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Episode 19: Get Inspired to Achieve, Establish and Grow Your Goals

Keri Gavin is obsessed with human behavior, Universal Principles and all things joyful! She is a self-proclaimed recovering people pleaser, recovering perfectionist and active whoopie pie and cupcake lover! She is a business and success mentor/coach that combines the science of the brain with the intuition of the heart to help soulful women entrepreneurs create more income and impact […]


Episode 19: Get Hired: Five Ways to Get Fierce About Your Salary

Getting hired often involves a salary negotiation and take it from me — someone who had 5 jobs in 6 years to get some of the biggest salary jumps possible — it’s not always an easy conversation to have. Women aren’t making the same as men in the same positions, that much is clear. The […]


Episode 17: Get Connected: How Heart-Centered, Right-Brained Entrepreneurs Can Thrive with Reina Pomeroy

Some highlights from our conversation: How Reina started her business and coaching to help people accomplish their goals. (0:32) Her experience during coaching school, getting certified and what she learned from it.(2:43) How taking a moment to slow down and listen to what we want is important. (3:32) What types of coaching her and her Read More


Episode 16: Get Inspired: Making Mentoring Work For You with Allyssa Munro

Some highlights from our conversation: Allyssa discusses how she found Vix as a mentor (1:00) The importance of making sure you and your mentor/ mentee align (2:23) Alyssa shares what makes a good mentor/ mentee connection (3:05) Why getting connected with a mentee is important (4:30) How age can change the mentor/ mentee relationship (5:25) Read More


Episode 15: Get Love: Does Your Business Need a Therapist? With Nicole Lewis Keeber

This interview shares the concept of a Business Therapist to help you understand why you’re starting a business, how to ask for help and how to be kind to yourself as you build your business, life and career. Nicole Lewis Keeber spent 18 years as a therapist and now she works 1:1 with business owners Read More


Episode 14: Get Inspired: Putting Humanity in Your Marketing with Kate Boyd

Kate Boyd, of Cobblestone Creative Co., is an entrepreneur who helps you add a human touch to your launch strategy and marketing funnels. Listen in to learn about how this fierce boss stays connected to her goals and allows her intuition to guide her mission forward. Connect with Kate on her website, Instagram and Facebook.


Episode 13: Get Connected: Kickass Masterminds with Sara Christensen

Sara Christensen has been an entrepreneur for 25 years and she’s owned 5 very different business. She gets into what makes her businesses tick, how she can create the masterminds you need to succeed and what YOU should look out for when you’re trying to find a new community as you build your business. This Read More


Episode 12: Get Hired: Staying in Touch with Your Network with Brittany James

This episode is an interview with Brittany James, a college friend of mine who used her network to get hired and stay inspired. Using the skills you have to get the job you want (as outlined in this blog post) is the best way to stay employed. We talk about embracing the unknown, the job Read More


Episode 11: Get Hired with Your Skills, NOT a Job Title with Sara Wiles

This episode is an interview with Sara Wiles of Sara Wiles Co. Sara is an OBM and a Momma who rocks her skills to build a business that allowed her to stay home with her child and get the life she loved. “Be a Kind Boss.” — Sara Wiles Sara Wiles is the powerhouse Momma Read More


Episode 10: Get a Routine that Rocks with the Power of Three

This episode covers Vix’s signature routine that helped her build a 6-figure business in 6-weeks. From what a side hustle is to a resource that will help you, this podcast is full of info for anyone looking for fulfillment in another way! In .67 seconds, Google can return two point four MILLION results (2.43 MM) Read More


Episode 9: Get Your Signature Offer in Place & Rock Your Business with Safia Sattaur

This episode is an interview with Safia Sattaur, a business mentor and self-leadership mentor. Safia and I discuss the ins and outs of building a business and what it means to monetize your expertise. Narrow your niche, build the systems you need to succeed. Safia Sattaur works with emerging and rising entrepreneurs to teach them Read More


Episode 8: What Alignment Really Means and How to Use it to Get What You Want

This episode shares the system I use to get everything done in my personal life, my career and my business — things like 5 blog posts in 2 hours and a month of social media content in 3 hours. Alignment. What the eff does that even mean? It’s one of those words that marketers and Read More


Episode 7: Escaping Your 9-5 with Christine McAlister

This episode shares tips, tricks and more to help you write your own story on your terms as you decide what success looks like and how to go from a side hustle mess to the side hustle success story of your dreams. Our first interview on The Get is a chance for you to Get Read More


Episode 6: 3 Tools to Use to Set Goals You Can Achieve

This episode shares a quick exercise to help you effectively set goals you can realistically achieve so you can keep crushing it in life, work and play. Goal-setting, like anything else, is a practice. Over the years, I’ve figured out the right practice for me and today, I’m sharing it with you. It’s something you Read More

Episode 3: Get on the Trending Train

The word viral makes me want to vomit. Hello there, if you’re new to the podcast, I’m Vix and I’m you’re host. Vix is a nickname I love because it most accurately describes all of the things I do for clients, friends and colleagues on a daily basis — I was, long before Olivia Pope Read More


The Get: Finding a Successful Side-Hustle This Summer

Today, we’re going to Get Informed about the best way to pick up a side hustle as a cubicle warrior. Welcome to the podcast! I’m so happy to share this project with you. I’m Victoria “Vix” Reitano and I’m your host. I’ve spent the last decade of my life getting informed, connected, hired and inspired Read More


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