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Thank you for tuning in to The Cloud. We're excited to bring you this production in an effort to increase your understanding of IT services and The Cloud. The Cloud was designed to explore all aspects of the Cloud and how it affects people, enterprises and society. We will be interviewing various subject matter experts to have a well-rounded discussion and learning experience for all.

Thank you for tuning in to The Cloud. We're excited to bring you this production in an effort to increase your understanding of IT services and The Cloud. The Cloud was designed to explore all aspects of the Cloud and how it affects people, enterprises and society. We will be interviewing various subject matter experts to have a well-rounded discussion and learning experience for all.


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Thank you for tuning in to The Cloud. We're excited to bring you this production in an effort to increase your understanding of IT services and The Cloud. The Cloud was designed to explore all aspects of the Cloud and how it affects people, enterprises and society. We will be interviewing various subject matter experts to have a well-rounded discussion and learning experience for all.




Ep 33: Building Cybersecurity Culture with Adam Brewer

Hello Hello! Thanks for joining us for another episode of The Cloud. In this episode we spoke with Adam Brewer of Cyberwise IQ, a company dedicated to educating others on the tenets of Cybersecurity. I think you will enjoy this very unique yet informative discussion on today's episode of The Cloud. For show notes and more please visit:


Ep 32: Best of The Cloud - Part 1

Welcome welcome! Glad to have you back. This show is part 1 of a two part series recapping of our show from last year with clips of our wonderful guests. We have taken some particularly interesting clips and compiled them together. Let us know what you think. In this episode you will hear from: Abhi NemaniSam LambertBrian GracelyCharles WeaverAmon Prasad We have full interviews linked below if you wanted to hear the whole chat with any of our guests! We hope you enjoy it. For show...


Ep 31: Hyperconvergence, The LA Cloud Computing Meetup and We're Speaking at MSP World 2016!

Welcome to another episode of The Cloud! We know it has been a little while since our last episode, but we've been busy growing and transforming the company. We have some new team members and a whole lot of new insights that we are excited to share with all of you. You can expect the episodes to only get better and better as we seek to provide only the best most valuable content possible aimed at stimulating new ideas, thinking and directions for your organization. In this episode you...


Ep 30: Managed Break-Fix Services, IT Support and Dealing with Technical Problems

Paco Lebron is the Founder of ProdigyTeks, Inc., an IT consulting firm specializing in both residential and small business. ProdigyTeks was founded July of 2011 and has been in business for the past 5 years. ProdigyTeks specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored computer services and solutions for residential customers and small to medium sized businesses. Over the past 8 years, Mr. Lebron has excelled at leadership, analysis and operations. He works toward building...


Ep 29: The Viability of the Break-Fix Model, Troubleshooting and the Future of Tech Support

Matthew Rodela Founder, Editor-in-chief, Host of YFNCG Matthew owned and operated Jiffy-PC, a computer consulting company outside of Washington, DC, for 7 years. Now he runs a WordPress Consulting agency called Aledor, a Computer Business website builder service called Tech Site Builder, as well as the YFNCG website and podcast. We're excited to talk with Matthew about the viability of the Break-fix services and its interplay between Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and The Cloud. For...


Ep 28: Legal Cloud, Risk Management, Bitcoin (again) and Data Security

Pamela Morgan has spent much of her career working in and advising small businesses. She began focusing her law practice on bitcoin and digital currencies in early 2014. Much of her practice involves advising clients on how to use Blockchain technology to reduce risk and uncertainty in business and legal settings. She is a widely respected authority on multi-signature governance and legal innovation using digital currencies. Pamela is one of the few attorneys whose knowledge and...


Ep 27: Cyber Security, The FBI-Apple Encryption debate and Best Practices to Protect Yourself

Morgan Wright, expert on Cyber-security Strategy and Cyber-terrorism Our guest this week is Morgan Wright, an internationally recognized expert on Cyber-security Strategy, Cyber-terrorism, Identity, Theft and Privacy. His landmark testimony before Congress on changed how the government collected personally identifiable information. He has made hundreds of appearances on national news, radio, print and web, including Fox News, Fox Business, CNBC, ABC, Fox News Radio, Sirius...


Ep 26: Design Thinking, Cloud Apps and The Sharing Economy

Pek Pongpaet is from Thailand, raised in a Foreign Service family. He studied at two international schools in Thailand and Malaysia as well as Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He has worked with companies such as Accenture, Accenture Labs, Sears Holdings, Roundarch and SpotOn befor founding his own UX/UI design firm Impekable. Impekable crafts mobile and web products for super high-profile clients including Google, HP, Motorola, Discovery, Accenture,...


Episode 25: Bitcoin, Blockchains, The Cloud and Beyond!

Marshall Swatt, serial entrepreneur, C-level technologist Marshall has over twenty years of startup experience as founder, COO, CTO, with extensive strategy, operations and technology experience. Several successful startup exits. Experience with acquisitions and business development. Technology design and development work for several corporations including: Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Financial, Condé Nast, MoMA, National Geographic. Marshall is the former co-founder and CTO...


