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CGR #025 - Project XCloud Talk and LiquidSky Ends Beta!

Hello and welcome to another episode of the Cloud Gaming Report! In today's episode we discuss Project XCloud and the future of Xbox at Microsoft, Blade's new Hive Platform, New Features for Shadow and to wrap up we cover the closing of LiquidSky Services... at least for the time being. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord: ♦ Twitter: ♦ Twitch: ♦ Facebook:...


CGR #024 - Parsec and GFN Updates & EA Reveals Project Project Atlas

▽ Expand Description for more information! ♦ The Cloud Gaming Report it back! EA reveals their cloud gaming service, currently working under the Project Atlas Title. Parsec and GeForce Now release updates to their apps with various improvements, including a noteable change to GeForce Now that allows users to choose their server. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord: ♦ Twitter: ♦ Twitch:...


CGR #023 - Shadow CPU Upgrades Are Here!

▽ Expand Description for more information! ♦ Welcome back to another episode of our (sometimes) weekly dose of cloud gaming news! This week we cover the new games on GeForce Now, the Shadow CPU upgrades are here and Microsoft's CEO Nadella speaks about Project xCloud and Gamepass at the earnings call. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord: ♦ Twitter: ♦ Twitch: ♦ Facebook:...


CGR #022 - Google and Microsoft Enter the Cloud Gaming Market!

▽ Expand Description for more information! ♦ In this episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, I cover all the recent news in the world of cloud gaming! Google launches the beta of Project Stream and Microsoft reveals Project xCloud! Both Parsec and GeForce Now released pretty big updates in the last couple weeks. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord: ♦ Twitter: ♦ Twitch: ♦ Facebook:...


CGR #021 - Nvidia Testing GeForce Now on AT&T's 5G Network!

▽ Expand Description for more information! ♦ In this episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, we start by covering new games available on the GeForce Now platform! Our next topic revolves around Assassins Creed Odyssey coming to the Switch via Cloud Gaming. Next up is some news on the Shield ecosystem including new mobile companion apps. Finally we wrap up with discussion on Nvidia testing GeForce Now on 5G with promising results. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord:...


CGR #020 - New AMD GPUs for Cloud Gaming?

In this week's episode our first topic is the new games added to GeForce Now in the past week. Following that we discuss the new AMD GPUs aimed at datacenters that may see use in Cloud Gaming. Technically speaking these new GPUs can support up to 32 users but for gaming purposes, we would like see these used for two users. That rounds up this week's topics as it was a relatively light news week. ▷ Chat with Thought Provoking Tech! ♦ Discord: ♦ Twitter:...


CGR #019 - Xbox All Access vs Cloud Gaming

In this episode of the Cloud Gaming Report we start by discussing the new games that are officially supported on GeForce Now! Following that we discuss the change in how Blizzard games are played on GeForce Now. To cap off the episode we discuss the new Xbox All Access Subscription and some first impressions of how this compares to cloud gaming. If you would like to share your thoughts on cloud gaming or submit feedback about this podcast you can message me on Twittter @TProvokingTech!


CGR #018 - Shadow Reveals Ghost PC, Launches Storage Upgrades and New Datacenter!

Hello everyone, in today's episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, I discuss all the recent new about Shadow's Cloud Gaming Platform. I cover their new Ghost PC, the launch of storage upgrades and I discuss the new datacenter on the east coast! Sorry for the break in content buy my life was very chaotic for a bit! Don't worry though, I'm back and ready to start pumping out some content for you all!


CGR #017 - Nvidia Launches PC/Mac Version of GeForce Now on the Nvidia Shield! Win a $50 Steam Card from Shadow!

Hey everyone! In this week's episode I discuss Nvidia's upgrade of the Shield version of GeForce Now to bring it in line with what the PC and Mac are offering! Awesome news for Shield owners as the PC and Mac version has access to more games and many new games on the same day they launch! I also share the new games available as approved games on the GeForce Now application and the competition from Shadow to win a $50 Steam gift card! ♦ Nvidia Updates GeForce Now on the Shield:...


