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Cultural Diversity and Learning Through Mistakes, with Meetesh Karia

Both cultural diversity and learning through mistakes are important topics in the tech world. Hiring people from diverse backgrounds can help a company grow in a myriad of ways, and here to tell us what some of those ways are is Meetesh Karia. Meetesh is the CTO of The Zebra, a company that is the equivalent of Kayak to the car insurance space. In his role as CTO and in his jobs prior, Meetesh has also found the benefits of learning through mistakes. He shares a few he has made, what he has...


Managing as a CTO and as Product Manager, with Jaco Botha

What is it like managing as a CTO and as a product manager? How is it similar? How is it different? Our guest for this episode knows and he’s here to tell us. Jaco Botha is a product manager today but has also been a CTO in the past. On today’s CTO Studio, Jaco shares his experiences and wisdom from both roles and how he’s made the switch in his latest position. We also talk about some of the commonalities and differences found in CTOs in South Africa versus the United States, along with...


Running a Dev Shop Agency, with Ryan Vice

What makes a great dev shop agency? Someone who knows what it takes and is running a dev shop agency of his own is Ryan Vice. Ryan is the founder of Vice Software. His passion is dev and he’s fully immersed in the world of scoping projects, devving them and giving his clients what they want. On today’s CTO Studio, Ryan explains how Vice Software got started, why empathy is so critical as a CTO or other tech leader and his personal recommendations for running a dev shop agency. In this...


Software Development: From Servant Leadership to Afghanistan, with Aaron Longwell

Servant leadership is a term that gets used a lot, but what does it mean in the software development world? Here to tell us is Aaron Longwell. Today Aaron is a consultant who recently wrote a blog post on why software development requires servant leadership. The article was so popular it made it to the top of Hacker News. Aaron tells us the story behind that event, plus the software project he’s working on for the legal system in Afghanistan. You’ll hear the details on those topics and more...


How CTOs Can Harness the Power of Branding , with Timothy Maurice

Did you know Nelson Mandela rebranded his image? He did. You’ll hear that story as well as how CTOs can harness the power of branding from our guest today, Timothy Maurice. Timothy is an American living in South Africa, and that is where we begin our conversation on this edition of CTO Studio. He explains he dated one of Nelson Mandela's granddaughters for 10 years, and having access to Nelson Mandela and people like him has influenced his time in South Africa and were the reason he...


The Startup World of Europe, with Duncan Davidson

What is the startup world of Europe like? How does it differ from the tech startup scene in the U.S. and how is it similar? Duncan Davidson can tell you and he does on today’s episode of CTO Studio. Duncan is the CTO in Residence at Microsoft for Startups Europe. On this show, we dive into the European tech world as well as his Apache Ant creation. We also discuss which city is at the heart of the tech scene in Europe, what the general consensus is on Silicon Valley and a whole lot more....


Using Social Media to Connect With Your Users, with Bill Vieux

Social media is an everyday part of our lives, and there are some major advantages to using social media to connect with your users. Here to explain those advantages and the best ways to tap into your marketplace via social media is Bill Vieux. Bill is the CTO of Casual Fridays and the co-founder of Tack. On today’s CTO Studio, he tells us what each of his companies provide for their clients, some simple tools to help you better reach your existing loyal users and personalize your...


The 5 S’s of A Lean Workplace, with Ken Cone

Lean principles aren’t necessarily new, but someone who has been applying them with great results is Ken Cone. Ken is the CTO and co-owner of Radeus Labs in San Diego, and today he shares with us the 5 S’s of a lean workplace and how his company uses them. On today’s CTO Studio, Ken also tells us where he went to school to hone his tech skills, and where his initial love of technology began. You’ll get to hear all of that and more on this show! In this episode, you’ll hear: To explore how...


How Teams Can Collaborate Effectively, with Woody Zuill

One of the most important aspects of a company is its team and finding how teams can collaborate effectively. It’s a common approach to separate people into teams and tasks, but is that the most efficient way to accomplish your goals? Here to tell us is Woody Zuill. Woody is one of the original founders of Mob Programming, taking a “whole team” approach to teamwork in software development. He’s also been programming for 35+ years and has 15+ years as an Agile coach. He knows what...


Aligning Technology and Your Vision, Mission and Values, with Chris Doig

Why does aligning technology and your vision, mission and values matter to the success of your business? Chris Doig is here to tell us. Chris’ company, Wayferry, specializes exclusively in software evaluation. Based on their research and data analysis they help companies select the right software to align with the clients’ needs, values, mission and vision. On this episode, Chris explains how Wayferry began, how they work with their clients and what his book is all about. Join us to hear...


Technology and The Ethics of Data Collection , with Fabrice Gould

With Europe’s GDPR and Facebook and Cambridge Analytica in the news of late, technology’s role in data collection and the ethics of it is a hot topic. Joining us to share his considerable expertise is Fabrice Gould of Diggen. Fabrice has long had a love of data integration, and all of his startups are steeped in that passion. You’ll get a taste of that passion today; you’ll hear him explain what a data service provider actually is, how his company helps other companies stay compliant in...


How GoFundMe Was Built, with Andy Ballester

Today everyone knows about crowdfunding websites, but how was GoFundMe built? It was one of the first of its kind and today you’ll hear the story of its inception, formation and reformulation and its tremendous growth. Joining us for this edition of CTO Studio is Andy Ballester, one of the co-founders of GoFundMe. Today Andy and his co-founder Brad Damphousse sit on the board of GoFundMe, but our discussion will take you back to the beginning when it was just Andy and Brad and an idea....


Understanding AGI, AI and Machine Learning, with Alex Bates

What are the differences between AGI, AI and machine learning? Our guest today knows the answer to this question, and much more about each of these fascinating areas of tech today. Alex Bates, CTO of MTell, joins us to share his experiences in the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. You’ll hear us discuss the differences between artificial intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and machine learning along with what’s next in these areas. Listen in for that and more...


Is There a Genuine Need For Your Idea? with Vidya Dinamani

Is there a genuine need for your idea? Can you know the answer to this question before you write the first line of code, and how important is it to know? Yes and very says our guest for this episode of CTO Studio. Vidya Dinamani is the co-founder and principal of Product Rebels, a company that works with product leaders, founders and product teams at any level. She is also an advisor and partner with Lash, a start-up I have also joined as a partner and advisor. Today she explains why she...


How to Find The Best Employees in Tech Today, with Casey Kleindienst

Have you interviewed and hired someone only to have it not work out soon after? How to find the best employees in tech today is a subject best answered by our guest, Casey Kleindienst. Casey is a Management Professor at Cal State Fullerton and a consultant to small and medium enterprises. Prior to these positions he worked in the private industry for over three decades in roles like Vice President of Operations and Director of Supply Chain Systems. Throughout his career he’s gained insight...


Why Creating Diversity in Tech Matters, with Alex Balazs

The topic of “why creating diversity in tech matters” is a popular subject, and it’s something I’m asked about frequently. To give his seasoned insight is Alex Balazs, our guest today. Alex has been with Intuit for 19 years, and is a Senior Vice President and Chief Architect. He’s also an advisory board member for Tech Women @ Intuit, a program dedicated to making Intuit the top choice for women technologists. He’s learned much from being involved in that program, along with his other...


How to Work With Your Product Manager, with Ryan Willemsen

Learning how to work with your product manager as a CTO is a crucial responsibility, one that can mean the difference between success and failure. Joining us to share his insight into this role and how best to work with the team member in it is Ryan Willemsen. Ryan works as a product manager for Assurance, an insurance tech company. He’s also worked as a consultant in the field, and knows firsthand what CTOs can and should be doing with their product managers to ensure smooth operations...


Understanding AI, Machine Learning and Reasoning Computing with Khai Pham

AI is a broad term used as an umbrella to encapsulate machine learning and more. To get a true understanding of AI, machine learning and reasoning computing I invited my friend Khai Pham to join us. Today on CTO Studio Khai and I talk about why we need more than machine learning, how he got into the field during medical school and what’s up next in the AI market. Khai is the expert in this field and he’s sharing his wisdom, insights and knowledge on this edition of CTO Studio. In this...


The IT Challenges of Managing 400+ Retail Locations, with Yash Muralidharan

As the Vice-President of IT for Jenny Craig and Curves our guest for this show knows exactly how challenging it is to manage IT services for 400 retail locations around the world. Yashwant Muralidharan does this every day, and he shares the wisdom he’s learned with us on today’s episode. Specifically we talk about how they manage the shipping logistics for sending frozen meals to their customers around the world, why they chose cloud over data management centers and much more. Join us to...


How Habits Determine Your Success, with Jeff Winkler

How habits determine your success is something our guest for today knows firsthand! Jeff Winkler is the co-founder of Origin Code Academy, an organization that helps students get the skills they need to start and succeed in software development. On today’s show we begin by talking about good habits, bad habits and affirmations. Specifically we dig into which books are most helpful, and what Jeff does to persevere in the face of the many challenges of an entrepreneur’s daily life. Join us to...