Ep 24: An IT Cloud Technicians Take, Cryptolocker and How Enterprises Use The Cloud

Justin Grizard, IT and Technical Consultant Justin is one of Network Remedy's top IT and Technical Consultants who works day-to-day in the trenches keeping our clients' organizations up and running. With over 10 years of customer service and IT troubleshooting experience, Justin brings a personable and technical disposition to the mix. Justin has proven himself to be a proactive and goal-oriented team player easily establishing rapport with customers, staff, and all levels of...


Ep 23: 2015 Cloud Reflections, Review and More Definitions

In this episode Aaron Mangal, host of The Cloud chats with Paul Roberts, The Curious Common Man about various aspects of The Cloud. This includes what we've learned, common definitions, reflections and where we see this whole ecosystem moving. We will see you in The Cloud!


Ep 22: Network Assessments: Purpose, Insights and Benefits from an IT Systems Deep Dive

Mark Winter of Rapid Fire Tools Our guest this week is Mark Winter, VP of Sales for Rapid Fire Tools. With over 20 years of diverse business development/sales, management, marketing and engineering experience in computer software/hardware industry, Mark brings a tremendous amount of experience to the table. Marks previous work experiences include Thin Client (Citrix), Telecom, SFA/CRM, Mobile/Wireless, AD and Business Modeling Tools, and Application Performance Management. We will be...


Ep 21: Docker, Containers, and Software Oh My!

Sean P. Kane of New Relic, @spkane Sean Kane is currently a Lead Site Reliability Engineer at New Relic. He has had a long career in production operations, with many diverse roles, in a broad range of industries. He has spoken about subjects like alerting fatigue and hardware automation at various meet-ups and technical conferences, including Velocity and Future Stack. Sean spent most of his youth living overseas, and exploring what life has to offer, including graduating from the Ringling...


Ep 20: IT Services Defined, The Benefits of Managed Services, MSPs and The Cloud

Nate Teplow, Senior Marketing Manager at Continuum Continuum is a backup and disaster recovery Platform for Managed Service providers. Nate is currently managing the company's partner email operations. Nate's experience spans inbound marketing, content strategy, marketing communications and B2B lead generation. He is also the host of #MSPradio a show sponsored and produced by Continuum designed to help MSPs conduct business more effectively. As a proud Miami Hurricane alumni, Nate enjoys...


Ep 19: Why The Religious Cloud Analogies, Murders and Acquisitions and Software as The Cloud

Michael Cote, creator of the Drunk and Retired podcast and In his words: "I've worked in the technology industry for many years first as a developer, then as a industry analyst with RedMonk, in strategy at Dell, and now on infrastructure software at 451 Research." Coté is the Research Director of the infrastructure software practice at 451 Research. Just before that, he worked on cloud strategy at Dell, previously he worked in corporate strategy where he helped form the Dell...


Ep 18: Training CTOs, Executive Technologist roles and the future of IT Management

John Shiple, founder of Freelance CTO John Shiple, Technologist, Freelance CTO and also teaches how to be a CTO at General Assembly in Los Angeles. John Shiple, famously known as the inventor of the first ever pop-up ad, founded FreelanceCTO which is a technology consulting company providing business/tech services for startups, small- to mid-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies. In his own words: "If there is one thing I have learned in my career it's that technology mistakes are...


Ep 17: The Cloud People, Data Science, and Using Tech for Social Good

Jonathon Morgan, co-host of Partially Derivative Our guest for the show this week is Jonathon Morgan, a co-host of Partially Derivative, a weekly show about Data and Beer Snobbery. He is also a Data Scientist, Product Leader and Developer of New Technologies. "For the past 10 years I’ve delivered digital products in agency, corporate and startup environments, most recently focused on product leadership, data science and engineering. I write and speak a lot about building products and data...


Ep 16: Costs of Compliance, Why Use MSPs and Exploring Clouds

Oleg Reut, CEO and Founder of SMB CloudTech Oleg Reut is the owner and founder of a Managed Services and Cloud Hosting Provider called SMB CloudTech based out of Southern California. SMB CloudTech helps small & medium-sized businesses to get the most value and efficiencies from their technology investments. By guiding clients through the sometimes confusing world of IT using customizable and fully scalable elastic solutions, Oleg guides business owners to a more competitive proactive...


Ep 15: Programming The Cloud, Charles' 6 Podcasts, Language, Frameworks and The Future

Charles Wood, creator of Devchat.TV Our guest for the show this week is Charles Wood, creator of Devchat.TV is the Host of more than 6 podcasts including 3 on programming (Ruby, Node.js and Angular JS), 1 on freelancing and 1 on iOS programming. Charles is also a Podcaster, Programmer, Husband, Dad, Mormon, and Conservative. In his own words: "I am PASSIONATE helping people make technology work for them. I'm a software consultant and lead my own team of freelance programmers. I've been...


Ep 14: The Woz, Future Stack '15 Awesomeness, Modern Software + Takeaways

Well, Future Stack 2015 was Awesome! Myself, Aaron Mangal from Network Remedy and host of The Cloud Radio Show had the pleasure of interviewing, Sam Lambert, Director of Systems at GitHub, Chad Berkely from Flight Stats, Abner Germanow, Senior Director of Strategic Marketing and Jay Fry, SVP of Marketing and interim CMO of New Relic. In fact, we recorded a special episode of The Cloud covering Future Stack 2015 featuring the above mentioned thought leaders as well as some reactions and...