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Electric Runway Covers StyleFestPH

Fashion futurist Amanda Cosco takes you inside StyleFestPH, a first-of-its-kind event in Manila aimed at pushing the Filipino fashion and beauty industry into the future. Watch the recap video on YouTube: Follow our adventures on Instagram:


Electric Runway Episode 20: Nancy Tilbury: "Putting Dreams in Everybody's Pocket"

In this week’s episode of the Electric Runway podcast, fashion tech journalist Amanda Cosco sits down with Nancy Tilbury of XO. When it comes to fashion tech and wearables, Nancy is a visionary, with more than 20 years experience creating content worn on the body. Under the name Studio XO, Nancy along with her team have developed a reputation for making one-off costume and performance pieces for the likes of Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas, and Azealia Banks—to name a few. Now they’re...


Electric Runway Episode 19: Aaron Rowley- A Textile Factory in a Box

Imagine a future where your clothing comes out of a 3D printer ready-to-wear, no assembly required. This is the dream, and while it’s still a ways away, it’s a dream Aaron Rowley is helping to make a reality with his company Electroloom.


Electric Runway Episode 18: Kristin Neidlinger- "Light is Therapy"

What if you could literally wear your heart on your sleeve? While fashion has always been a form of communication, new advancements in sensors and technologies worn on the body are enabling new forms of human expression. On today's episode, Amanda Cosco sums up MakeFashion before speaking with Kristin Neidlinger of Sensoree. Sensoree is a design studio that focuses on creating wearable bio media. Their conversation covers why light is therapeutic, and how the fashion industry adopted a...


Electric Runway Episode 17: Maria & Shannon Hoover- Make Fashion, Change the World

This weekend we're heading to MakeFashion, a high-tech, high-fashion runway show taking place at the Telus Spark Science Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Models will walk the runway wearing one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces that incorporate emerging technologies, including 3D printing, EEG brain-sensing, and projection mapping. Attendees can expect a spectacle of style—from a cocktail dress that changes hue in response to its environment to a set of mother-daughter skirts that act and react to...


Electric Runway Episode 16: Alex Semenzato on Community-Building in a Burgeoning Industry

On today's episode, Amanda Cosco speaks with Alex Semenzato, the founder of FashTech, a group with a mission to cultivate community and create a shared language between fashion and technology. Amanda and Alex's conversation touches on everything from biochemically engineered clothing to interactive mirrors. They discuss the different definitions of fashion tech, and how the common denominator between fashion tech and retail tech is experience. Don't miss FashTech's upcoming summit in...


Electric Runway Episode 15: Francesca Rosella: "Our Garments will be our Second Skin"

Fashion and technology are having a moment, and it's not just us noticing. Museums—those vaults of history and culture—are clearly paying attention to the impact of technology on fashion. On today's episode, Amanda Cosco speaks with Michelle Finamore, Senior Curator of 20th and 21st century fashion arts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, to learn about #TextStyle, their newly opened exhibit exploring the relationship between fashion and technology. Then stay tuned— later on the show we...


Electric Runway Episode 14: Tracy Sun: "Fashion is Connection"

Electric Runway founder Amanda Cosco takes you inside Silicon Valley to the Poshmark headquarters to meet co-founder Tracy Sun. Poshmark is a leading platform for buying and selling fashion. Poshmark invites you to shop the closets of women across America, and gives you the opportunity to sell items from your closet. While the company may have emerged as a pioneer of recommence —that is, the reselling of used goods online—today, four-and-a-half years later, the company has its sights set...


Electric Runway Episode 13: Kate Greer- "Sleep is the Next Horizon for Wearables"

If you think wearables are just about counting steps, wait until you meet my guest today. Kate Greer is the Chief Evangelist at Oura Ring, a wellness computer disguised as a ring designed to help you sleep and perform better. Oura differentiates itself from other smart rings on the market by giving you a better picture of your physiology through the lens of sleep. As wearables that count our steps are becoming a ubiquitous, Kate says sleep is the next horizon. Soon, consumer wearables...


Electric Runway Episode 12: Anouk Wipprecht Announces Partnership with CODAME Labs

This morning CODAME, a non-profit organization with a mission to forward technology and the arts in San Francisco, announced a new venture called CODAME Labs. The lab will focus on cross-discipline collaboration between the fashion and tech industries and help foster relationships between brands and designers. Some of the artists involved include Lisa Lang of ElektroCouture and Behnaz Farahi, who you heard from last episode. What’s more, one of our favourite women-to-watch Anouk Wipprecht...


Electric Runway Episode 11: Behnaz Farahi: "Fashion is Architecture"

Behnaz Farahi is a multidisciplinary designer breathing new life into fashion. Her headline-grabbing garments aren’t just beautiful, they also interact with the world around them. Farahi shares thoughts on Caress of the Gaze, the art project that made her famous, as well as thoughts on the relationship between architecture and fashion design.


Electric Runway Episode 10: Wendy Ng & Eric Boyd: "Clothing Can Enhance Our Humanity"

He’s computers and she’s couture. Technologist Eric Boyd and fashion designer Wendy Ng have been collaborating on concept pieces for the runway that blend technology and fashion. You may have seen their work at Fashion Art Week Toronto, Cirque-It, Futuera, or even Electric Runway’s launch party in July. Their next collaboration will be for Make Fashion, a high tech, high-fashion runway show taking place April 2 in Calgary Alberta. The two share their experiences crossing over into one...


Electric Runway Episode 9: Parham Aarabi- "AR will be Everywhere"

This week on the Electric Runway podcast, Amanda Cosco’s conversation with Parham Aarabi, Founder and CEO of ModiFace, a skin analysis and facial visualization company aiming to change the way we see ourselves. The ModiFace mirror, which made waves at CES this year, allows users to virtually try on new looks via photo-realistic colour rendering technology. The proximity-based user interface means you can see yourself in real-time as you would look in different shades and styles. Endless...


Electric Runway Episode 8: Jodi Goodfellow- Fashion Has a Closed-Door Policy

On today's episode of the Electric Runway podcast, Amanda Cosco touches on #FashionTech Berlin, a conference on the Future of Fashion organized by Lisa Lang, Founder of ElektroCouture. We also look at VR in fashion, including an innovative new initiative to democratize fashion by Fashion Week Stockholm. AND—she's the founder and executive producer of Startup Fashion Week and a Notable nominee—Amanda's conversation with Jodi Goodfellow.


Electric Runway Episode 7: CES Recap & High-Tech Friendship Bracelets

Amanda shares thoughts on CES 2016 from a fashion tech perspective and sits down with two companies reinventing the friendship bracelet to empower young girls in different ways. Gemio is a social wearable inviting girls to connect to one another through technology. Jewelbots is a friendship bracelet for the smartphone era that teaches girls to code.


Electric Runway Episode 6: Wearable Tech Expert Tom Emrich

How long will it be before we're all decked out in 3D printed shoes and self-heating jackets? Friend and colleague Tom Emrich sheds light on the future of fashion and technologies worn on the body. Tom and I also play with a few wearable light garments, including the GER mood sweater from Sensoree, and athletic apparel from Toronto-based Vagalume Visible.


Electric Runway Episode 5: Raw Finery Studio Special Announcement

As we wrap our presents for the holidays and wrap up 2015, it's time to look back on the year that was. To help me remember the year in fashion tech, I invited Anna Crooke and Benjamin Tang, co-founders of Raw Finery Studio. RFS is a wearable tech-focused co-working space focused on supporting local fashion tech designers. Our conversation touches on everything from New York Fashion Week to Decoded Fashion Toronto to our (secret) distaste for the Apple Watch. PLUS they share a special...


Electric Runway Episode 4: Mika Uehara Part 2 of 2- "Style is More Than a Feature"

Part two of my conversation with Mika Uehara, co-founder of SF FashTech. We touch on invisible tech, the fashion scene in SF as well as the difference between fashion tech and retail tech.


Electric Runway Episode 3: Mika Uehara Part 1 of 2- Fashion Tech in SF

Part one of my two-part conversation with Mika Uehara, co-founder of SF Fashion Tech, one of the Bay Area's most active fashion tech communities. We touch on everything from collaboration culture to 3D printing.


Electric Runway Episode 2: Natalie Walsh- Is Open Source the Future of Fashion?

What if fashion wasn't something you sold, but an idea you shared? For episode two, we speak with the woman behind a dress that has become a meme. Natalie Walsh is a designer at Instructables and the original maker of an open source fiber optic dress. We travel to sunny San Francisco to chat with her about light-up apparel and the overlap between fashion tech and the maker community.