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Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.

Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.


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Exploring practical applications of artificial intelligence in business. We learn from leading AI startups and executives how AI is reinventing the way we run businesses and our society.






Building Data Apps for Artificial Intelligence with Amanda Kelly of Streamlit

Powerpoint is a thing of the past. Organizations and individuals with valuable data want a way to build dynamic dashboards and data driven apps, without having to acquire front-end experience. Enter Amanda Kelly (Co-Founder and COO of Streamlit). Amanda leads a quickly growing startup focused on turning data scripts into shareable web apps in minutes. In this episode we discuss: how Amanda leveraged her experience in business operations to add value to AI organizations, AI-hype and the real...


Artificial Intelligence in Water Management with Elango Thevar of

Some things are difficult to truly appreciate until they aren’t available – clean water is one of those things. Our guest, Elango Thevar (Founder and CEO of, grew up in India in an area where clean, drinkable water was a privilege. Elango explains that anywhere between 30% of clean water coming from water management facilities is wasted in its commute to US citizens. Artificial intelligence has emerged as a tool to solve this issue. In this episode we discuss the unseen issues...


Artificial Intelligence in Ad Optimization with Apoorva Dornadula of Viralspace

A 2-minute scroll through any social media platform and you can see that advertising has exploded. Performance marketers, who make creative decision on ad display, struggle to understand what works, what doesn’t work – and why. Leveraging artificial intelligence, Viralspace has come to the rescue, allowing performance marketers to stop guessing and start making data-driven decisions on ad optimization. In this episode, I sit with Apoorva Dornadula (Co-Founder & CTO of Viralspace), who was...


Artificial Intelligence in Home Maintenance with Satadru Sengupta of Dobby

Home maintenance probably isn’t an industry most would associate with artificial intelligence, but Dobby is bringing the industry into the 21st Century. With a focus on increasing home value and providing the homeowner with a luxury experience, our guest Satadru Sengupta is hyper focused on bring operational efficiency to the maintenance process via digital transformation. In this episode, we discuss best practices for implement artificial intelligence in enterprise organizations, how to...


Artificial Intelligence in Photo Enhancement with Sofiia Shvets of Let's Enhance

If only real life were like your favorite crime series – zoom in on low quality images from surveillance cameras and up comes an HD image with immaculate detail. Surprise! Neural networks are turning what was once fiction into reality. Photoshoots are expensive, but the rise of social media is demanding high quality visuals, especially for consumer focused businesses. In this episode, we chat with Sofiia Shvets, Co-Founder and CEO of Let’s Enhance. We discuss how her team is leveraging...


Artificial Intelligence in Field Services & Asset Management with Vikram Takru of KloudGin

Field service workers generally aren’t tech savvy, but whether we are talking about industries such as oil & gas, facilities maintenance, construction, or manufacturing - artificial intelligence is a tool being used to create massive productivity gains. The challenge for AI vendors is to develop solutions that encourage adoption by non-technical users. This is the task our guest, Vikram Takru (Co-Founder & CEO of Kloudgin), is taking head on in field services. In this episode we sit with...


Artificial Intelligence in Meeting Scheduling with Nash Ahmed of Undock

In this new remote work we live in, we have all been forced to experience the pain of meeting scheduling. From back and forth emails, to time zone mistakes, to calendar confusion – all of these represent wasted time and resources. Undock, which identifies itself with a spaceship, is to prepared to bring us into the new world, leveraging artificial intelligence to solve our scheduling woes. In this episode, I sit with Nash Ahmed (Founder and CEO) as well as Chenda Bunkasem (Head of AI) to...


Artificial Intelligence in Relationship Management with Ablorde Ashigbe of 4Degrees

Social Networks, CRMs, and even Excel spreadsheets have been great for storing professional relationships. For dealmakers, getting a foot in the door with a new client requires access beyond 1st degree connections. Who do your colleagues know? What is the nature of the relationship and how strong is it? These questions are golden, yet current systems underperform in providing answers. 4Degrees, a Chicago-based AI startup is seeking to be the solution. In this episode, I sit with Ablorde...


Artificial Intelligence in In-Store Speech Analytics with Sebastian Jimenez of Rillavoice

Few industries took a bigger hit than retailers relying on in-store purchases. Ironically, it appears this adjustment period forced them to heighten their focus on better understanding their customers. Artificial intelligence has emerged as one way to gather deeper customer insighst. Rillavoice, led by Co-Founder and CEO, Sebastian Jimenez, is enabling retailers to analyze unique customer feedback provided in live conversation. In this episode, Sebastian shares how stand-up comedy led him...


Artificial Intelligence in Customer Research with Andrew Konya of Remesh

What’s the best way to get inside of the mind of a customer or audience you’re serving? Traditionally, we’d hire market research experts or run a survey. These methods are limited by scale, but with AI we may be able to dive deeper into real-time customer conversations to derive insights that speed the feedback look and accelerate the innovation cycle. Remesh, led by our guest Andrew Konya, is tackling this head on. In this episode, we discuss how AI can understand large population...


Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Cyber Intelligence with Mohan Koo of DTEX Systems

We often think of insider threats, related to cybersecurity, as the rogue employee hacking internal systems. However, well-funded nation state attacks have increased complexity as individuals inside the network collaborate with outside organizations with malicious intent. DTEX Systems has set out to leverage AI to combat this issue. In this episode, Mohan Koo (Co-Founder & CTO), walks us through how DTEX developed its data strategy, finding top talent, avoiding “AI science projects” and...


Artificial Intelligence in Patient Engagement: Interview with Victor Wang of

Imagine AI solving challenges related to loneliness and social isolation. Aging adults would certainly benefit as many health related issues they face could be mitigated by having a non-judgmental sounding board to converse with. is taking this challenge head on, providing AI-enabled avatars to improve patient engagement. In this episode, I sit with Victor Wang, Founder and CEO of We discuss how to get the data needed to launch an AI platform, strategies for finding...


Artificial Intelligence in Fashion Design: Interview with Yuliya Raquel of COUTURME

The fashion industry keeps us on our toes with jaw dropping creativity and design. The challenge is that the products we see are often the result of an endless amount of wasted material, unproductive human labor, and design limitations. COUTURME, a startup led by Yuliya Raquel (Co-Founder & CEO), seeks to solve those issues. In this episode, we discuss AI’s ability to enhance design creativity, starting an AI company as a non-technical founder, and transitioning from a B2B to B2C customer...


Artificial Intelligence in Conversation Intelligence: Interview with Surbhi Rathore of

Chatbots and Conversation AI solutions have been a buzz in the enterprise as organizations look to better communicate with customers (and internally). But, what happens when you don't have the internal resources to build this tech - in steps In this episode, Surbhi Rathore (Co-Founder & CEO) reveals how Symbl is leveraging it's own AI to empower organizations to implement conversational technologies. If your company is looking to scale it’s AI initiatives, head over to Tesoro AI...


Artificial Intelligence in Smart Home Automation: Interview with Alex Capecelatro of

When Tony Stark started talking to his AI assistant, the world was in awe. We are nearing a world where that is becoming a reality. Leveraging artificial intelligence, has created smart home automation technology that is built to enable voice control of the home. In this episode, we interview Alex Capecelatro,’s Co-Founder and CEO, and discuss voice control, competing with big tech, data strategy, and much more. If your company is looking to scale it’s AI initiatives, head...


Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Driving with Maha Achour of Metawave

How long before we can order a driverless rideshare vehicle? Billions in investment dollars are being put into the autonomous driving industry with the end goal of vehicles operating without a steering wheel, brake pedals, or a driver. Metawave is building revolutionary technology, leveraging AI, to improve autonomous vehicles’ ability to navigate uncertain paths. In this episode, Maha Achour (Founder, CEO, & CTO of Metawave Corporation) takes us the through where we are today with...


Artificial Intelligence in DevOps & Log Management: Larry Lancaster of Zebrium

Software development and IT teams spend their day making our lives more efficient – but who is helping the helper? DevOps teams have emerged to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a higher velocity - but things break - constantly. Zebrium is leveraging machine learning to remove the manual work from catching software incidents, speeding up the mean time to resolution (MTTR). In this episode, Larry Lancaster (Founder and CTO of Zebrium) we discuss how AI...


Artificial Intelligence in Meeting Scheduling: Interview with Dennis Mortensen of

Scheduling meetings is a mundane process virtually everyone complains about – dozens of emails flying back and forth to find a time for the team to meet. is leveraging artificial intelligence to provide users with their own scheduling assistant who handles all of the administrative work. In this episode, Dennis Mortensen (Founder and CEO) of reveals the magic behind the technology and shares some lesson on launching an AI startup. We’ll cover: lessons learned from exiting a...


Artificial Intelligence in Data Storytelling: Interview with Stuart Frankel of Narrative Science

Storytelling is one of our oldest pastimes and the easiest method to retain information. Historically, we have digested stories through narrative format, but with the explosion of data, BI tools, and dashboard narratives have been replaced by numbers – until now. This week we sit with Stuart Frankel, Co-Founder and CEO of Narrative Science, to understand how AI is being used to create narratives out of numerical data. If you are hoping to expand your AI initiatives, head over to Tesoro AI...


Artificial Intelligence in Non-Profit Fundraising: Interview with Rich Palmer, Gravyty

Non-profit organizations, you would think, are the last to adopt emerging technology. With fundraising being such a critical element of any non-profits existence, leaders are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their ability to build and maintain relationships with donors. In this episode, we sit with the Co-Founder and CTO of Gravyty to discuss how they are leveraging AI to enhance their communication with donors. If your company is looking to scale it’s AI initiatives, head...