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A caffeinated podcast about making and fixing mistakes in code.


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A caffeinated podcast about making and fixing mistakes in code.




Season 3, Episode 5: Sam Taggart

It's an afternoon of new perspectives in the café, both from climbing the rock candy wall and chatting about LabVIEW. Climbing enthusiast and LabVIEW trainer Sam Taggart belays in to chat about both, and how code interacts with the messy real world.


Season 3, Episode 4: Jocelyne Morin-Nurse

A rogue vine is taking over the café, but that's not enough to stop Jocelyne Morin-Nurse from enjoying her coffee. Listen as she discusses leadership with Bojan and Jason, including how to handle the transition from "team member" to "team lead".


Season 3, Episode 3: Aliénor Latour, Donia Chaiehloudj, and Pascal Bertrand

A crowd of blue gophers has descended on the café, perhaps on account of the visit from the co-authors of "Learn Go with Pocket-Sized Projects": Aliénor Latour, Donia Chaiehloudj, and Pascal Bertrand. Listen in as they explain what makes Go tick, and talk about some of the strange bugs they've encountered across their diverse experiences as software engineers.


Season 3, Episode 2: Pat Viafore and Jess Jang

A quiet evening in the café provides the perfect opportunity for Jess to join in the conversation, this time with Pat Viafore, author of "Robust Python". Join the group as they discuss the challenges and intricacies of testing.


Season 3, Episode 1: Edaqa Mortoray

What makes a good puzzle? Software engineer and escape room enthusiast Edaqa Mortoray chats with Jason and Bojan about the joys and sorrows of independent projects, why debugging makes a terrible game, and how he came to be the top endorsed Monster Slayer on LinkedIn. Now if only someone can talk the unicorn out of forcing everyone to play supporting cast in his own personal sitcom.


Season 2, Episode 12: Alex Booker

Jason broke reality...but on the upside, Alex Booker has spontaneously appeared. While he sticks around to discuss common mistakes junior developers make, Annie grapples with whether an eggplant macchiato was ever supposed to be a thing.


Season 2, Episode 11: Cecelia Martinez

Time traveller Cecelia Martinez discusses frontend development and debugging with Bojan and Jason. Even so, the question remains: is that programming book from the future that Bojan bought from the rummage sale going to be useful in the end?


Season 2, Episode 10: Itamar Turner-Trauring

Logs, anyone? Bojan and Jason chat with Itamar Turner-Trauring, the creator of the eliot logging library in Python.


Season 2, Episode 9: Reuven Lerner

Jason and a particularly floral Bojan chat with Reuven Lerner about teaching Python, and the worst bugs they've seen (and caused). Meanwhile, Annie tries to undo a unicorn magic glitch of her own.


Season 2, Episode 8: Tomasz Lelek

Tomasz teaches Jason and Bojan how to navigate tradeoffs in code, while Annie struggles to manage the temporary unicorn horn she's been stuck with.


Season 2, Episode 7: Andrea Goulet and Naomi Ceder

A portal outage won't stop Andrea Goulet and Naomi Ceder from coming into the café for coffee and conversation. Listen in as they discuss empathy in open source software development.


Season 2, Episode 6: Mikolaj Pawlikowski

A little chaos is a wonderful thing. Miko Pawlikowski chats about chaos engineering, and how breaking things deliberately can actually make your code more stable. So how do you engineer this chaos in a helpful way, and how can you get buy-in from your manager and clients? Also, what's with the coffee today? Tune in to find out!


Season 2, Episode 5: Lily Mara

Lily Mara pops into a slightly-more-chaotic-than-usual café to talk about Rust, and it's a far cry from the usual "let's rewrite everything" you may be expecting. While she chats with Bojan and Jason about refactoring to Rust, Jess and Annie try to figure out how to make the most of the latest magical glitch.


Season 2, Episode 4: Max Guernsey III

Max Guernsey III stops in to discuss requirement writing, motion over progress, and how to prevent bugs, rather than fix them. How is that even possible? How is scrum involved? And what is the unicorn getting Bojan for his birthday? Listen in for these answers and more.


Season 2, Episode 3: Marco Faella

Despite the crimes against pizza being committed by the unicorn, Marco Faella comes by the café to discuss seven principles for making code better. Is it possible that software can be truly good? Can code golfing make you a better developer? Will the ANSI committee ban pineapple on pizza forever? Listen for the answers, and way too many anchovies.


Season 2, Episode 2: Felienne Hermans

Programmers learn by doing, right? Felienne Hermans chats with Bojan and Jason about how READING code may actually be even more important. So why it's so hard to understand someone else's code? The answer may be found somewhere between Shakespeare, trombones, and your ABCs. Now if Annie and Jess can only get the patrons to stop hacking their new robot...


Season 2, Episode 1: Sedat Kapanoglu

Sedat Kapanoglu swings by the café to talk about "street coding," while the café's new barista, Jess, arbitrates a wager between Bojan and Alan Turing. Listen in to learn more about the realities of changing requirements, the secret to true user privacy, and how it can be possible that monoliths aren't evil! (No, really!)


Episode 12: The Café Within (Ned Batchelder)

Somewhere in the midst of an infinitely recursing café, Ned Batchelder joins Bojan and Jason to talk about the wiles of testing and code coverage, and how to answer questions online without scaring off the new kids.


Episode 11: Wool and Language Standards (JeanHeyd Meneide)

As sheep flock to the café, JeanHeyd Meneide stops in to talk about the C and C++ Language Standards, programming history, and spooky bugs.


Episode 10: The Squirrel Blockade (April Wensel)

April Wensel talks compassion and empathy in coding, while Marta negotiates with an army of enraged squirrels.