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Jon Dishotsky - Making City Life Accessible with Affordable Co-Living Solutions

We've all been in a co-living situation when you stop to think about it. Whether it be living with family, friends, or classmates. Co-living, as a concept, isn't new. However, co-living as a service and affordable solution to city living is on the rise. WeWork has entered the space with WeLive. Startups are also entering the space, like Ollie and Starcity. Jon Dishotsky (@jondishotsky, TW) is the CEO and Co-Founder of Starcity and is on a mission to make cities more accessible to...


Daniel Herscovici - Integrating the Smart Home Experience

When it comes to the Internet of Things, Daniel Herscovici (@DanHerscovici) believes consumers want integrated experiences rather than individual devices. It’s nice to have a Nest Thermostat or a Phillips Hue lightbulb or a smart security system, but if consumers have to manage each individually then they are no better than their analog forefathers. This isn’t a surprise from someone whose personal mission statement starts with “Balancing vision and force of will with the ability to partner...


Sarah McMillian - Preserving and Modernizing Historical Buildings With Connected Technology

Sarah McMillian believes historical buildings hold vast amounts of valuable cultural currency. They tell a story not only of the people that built the building but also of the community in which they lived and what they valued. And so preserving historical buildings, in her view, is valuable to our culture and our community. Additionally, and equally important, preserving buildings is more sustainable than building new and has a positive environmental impact. New construction requires...


Andrew Dickson - Building Turnkey, Autonomous Homes

Andrew Dickson (@bennettdickson, TW) believes the way homes are built is fundamentally flawed. The idea that we're still constructing homes from the ground up, board by board, home by home is, in his opinion, inefficient and old-fashioned. He sees a future of turnkey homes built using pre-fabricated segments, extremely automated, and able to go seamlessly move on and off the electrical grid. Dickson is the CEO & Founder of Acre Designs, a home construction startup re-imagining the American...


Spencer Dickerson - Planning, Designing, and Building for Micro-Mobility as an Amenity with VeoRide

Micro-mobility is a term often used to describe tools and services that facilitate the first or last leg of a journey. That short bit of travel required to make it to or from the longer, typically car-facilitated part of a trip. Currently, services like Bird, Lime, and Citibike are providing micro-mobility services in cities across America. VeoRide (@veoride.mobility, IG), however, is specifically focused on filling this need on college campuses, or micro-cities as we like to think of...


Joe Colistra - Creating Sustainable, Forever Neighborhoods

Joe Colistra believes in the power of community and that if we could share more meaningful data, instead of trying to steal it, we might see advancements beyond our wildest imaginations. This episode is a replay of an early episode of Future of Living. The work Joe and his researchers are doing is making a huge difference in how communities are being designed. Colistra is Associate Professor of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Kansas. In addition to his work with KU...


Dr. Brian Matthys - Using Wearable Tech to Prevent Skin Cancer

It might not seem connected, but nearly drowning as a child lead Dr. Brian Matthys into Dermatology. Nearly drowning convinced him he needed to become a stronger swimmer. So he committed himself to that endeavor and spent an exceptional amount of time under the sun and in the water at the pool practicing, and lifeguarding. It was during this time he witnessed first hand the harmful effects of sun damage on un- or poorly protected skin. A self-described “fixer,” today Dr. Matthys is on a...


Gabe Halimi - Stopping Catastrophe Before it Starts

Did you know that your home is twice as likely to suffer water damage than fire or theft combined? Gabe Halimi (@gabehalimi, TW) is well aware of this and learned the hard way. After suffering catastrophic water damage, Gabe's Dad felt he could devise a solution to stop home water damage before it started. Thus Flo was created. Halimi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies, the creators of a breakthrough plumbing technology that detects and stops leaks before they turn into much...


Chris Webb - Bridging the Gap Between Small Restaurants and Big Tech

Chris Webb (@ChrisChowNow, TW) has always had an affinity for small and independently owned restaurants. Dining at these restaurants, in his opinion, is like taking a mini-vacation. His love of these small businesses and his own family's small step into the food retail space revealed in him a passion at the intersection of food and technology. Chris Webb is the CEO and co-founder of ChowNow, the leading online ordering and marketing platform for local restaurants. Founded in 2011, ChowNow...


Matt Staub - Building Dense Urban Neighborhoods for Everyone

Matt Staub (@staubio, TW) expects that in the not-so-distant future urban neighborhoods will see an even greater influx of residents than is already being experienced. The pace of automation replacing traditional jobs will gut rural and exurb towns, driving those residents to nearby metros in search of work. In Staub's opinion, this means we have to think more broadly about the definition of affordable housing. Matt Staub serves as Kansas City Parking and Transportation Chair and...


