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Join the WP Engine Developer Relations team as they discuss all things related to headless WordPress and modern web development.

Join the WP Engine Developer Relations team as they discuss all things related to headless WordPress and modern web development.


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Join the WP Engine Developer Relations team as they discuss all things related to headless WordPress and modern web development.






Next.js and SvelteKit with Lee Robinson

We close out the year with Lee Robinson, the director of developer relations at Vercel. Lee talks about the current Next.js landscape within headless development, Rich Harris joining Vercel to work on SvelteKit, and whether Vercel will shift their frontends more towards SvelteKit. Headless WordPress resources: https://developers.wpengine.com Links: https://leerob.io/blog/careerhttps://leerob.io/blog/hypergrowthhttps://vercel.com/blog/vercel-welcomes-rich-harris-creator-of-svelte


Gatsby 4 with Alex Moon

Alex Moon stops by to hype Gatsby 4. How did Gatsby 4 an up to 10x rendering speed? How is Gatsby future-proofing against React? They also talk about how well Gatsby plays with Faust.js. Links: What's new in Gatsby 4Rendering patterns podcast episode Want more headless content? Go to https://developers.wpengine.com/


Building Communities with Brian Gardner

Kellen and Grace bring in WPEngine's new Developer Relator Brian Gardner, Founder of StudioPress, Co-creator Genesis, to talk about building development communities. Links: briangardner.com@bgardner


Introducing Grace Erixon

The De{Code} podcast welcomes our new host, Grace Erixon. Kellen and Grace talk about Grace's development history.


Farewell Will

Will bids the De{Code} podcast adieu and reflects on his headless development journey.


Gutenberg with Jason Bahl

The DevRel team invites JSON Bahl back onto the pod to discuss Gutenberg. Jason talks about the benefits of Gutenberg, what's lacking in Gutenberg's current implementation, and what implementations exist for rendering Gutenberg in headless WordPress. Links: Gutenberg and Decoupled Applications


Rendering Patterns with Alex Moon

Solutions Architect Alex Moon stops by the De{Code} pod to talk rendering in front-end development. Links: The When and Where of Renderingserver componentsDistributed Persistent Rendering (DPR)


Next.js Rumor Roundup

Will and Kellen give their predictions and dreams for Next.js conference 2021. What will happen on the 5th anniversary of Next.js? Increased support for Core Web Vitals? Support for Deno? What about running the Next.js API at build time?


Atlas Content Modeler

The Atlas Content Modeler teams hop on the pod to discuss the new open-source tool. Links:


Phil Crumm from 10up

Kellen and Will welcome Phil Crum from the Web Agency 10up. They discuss whether 10up plans to go all-in on headless WordPress over traditional, how the discovery phase with a client determines whether headless is right for them, and using Gutenberg in a headless architecture. Links:


Core Web Vitals

Have you ever heard of Core Web Vitals? Kellen and Will teach you all the basics, including how to get a good Core Web Vital score, Largest Contentful Paint, First Input Delay, and Cumulative Layout Shift. They also break down how to measure your website against Core Web Vital principles and what tools could help you out. After you listen, don't forget to attend the Demolish Core Web Vitals event on October 21:...


Styling on the Modern Web

Kellen and Will give a crash course in styling for the web. They go over traditional CSS, SASS, and CSS -in-JS. They also discuss how front-end frameworks account for styling and where UI libraries such as Charka and Material fit into the modern web.


Embracing Headless WordPress with Greg Rickaby

Kellen interviews Greg Rickaby, Director of Engineering at WebDevStudios. Greg explains why WebDevStudios embraced headless development (1:30), how an open-source contribution to Next.JS lead to the creation of WebDevStudios' Next.JS starter kit (9:30), and how WebDevStudios' might utilize Atlas and other technologies in the future...


Headless WooCommerce with Jacob Arriola

Kellen and Will welcome Jacob Arriola from Zeek to discuss Headless WooCommerce. Jacob tells us why WooCommerce over other e-commerce solutions such as Shopify (4.18), how WPGraphQL and WooGraphQL can be used together (19.10), and the experience of building an e-commerce site the headless way and what tradeoffs had to be made to accommodate WooCommerce...



The team announces the new open-source WP Engine Headless WordPress framework, Faust.js ™. Upcoming Event: Learn how to set up, build, and deploy your headless WordPress site with Faust.js and Atlas - https://events.wpengine.com/event/092db3a9-7e28-41d2-ad7e-cbb16e653eb2/websitePage:5bbe0ca6-fd0c-4e77-b99b-de21baff9062 Resources: https://faustjs.org/https://developers.wpengine.com/docs/faustjs/next/getting-startedhttps://github.com/wpengine/faustjs


Jamstack with Cassidy, Ben, and Tara from Netlify

We invite Cassidy, Ben, and Tara from the Netlify DevRel team to talk about using the Jamstack architecture with Headless WordPress. Cassidy mentions a few examples she's seen of React + Headless WordPress sites. Tara shows off a site that uses "Jamgular" (Jamstack with Angular). Ben breaks down how developers are using Vue in conjunction with headless WordPress. Finally, we talk about Netlify Edge Handlers, producing content on Astro, and up-and-coming tech that excites the Netlify...


Custom Content in WordPress

Did you know you can have custom content types in WordPress? Will and Kellen breakdown what content types WordPress gives you out of the box (1.01), how you can extend the types of content in WordPress(21.50), and the Atlas tool that could make creating custom content easier(54.30). Links from this episode:


Great Authentication: How to use Auth in Headless WordPress

To kick off the new season of the De{Code} podcast, Will and Kellen have an epic conversation about authentication in headless WordPress. They give an overview of all the authentication strategies that exist in WordPress (6.40), a breakdown of how to leverage WordPress's cookie-based authentication (37.18), where in the stack auth occurs (52.11) and the difference between authentication and authorization. To cap it all off, Kellen gives a detailed breakdown of his authentication tutorial...


Atlas: The Headless WordPress Platform

As the DevRel team says goodbye to the esteemed Matt Landers, Matt and Will introduce the De{Code} community to Atlas. They explain what Atlas is, Node Engine, custom content types, and the future Atlas framework. Atlas: wpengine.com/atlas


Funkhaus and Headless with Drew Baker

Drew Baker, technical director of Webby award-nominated web agency Funkhaus joins the podcast to talk headless. He talks about Funkhaus's experience deploying headless WordPress for clients with everything from WP GraphQL and Nuxt, how Drew's clients enjoy their fancy decoupled sites, and what might make headless more enticing to clients. Drew's GitHub: https://github.com/drewbaker Funkhaus: https://funkhaus.us/ Webby-nominated site: politicalplaylist.com