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CiscoLive! Recap And WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus

This episode of the Data Transfer Show podcast serves as a quick recap of CiscoLive! 2017, how Ipswitch is now a Cisco Preferred Partner, and the latest on today's WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus release. For a breakdown of this episode, click here.


6: How to Do I.T. in Education (Despite the Teachers) w/ Shawn Kyle Bowman

IT in education is way different than IT in hospitality—or any other industry. But don’t take our word for it. On this sixth episode of the Data Transfer Show, Shawn Kyle Bowman, network administrator at the Lebanon School District in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, will give you the ins and outs of IT in the education field. (Hint: during the school year, it’s called firefight mode). “Our end goal is just ensuring that all the IT services we provide for the staff, students, and vendors performs at...


5: Don’t Bother Consolidating Your Network Monitoring w/ Dennis Hoshield

Excitement around the concept of beta testing is conditional. If it’s a video game, most people are all over it—but when it comes to a software, it carries the association of bugs and other problems. Not so with Dennis Hoshield, Network Infrastructure Engineer within the Physician Group at Wayne State University in Michigan. Hoshield has come on the fifth episode of The Data Transfer Show to share his experience as a beta tester for WhatsUp Gold 2017 Plus. Hoshield and his team support 18...


4: Why FTP Isn’t Good Enough Anymore w/ Jonathan Armstrong

The subject of today’s Data Transfer Show is the countdown to the General Data Protection Regulation, otherwise known as the GDPR, which comes into effect May 25, 2018. You’ll hear from legal expert Jonathan Armstrong of Cordery Compliance about what the GDPR is and who needs to comply. The 88 pages of the GDPR, set by the European Parliament, the European Council, and the European Commission, intend to unify all the different regulations and authorities currently in place across the EU....


3: How to Monitor a Gigantic Network (Without Killing Anyone) w/ Stephen Rogacki

On the third episode of the Data Transfer Show, host Greg Mooney and Steven Rogacki, IT Manager at Universal Health Services, talk about how network monitoring is actually a life-or-death matter. BMDI devices are IV pumps, heartbeat monitors, and a lot of other essential care biomedical devices. Depending on the device, if it goes down, you really want everybody—the whole world—to know about it immediately.


2: How to Leak Secure Data Like Crazy w/ Jeff Darden

Some hospitals use two, three, or more methods to transfer information—including snapping a photo on a cellphone for a consult. Which is scary, when you think about it. So how can IT professionals ensure information security in healthcare settings? Technical data, data loss, and breaches—these are just a few of the risks to business data in a growing threat landscape. On the second episode of The Data Transfer Show, host Greg Moonie interviews IT veteran Jeff Darden about the complexity of...


1: Why You Should Listen to The Data Transfer Show

It seems like every other day there's another massive security breach that's bringing some business to its knees. Industries under attack from cyber criminals often don't have the budget to help IT teams. This podcast is going to help IT professionals increase productivity to free them up to handle security issues and more. Your host is Greg Mooney, technology and data buff, and the show is produced by Ipswitch. Check out the Defrag This blog for written content similar to this podcast.