS...


Ep. 2: Jason Brett of Consensys on Blockchain, Government Regulation, and Avoiding the Mistakes of the 2008 Housing Bubble

Jason Brett was on the front lines of the 2008 Housing Bubble when he was working at the FDIC. Now, he is the Director of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs for Consensys. Jason explains how the blockchain community can take lessons from the response to the 2008 Housing Bubble, so that it can work with government regulators. Because governments are interacting with blockchain companies, whether they like it or not, Jason believes that the community needs to active engage and work...


Ep. 1: How Sharpe Capital is Using Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to Predict Future Asset Prices

Learn how Sharpe Capital is using two of the hottest technologies in the marketplace – artificial intelligence and blockchain – to predict future asset prices. I speak with Lewis Barber, the CEO of Sharpe Capital, and Dr. James Butler, CIO of Sharpe Capital, about their company, its impending token sale, and how they have managed to keep a handle on the maelstrom of a blockchain technology and law while launching a company. LINKS AND RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Sharpe...