Elizabeth Glynn - Investing in Basics to Spur Innovation

Elizabeth Glynn is passionate about what is happening in Indian Country here in America. Most Americans are simply unaware of what life is like in Indian Country and America has failed to invest as it should in these communities. As CEO of Travois, Glynn oversees more than $1.4 billion in financing for affordable housing and economic development in Indian Country. More than $700 million of that is private investor equity. Travois was started in 1995 by Elizabeth's father, David W. Bland. He...


Nitesh Gandhi - Living as a Service

There's a saying, "Wherever you go, there you are." Nitesh Gandhi, Founder & CEO of Locale wants to make it so that wherever you go, you have a home. Locale (@StayWithLocale, IG) is an innovative, design-led aparthotel company based in Austin, TX. They partner with real estate owners and developers to design, furnish, and lease vacant units for short term stays. Aparthotel is a relatively new term that we wrote about on the Homebase blog, Aparthotels: How Far Will Multifamily and...


Diane Mulcahy - Accessing the American Dream Through The Gig Economy

Diane Mulcahy (@dianemulcahy, TW) first joined the podcast in October of 2018. This is a replay of that conversation. Mulcahy wrote the book on The Gig Economy. Literally. As the author of The Gig Economy Diane is keenly tuned into the future of work, how it will affect the way we live and the economic revolution it is ushering in. All of which Diane dives into in this conversation. Six years ago, before it was even a thing, Diane created an MBA course on the Gig Economy at Babson...


Dr. Damon Heybrock - Reclaiming Healthcare

When was the last time your doctor met you at a coffee shop to diagnose an ailment? For that matter when was the last time you called your doctor's office and got an appointment within the hour, then actually saw your doctor within the hour? Can your doctor pull off a legit horizontal bar routine and stick the landing? Probably not and Dr. Damon Heybrock (@healthstudiokc, IG) probably isn't your doctor. Dr. Heybrock is a pioneer in a type of practice gaining popularity in America; Direct...


Jeff Wood - Optimizing Urban Transit and Land Use

Jeff Wood (@TheOverheadWire, TW) thinks we won't ever have truly autonomous cars and that Apple is stuck in the past. His reasoning is sound, unique, and definitely not what you might expect to hear from anyone in Silicon Valley. Jeff owns and operates The Overhead Wire, a San Francisco based consultancy focused on transit and land use strategies primarily in urban areas. Jeff also curates The Overhead Wire Daily, a newsletter disseminating over 30 pieces of news about cities around the...


Taylor Lembi - Streamlining Tenant Qualification

In 2010 Taylor Lembi lost his father to cancer. The man that taught him everything he knew about real estate investing, development and management was gone and his motivation to continue ruling the San Francisco real estate market was waning. So he decided to learn how to code. His desire to try something new and his disdain for paper clutter gave birth to Intellirent (@intellirent, IG), a smart service that streamlines tenant applications and fills vacancies fast; even for international...


Joe Blair - Investing in Profitable & Purposeful Companies

Joe Blair (@joseph_blair, TW) believes that a business does not have to sacrifice profit for purpose. As a venture capital investor with Obvious Ventures (Twitter, Medium, etc.), Joe is focused on companies with a world positive approach to business. That is to say, he's focused on companies with a high potential for profit and a positive impact on the way we live and work. Joe is also the host of The Epic Human Podcast (@EpicHumanPod, TW). A podcast featuring extraordinary people from all...


Chris Baggott - Leveraging Data, Delivering Exceptional Food

It should come as no surprise that someone obsessed with data, analytics, and food would figure out how to put them all together and create something truly extraordinary. After achieving tremendous success with Exact Target - acquired by Salesforce - and Compendium Software - acquired by Oracle - Chris Baggott (@chrisbaggott, TW) started Tyner Pond Farm and that's when a new idea was born. What if someone could create amazing, fresh food from scratch and deliver it to customers in minutes...


Andrew Dickson - Building Turnkey, Autonomous Homes

Andrew Dickson (@bennettdickson, TW) believes the way homes are built is fundamentally flawed. The idea that we're still constructing homes from the ground up, board by board, home by home is, in his opinion, inefficient and old-fashioned. He sees a future of turnkey homes built using pre-fabricated segments, extremely automated, and able to go seamlessly move on and off the electrical grid. Dickson is the CEO & Founder of Acre Designs, a home construction startup re-imagining the American...


Standout Segments from Season 1 of the Future of Living

We've covered a lot of ground in our first season. We've spoken with experts in real estate tech, autonomous mobility, smart city technology, and more. In this episode, we wanted to revisit a few segments from some standout guests. It includes conversations about: Featured in this episode are segments from: