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Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.

Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.


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Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.






The Xs and Os of building and enduring, high ROI AI product | Babak Hodjat, Cognizant

This episode is action packed with advice on standing up a commercially viable AI product. Our guest, Babak Hodjat (CTO of AI, Cognizant), is an incredibly successful AI founder with multiple successful exits. Lucky for us, he also touches on some of his failures and challenges faced when building AI. This is a must listen for anyone building AI products or teams internally. If you are inspired by this episode, be sure to go check out Babak’s new book “The Konar and the Apple”. If your...


Maximizing Production Quality and Cost Efficiencies in Manufacturing | Greta Cutulenco, Acerta

Manufacturing is an industry that has taken early interest in the promise that artificial intelligence will deliver massive productivity gains. Sectors such as autonomous vehicles are generating massive amounts of data that can be used to improve production and vehicle safety, reduce part recalls, and optimize costs using AI. In this episode, we sit with Greta Cutulenco (Founder and CEO of Acerta Analytics). Greta has been recognized as a member of Forbes 30 Under 30 in manufacturing....


Leveraging AI to Optimize Executive Decision Making through Advance Search | Leigh Fatzinger, Turbine Labs

Google is the king of search. But, is it the right search platform to use across all use cases? Today’s guest, Leigh Fatzinger (Founder, Turbine Labs) explains why and how executive decision making requires a more contextually relevant solution. SEO and ad spend can reduce the relevancy of information served up to executives while they are trying to make critical business decisions. Turbine Labs has built a platform that removes those elements of search and remains hyper focused on...


From 0 to Unicorn in 5 Years. Building an AI-Driven Transcriptions and Captioning Platform | Tom Livne, Verbit

Recently valued at $2 billion, Verbit is the latest AI-platform to reach unicorn status. The startup has grown to $100mm in annual recurring revenue in only five years through its AI-driven transcription and captioning platform. In this episode we sit with Tom Livne, Founder and CEO, to discuss several topics including how he leveraged the gig economy to build a more powerful AI product, growth through acquisition, how a vertical focus can drive better predictions, and much more. If...


Improving Food Product Quality and Supply Chain Costs with AI | Riana Lynn, Journey Foods

Each bite of food we eat was prepared using a recipe with several ingredients with varying quantities depending on the food. Apply that across a global food industry and you can understand the immense amount of data pouring out of this process alone. Interestingly, the food industry still leverages dated processes for producing and delivering high quality food products. Journey Foods has arrived as a data centric solutions for reducing supply chain costs while also recommending best fit...


Using 3D Image Analysis to Build Great Products | Paul Powers, Physna

Manufacturing and design firms continue to stumble upon novel use cases for artificial intelligence. Today we learn more about how 3D imaging data is reducing supply chain complexity for manufacturing parts. Startups also have an interesting challenge in acquiring the data necessary to train machine learning models. In this episode with Paul Powers, Founder and CEO of Physna, we dive into what it takes to build an AI startup. We also discuss his early career in the legal field…in...


Saving the Lives of Stroke Patients with Artificial Intelligence | David Golan,

There is always room for AI that improves the quality of human life. In this case, we examine an artificial intelligence solution that is actually saving lives. For stroke victims, the length of the process from scan to treatment is often the difference between life and death. Today, many hospitals deal with preventable death due to processes that delay wait times for treatment of stroke patients. In this episode, I sit with David Golan (Co-Founder and CTO of, to discuss various...


Creating Trust and Transparency in High-Performance AI Solutions | Will Uppington, TruEra

AI is often referred to as a “black box” as AI practitioners struggle to explain why a model generates a given prediction. As AI is being deployed into the real world, organizations are not only tasked with producing high performance models but also with avoiding AI models that are bias (and have a negative impact on society). In this episode, I am joined by Will Uppington, Founder and CEO of TruEra. He and his cofounders have set out to enable deployments of high-performance AI solutions...


Keeping law firms honest – leveraging AI to bring transparency to legal spend | Raj Goyle, Bodhala

Legal fees – the line item in your budget you hate to see, but also the critical service that keeps your business afloat. Most executives haven’t the slightest idea of what legal services should cost and how what they are charged compares to the market rates. Simply put, transparency in legal spend does not exist – until now. Bodhala is leveraging AI to demystify and recommend legal services based on talent requirements and internal budget. In this episode, I sit with Raj Goyle,...


Leveraging AI to Protect the Community from Active Shooter Threats | Mike Lahiff, ZeroEyes

AI is often thought of as the tech that is going to replace human workers. Less often do we see opportunities for AI to improve and protect human life. Active shooter threats have begun to become a more common media headline. This issue also plays itself out in the commercial sector as disgruntled employees create unsafe environments in the workforce. Security cameras are common and spread throughout our cities, but with AI we can now use those cameras to alert authorities to deadly threats,...


How to Become an AI Driven Organization + Using Prebuilt AI Tools to Get Started | OutSystems

Virtually every company is becoming a tech company, or tech-enabled at the very least. The challenge is that the global talent shortage for software developers is slowing the rate at which we can innovate. This challenge is even more pronounced when we consider cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence. For more than 20 years, OutSystems mission has been to allow every organization to innovate through software. In the past 3 years, they have brought on key AI talent to create...


How AI enables customer support to empathize with customers | Etie Hertz,

After three hours of waiting to talk to customer support, you finally reach a real human who you hope will be able to solve your problems. Unfortunately, that human doesn’t seem to care about your issues any more than the automated support system that had you waiting. Is it because the support agent doesn’t care – potentially – but it’s nothing personal. Consistently listening to customer issues is a tough job. Knowing what to say and when is a support agent’s secret weapon to maintaining...


Improving Performance of Edge Devices with Neural Network Optimization | Nick Romano, Deeplite

The cloud was a gift to AI, enabling the compute power necessary for company to leverage powerful ML algorithms. As edge technologies such as smart phones, drones, and autonomous driving begin to incorporate greater cognitive capabilities, processing speeds and decision making need to be more efficient at the device level. To solve this problem, Deeplite has emerged with a solution that optimizes neural networks. In this episode, I sit with Nick Romano, Co-Founder and CEO of Deeplite. We...


Improving Visual Inspection in Manufacturing with AI | Max Versace, Neurala

The gig economy has created jobs we never would have imagined. This offered those in “boring, low skill” jobs an opportunity to earn a living while enjoying a better quality of life. Fortunately, AI is stepping in to fill the empty seats these workers once occupied. Manufacturing is a great example of this activity. Production lines once required humans to review products for defects – a quite mundane task. Today, the power of AI and machine vision enable a software driven approach. Neurala...


Providing Tools for the Masses to Build Conversational AI | Alex Weidauer, Rasa

he real goal of Conversational AI is not to make users believe they are speaking with a human. The real goal is to enable robots to solve issues faster and more effectively, using conversation. Chatbot technology was among the first AI use cases that received early hype. Many early attempts to build failed due to an inability to truly solve issues or due to poor user experience. As the hype has died down, companies are matching the demand and usefulness of Conversational AI with a more...


Getting machine learning models into product faster and more cost efficiently | Diego Oppenheimer, Algorithmia

The rate at which technology is advancing is incredible. From all of the use cases we’ve explored in this podcast alone, we’ve seen some mind-boggling uses of AI. As innovators, we’re always trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible – in this case via AI – but we also need resources to support rapid innovation when we get ahead of our skis. DevOps is a field that is enabling more safe and efficient deployment of software. Similarly, MLOps is exploding on the seen to enable ML teams to...


Enabling the Power of 5G through AI-Driven Wireless Signal Processing with Jim Shea of DeepSig

The tech world is fired up due to the emergence of 5G and the potential for game changing technology that it is enabling. From autonomous driving vehicles to AI applications running on edge devices, 5G is set to open the door to exponentially more powerful tech. The challenge is that traditional systems are not best fit to move messages/signals from point A to point B with the proper efficiency and accuracy to manifest the full power of 5G. AI has emerged has a solution to this issue,...


Eliminating Employee Frustration with IT Issues Through Automation | Pat Calhoun, Espressive

How customers experience a company’s product or service is always top of mind for executives. However, wise executives know that employee experience should be equally valued. As businesses become increasingly driven by technology, the quantity of help desk tickets are growing exponentially. Quickly solving these issues results for employees has a direct impact on employee downtime and satisfaction. Automation and artificial intelligence have emerged as a key solution to reducing mean time to...


Enhancing Sales Conversions via AI-Driven Real-time Sales Guidance with Marc Bernstein of Balto

Sales coaching is big business. The challenge is that it’s generally a 1:1 activity, whether done in-house or leveraging consultants. With AI’s ability to gain a contextual understanding of conversation, combined with powerful recommendation engines, sales professionals can now be coached at scale, real-time, and with a strong dose of personalization via AI. In this episode, I sit with Marc Bernstein, Co-Founder and CEO of Balto. We discuss Balto’s breakout success as an AI startup, why...


Creating Operational Efficiencies with Industrial Manufacturing Data with Nikunj Mehta of Falkonry

Whether we are talking investing or sports, pattern recognition reigns supreme as the key characteristic enabling top performing professionals to rise above the competition. For the industrial manufacturing industry, pattern recognition in IoT data (as well as video and image data) have opened an opportunity to drive operational efficiencies and greater profit margins. Artificial intelligence has emerged as thee solution to innovate in manufacturing. Falkonry is a bootstrapped startup that...