CGR #016 - Google's Cloud Gaming Platform

In this week's episode I cover rumors and thoughts on Google's Cloud Gaming platform, as well as the upcoming price changes for Paperspace! This week's topics: ♦ Google's Cloud Gaming Platform: ♦ Paperspace Price Increases:


CGR #015 - Blizzard Bans Cloud Gaming and AMAs Everywhere!

In this week's episode we discuss quite a bit of Cloud Gaming news, including the recent ban on cloud gaming on Blizzard games!!! This week had a highlight on security with Parsec adding two factor authenication and Rainway posting an interesting article on how they are able to quikly get SSL licenses to encrypt their streams. We also discuss two AMAs this week for both Shadow and Parsec. ♦ Parsec Adds Two-Factor Authentication: ♦ Shadow Hosts an AMA:...


CGR #014 - The Future of the Game Industry

Hey everyone! In this week's episode the majority of the episode revolves around the future of the game industry and how cloud gaming and cloud computing in general will play a large and pivotal role in that future! ♦ Next game to benchmark: ♦ GeForce Now 6/20: ♦ Capcom may bring more games to the Cloud: ♦ Cloud Gaming has Potential:


CGR #013 - Rainway Beta Updates

In this week's episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, our primary discussion point revolves around the lasted update to the Rainway Beta. Beyond that I've discovered an interesting use of Cloud Gaming, the AirConsole. It seems like it could be fun for parties and get togethers as a casual local gaming experience. We wrap up this week's episode with the games that have been added and removed from GeForce Now! ♦ Rainway Update 0.3.0: ♦ Final Goal on AirConsole:...


CGR #012 - The Next Console Generation Will Be the Last!

Welcome to your weekly new source for everything going on in the Cloud Gaming Industry! This week we have a rather light news load, but we do have some pretty major topics to discuss such as the launch of Shadow's Linux app and the Ubisoft CEO sharing his thoughts on how cloud gaming will be the future of gamin! ♦ GeForce Now Games Added on 6/4: ♦ GeForce Now Games Added on 6/5: ♦ Ubisoft CEO Interview: ♦ Cloud VR:...


CGR #011 - Shadow Begins Upgrades & LiquidSky Increases Prices!

Hey guys! Welcome back to your weekly source for cloud gaming news, The Cloud Gaming Report! In this week's episode we discuss many topics, including the upgrades coming to Shadow and the pricing increases for LiquidSky! ♦ New GeForce Now Games 5/23: ♦ New GeForce Now Games 5/25: ♦ New GeForce Now Games 5/29: ♦ GeForce Now Beta Update 6.6: ♦ New LS Pricing: ♦ Pricing Plan...


CGR #010 - EA Acquires Gamefly Cloud Gaming Tech!

There was a ton of news for Cloud Gaming this week and due to the holiday weekend and traveling for work I had to record this week's episode early and edit it late! Despite that, there was still a lot to talk about this week and next week's episode is already going to be full of content too! ♦ RE7 Cloud Version: ♦ Shadow Price Reduction: ♦ EA acquires Gamefly Streaming Tech:


CGR #009 - Steam Link Mobile Apps and Parsec Adds H.265 Support!

Hey everyone! In this week's episode of the Cloud Gaming Report I discuss the release of mobile apps for Steam Link as well as the numerous new features to Parsec! ♦ Steam Link Apps: ♦ Parsec Changelog: ♦ Steam Link Video on Flickstiq: ♦ Parsec's Party Finder:


CGR #008 - LiquidSky is Testing 5G!

Hey everyone! In today's episode of the Cloud Gaming Report, we discuss several topics including the news that LiquidSky is testing Cloud Gaming on 5G Networks! ♦ LiquidSky is Testing 5G: ♦ Microsoft's Gaming Cloud Team Job Posting: ♦ New GeForce Now Games this Week: