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The Future of ERP podcast is a show hosted by thought leader and evangelist Richard Howells, and marketer and blogger in the area of ERP and Supply Chain, Oyku Ilgar.




The Future of ERP podcast is a show hosted by thought leader and evangelist Richard Howells, and marketer and blogger in the area of ERP and Supply Chain, Oyku Ilgar.




Episode 31: The Value of AI with Kelly Amaroso

This week we explore the intersection of AI and ERP together with SAP’s Kelly Amaroso. Learn how companies can redefine processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the value and potential of AI in their ERP systems. Come join as we discuss the Future of ERP!


Episode 30: The Impact of GenAI on the Quote-to-Cash Process

Should we trust everything AI does? Discover the thought-provoking insights the industry leaders bring to the table as they address the challenges, opportunities, and limitless potential that AI and Gen AI bring to revolutionizing processes. In this episode of the Future of ERP, we talk about the impact of AI and Gen AI from the Quote-to-Cash process together with EY’s Richard Chan, Prithviraj Nag and SAP’s David Griffin.


Episode 29: Top Things to Know Before Implementing ERP System with SAP's Paul Saunders

In this podcast episode, we explore the misconception that ERP implementation is the ultimate goal for businesses. By understanding that ERP is a tool to support your journey, not the end destination, businesses can unlock the potential for standardization and efficiency. Gain valuable insights on optimizing common business processes and take your organization to new heights. Tune in now for a fresh perspective and transformative ideas.


Episode 28: 2024 Cloud ERP Predictions with SAP’s Benno Eberle

The future of ERP lies in the cloud, allowing companies to remain agile, resilient, secure, and competitive in a rapidly changing business world. Join our discussion on 2024 predictions for ERP with SAP's Benno Eberle and Richard Howells. Learn cloud technology enhances your operations, increases efficiency, and allows your employees to focus on more valuable tasks while helping you make progress towards your sustainability goals. Come join us as we discuss the future of ERP!


Episode 27: How Manufacturers Fuel Growth Priorities with As-A-Service Models with SAP’s Judy Cubiss

As companies look for new ways to win business the as-a-service business model is growing in popularity across many industries. In this episode SAP’s Judy Cubiss discusses this growing trend and how Cloud ERP and supply chain solutions need to have the agility and capabilities to support this end-to-end business model.


Episode 26: ERP in the Eco-Conscious Organization with IBM

The effects of climate change impact us daily, underscoring the urgency to act and build a more sustainable world. The IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed business leaders who were knowledgeable about their organization's sustainability efforts. The survey findings shed light on successful strategies as well as the obstacles that companies encountered. Join us as we discuss the future of ERP!


Episode 25: The Impact of AI on the Modern Enterprise with IBM and SAP

As AI becomes the most talked about topic in the business, we can't help but wonder what AI’s impact on modern enterprises is. Join us as we talk about AI and finances, challenges and use cases, and, of course, the future of ERP together with TruQua and IBM.


Episode 24: How Scan-Based Trading has Become a Competitive Differentiator at Walgreens

Learn how Walgreens revolutionized inventory management with Scan-Based Trading! Come join us as Walgreens‘ Bradley Trychta and TCS’ Manojkarthik Sivagnanam discuss how Scan Based Trading allows for better control of inventory and enables suppliers to meet customer demands efficiently.


Episode 23: Transforming the Modern Treasury Experience with JP Morgan

Want to streamline your financial operations and unlock new revenue opportunities? Tune in to this week’s episode with JP Morgan’s Papa Faye and SAP’s Christian Mnich as they dive into the world of ERP integration and embedded finance. Learn why this prospect is highly motivating and offers numerous advantages for corporate clients, bridging the gap between the banking and ERP markets. Come join us in navigating the complexities of the cloud and unlocking the future of ERP.


Episode 22: Why the Time is Right for Cloud ERP with Accenture's Robert Wickel

In this week's podcast episode, we discussed the driving factors behind cloud adoption and the concept of a cloud mindset, together with Accenture's Robert Wickel. Learn why the time is right for cloud ERP as businesses strive for total enterprise reinvention and adaptability in an ever-changing world. Come join us in navigating the complexities of the cloud and unlocking the future of ERP.


Episode 21: Talking Generative AI and Its Role in the Future of ERP with PwC's Wim Rymen and Elizabeth McNichol

The impact of generative AI on businesses is significant. Responsible AI practices, which encompass strategy, control, responsible practices, and core practices, are essential for leveraging the potential of generative AI while managing the associated risks and ethical considerations. Come join us in this week’s episode as we discuss the potential opportunities of generative AI in businesses.


Episode 20: Cloud ERP and the Clean Core Strategy: Navigating Business Change with Agility

In this episode, SAP’s Martin Barkman discusses the value of Cloud ERP solutions and the need to deploy a clean core strategy to be on the latest releases of a product, to keep up with the latest governmental, regulatory, and compliance rules and regulations, and innovate to keep up with the latest business trends and initiatives. Martin explains how to “move to the cloud with confidence” and get to the cloud efficiently with SAP migration center, SAP and expert partners.


Episode 19: Harvard Business Review Research: Driving Professional Services Growth with Cloud ERP with Paul Saunders

This podcast episode highlights the challenges of traditional ERP systems and explains how Cloud ERP can overcome these issues. Join us as SAP’s Paul Saunders discusses the benefits of cloud ERP including automation, process improvement, real-time information, support for new business models, and sustainability and compliance. Discover the common pitfalls of transitioning to cloud ERP and why now is the right time for professional service companies to adopt cloud ERP. Come join us as we discuss the Future of ERP!


Episode 18: Enabling a Sustainable Business in the Cloud with SAP’s Jan Gilg

Join our podcast as we explore the intersection of technology and sustainability, addressing crucial questions for businesses in today's ever-changing landscape. SAP’s Jan Gilg dives into practical advice for companies embarking on their sustainability journeys, discussing the essential first steps and potential pitfalls to avoid. Delving into the realm of artificial intelligence, we explore its potential to alleviate sustainability challenges as well as explore both immediate quick wins and future opportunities that await those embracing sustainability practices, offering valuable insights into shaping a brighter, more sustainable future for businesses.


Episode 17: How Cloud ERP Helps Empower CFOs To Make Better Decisions Faster with Sonja Simon and Carl-Christian von Weyhe

Join the podcast to discuss how Cloud ERP empowers CFOs to make smarter and better decisions at the speed of business. Richard is joined by CFOs, Sonja Simon and Carl-Christian von Weyhe, who discuss how Cloud ERP has helped them, and other CFOs, to adapt to new business realities and evolving expectations, such as steering the business to help make their companies more resilient.


Episode 16: Unleashing the Power of Generative AI for Cloud ERP with SAP’s Julia White

Generative AI is in the news, for good and bad reasons. Listen to SAP Board Member Julia White discuss how to unleash the power of Generative AI in Cloud ERP systems with Richard Howells. They discuss some of the best use cases, and the importance of implementing accurate, relevant, and responsible AI throughout a business without disrupting operations.


Episode 15: How Carbon Accounting in the Cloud Will Revolutionize Business Transformation with SAP’s Sebastian Steinhaeuser

Sustainability meets finance in the cloud with a Green Ledger that brings carbon emissions and finance transactions together beyond reporting, uniquely enabling decisions to drive sustainable business transformation. Starting with managing carbon emissions and making reliable decisions to reduce carbon footprint. Come join us as we discuss the Future of ERP.


Episode 14: Discussing Business Process Transformation with Rouven Morato from SAP Signavio

As many companies are confronted with changing market demands, they understand they need more agility and react faster to the changing market conditions. To get to that agility, they need to take their current way of working and how they operate to a different level. Come and join us to explore the benefits of business process transformation and the significance of SAP Signavio together.


Episode 13: The Pros and Cons of Best-of-Suite vs. Best-of-Breed with Jeanney Kim

In this episode Richard Howells and Jeanney Kim discuss the pros and cons of each approach and explain why Best of Suite ERP solutions must offer a Best-of-Breed experience to business users to continue being the financial and operational backbone of companies.


Episode 12: Uncovering Blind Spots: A Guide to Measuring and Managing Your Cybersecurity Risks with SAP & IBM

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming increasingly common in today’s business world. During this podcast episode, we delved into the most challenging cybersecurity risks that companies encounter, explored the effects of attacks on computer systems, and discussed strategies for safeguarding businesses against cyber attacks.