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The Buying Journey DNA

In the age of the customer, consumers have more information and choices than ever before. What they don’t have is more time. That’s why it’s imperative for organizations to have a deep understanding of the customer journey. Martyn R. Lewis, author of “How Customers Buy…& Why They Don’t,” sat down with TTEC’s Judith Aquino to discuss strategies for doing exactly that by mapping and managing the buying journey DNA.


It's Time to Finally get Journey Orchestration Right

Customer journey mapping isn’t new, but are companies using it correctly? More and more leaders are recognizing the need to ditch the white board and are diving deeper into understanding just how customers use their brand. Join us as we talk to Mark Smith, the president at Kitewheel, a technology company that’s aiming to redefine the value of journey orchestration.


Check your CX Blind Spots

Fast-growing financial tech companies like Ant Financial, Robinhood, and TransferWise are not only disrupting the financial industry, they’re reshaping consumer behavior and expectations. But while hypergrowth companies may be experts at disruption, retaining and supporting customers is another story. Ray Klostermann, chief rocketeer at TTEC Agility, identifies the key issues fast-growing companies often overlook about the customer experience.


Cracking the Loyalty Code

We all know customer loyalty is important to a business but where do brands tend to make mistakes when it comes to inspiring loyalty? And what’s the best way to foster loyalty among your employees and customers? Sandy Rogers, co-author of Leading Loyalty: Cracking the Code to Customer Devotion, explores these questions with TTEC’s Judith Aquino.


Creating Great Digital Fan Experiences in March Madness and Beyond

Whether screaming from the rafters or cheering at their TV, fans are the lifeblood of any sport. That’s why it’s essential for brands to utilize audience’s social media to create the ultimate digital engagement platform for sports teams. Nathan Peterson of Tagboard recently chatted with TTEC’s Jeff Marcoux about how sports crowdsourcing can be transformed into the a powerful CX resource.


Set the Record Straight on Customer Centricity

Customer centricity has been the talk of the town for years, but do we practice what we preach? Do leaders understand what it takes to drive a meaningful relationship with our most valued customers? Liz Glagowski sat down with Peter Fader, professor of marketing at The Wharton School of Business and co-author of The Customer Centricity Playbook to go back to school on the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer centricity in today’s marketplace.


Embrace Disruption (Strategically)

In an era of disruption, conventional marketing wisdom isn’t enough. Marketers need innovative insight, agility, and high-speed execution to meet today’s customer and business demands. Simple, right? In her new book, Marketing Flexology: How to Outsmart Change and Future-proof Your Career, marketing veteran Engelina Jaspers shares strategies, insights, and tips for transforming challenges into opportunities. Judith Aquino sits down with Jaspers to learn more in the latest CX Pod episode.


HR tackles CX employment challenges with data-driven people strategies

Customer care leaders are challenged with finding, keeping, and engaging employees during this tumultuous employment climate. Human Resources can be the secret weapon to help stand out among competitors. Data-focused strategies and a commitment to new ways of engaging employees help firms get, keep, and grow the best customer support talent, which leads to the best customer experiences. Liz Glagowski interviews HR and data leaders from TTEC about their experiences tackling such issues in the...


What's on Shoppers' CX Holiday Wish Lists?

Bad deals, no help, and rude employees can make for a terrible holiday shopping experience. So what do customers actually want? Hear from shoppers in Stamford, Connecticut as they share what’s on their customer experience wish lists this holiday season. Music: Jingle Bells by Scott Holmes Snowman by Jahzzar


Customer Care Evolves Alongside Social Media

In a world where consumers demand service when they want, where they want, social media rules. So why do so many organizations have trouble using it effectively for support needs? To explore why social care counts more than ever, we talked to Joshua March, author of book “Message Me” and founder and CEO of Conversocial, to get his take on mastering the platform. Music: Siesta by Jahzzar


Shaking Up the Contact Center with AI and Innovation

Recent CX award winners Heidi Rote from Jenny Craig USA and Michelle Williams from Dorel Juvenile give an insider’s view of why they believe AI will enhance-rather than replace-the work of associates, and where they see opportunities to further evolve the customer experience. Music: Siesta by Jahzzar; As Colorful as Ever by Broke for Free


Fire Up Your Customer Feedback Programs

It’s hard to create seamless interactions without truly understanding what customers are going through. How can companies make data collection and customer feedback frictionless? Mike Soylu and Nazli Chamlibel of customer feedback firm Pisano share their insights from the field.


How do you measure CX success?

What does customer experience success look like, how do you measure it, and why is it so darn hard? Those are some of the questions we posed to customer experience experts Kevin Shields, vice president of employer services at ADP, and Tim Keefe, and strategy consulting partner at TTEC. What they have to say may surprise you. Music credits: Siesta by Jahzzar; Something Elated by Broke for Free


Marketers Get Schooled on Analytics

Digital transformation is everywhere, and companies are desperate for it. Emerson College is launching a new program in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics to meet demands for marketing professionals who can combine both the art and science of the discipline in the digital age. Executive-in-Residence and Graduate Program Director Mike McGuirk explains what prospective students should expect and how we as consumers will all benefit from data marketing transformation.


Meet the “Chat Avengers”

Who are you going to call when you want to deliver a great customer experience with chat? Meet TTEC’s “Chat Avengers” – a super force of experts whose mission is to create amazing chat sales and service interactions for consumers and brands. Customer Strategist Editor Liz Glagowski talks with everyday chat heroes Kevin Barry, Brittany Bell, and Andrew Meissbach.


Find Your Authentic Voice

Great customer relationships happen when brands authentically connect with customers to create a community. Diversity and inclusion must be part of the mix; it’s not an option. Anthony Larrisey of Industria Creative talks to TTEC’s Jeff Marcoux about the evolution of multicultural marketing and how to create authentic, collaborative experiences that fuel strong emotional bonds.


Are You Taking Employees for Granted?

The employee experience is as important, if not more, than the customer experience. TTEC’s Jeff Marcoux sits down with resident employee Learning & Performance Rockstar Lamont Exeter to learn about three employee engagement tips that will drive impact to employee morale, customer satisfaction, and your business.


On the Internet, no one knows you’re a Bot

When contacting Sling TV’s customer service, customers may interact with a bot or a human, or both. Seth Van Sickel, director of operations at Sling TV, and Richard Smullen, founder and CEO of Pypestream, spoke with Senior Writer Judith Aquino about the AI-powered bots that are teaming up with associates and the new personalized recommendations that customers will soon receive.


“Know Me Now” in the Age of AI

What does it mean for enterprise organizations to personalize experiences? At Enterprise Connect 2018, Customer Strategist Senior Writer Judith Aquino sat down with Verizon’s Alla Reznik to discuss the value of knowing your customer, Verizon’s approach to creating AI-enabled personalization tools, and the limits of automated services.


Customer Delight Doesn’t Pay

We’ve got the data to prove it. Emotional analytics is an emerging area that ties customer emotion and sentiment to tangible business outcomes. TTEC data science expert Peter Dorrington talks with Jeff Marcoux about how brands can influence positive customer emotion now and in the future by prioritizing interactions with individuals based on emotional attributes that have the most impact on business.