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Jason Falls interviews the influencers and thought leaders from the world of marketing, communications, advertising and media to help brand marketers, businesses and agencies succeed. Sponsor information is at

Jason Falls interviews the influencers and thought leaders from the world of marketing, communications, advertising and media to help brand marketers, businesses and agencies succeed. Sponsor information is at


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Jason Falls interviews the influencers and thought leaders from the world of marketing, communications, advertising and media to help brand marketers, businesses and agencies succeed. Sponsor information is at








Meltwater Unveils Podcast Monitoring

Meltwater announced a new addition to its social listening platform -- podcast monitoring. The ability to find brand and keyword mentions on podcasts is a game-changer in how we think of podcasts and how we quantify their success when our brands are involved in them.


The Most Creative PR Move You Can Make

The most creative public relations move you can make is sitting right under your nose. It might be the most creative move you can make in all of marketing. This week's food for thought uncovers that creative advantage as a follow-on thought to my Girl Scout Cookie's story from the last episode. Dig in!


How to Build Influence in B2B Marketing

Not only is B2B marketing not some cosmic Rubik's cube B2C marketers can't figure out, but it's very similar and sometimes more simple. Evan Kirstel is one of the top B2B marketing influencers out there. He stopped by to talk about the differences, the approach and the success of B2B marketing, especially on social media with Jason Falls.


Ideas on Optimizing Podcasts, Campaigns and Content

Jason Falls gives you food for thought on how to evolve and optimize your content by taking you through the evolution of this very podcast. He unveils some plans for the future of his own and correlates that to what you should do with your own content marketing efforts.


What can Groupon do for your marketing?

Matthew Rolnick knows a thing or two about the magic of Groupon for businesses and marketing. He's the divisional sales manager for health, beauty, wellness and fitness at the coupon app company. Jason Falls talks to Matthew about the breadth and depth of Groupon, including ideas for any sized business to use the platform for customer acquisition, revenue and growth.


Master Your Mornings for Time Management

You can master your mornings for optimal time management and Amy Landino knows just how to do it. Her book Good Morning, Good Life discusses five simple habits to do so and upgrade your life. She talks with Jason Falls about her book, why his 11-year-old daughter is such a big fan of her YouTube channel and how brands can leverage video marketing for success. This episode is sponsored by Get.Online domains.


Driving revenue leaps without driving yourself insane

Kim Kasparian is a business coach and consultant who works with CEOs and the like to create six- and seven-figure revenue leaps, but without killing yourself doing so. Jason Falls interviews her to find out how, why she's qualified to tell you and more. He also talks about getting the media to write about you in this podcast episode, brought to you by Get.Online domains.


The Power of Personal Branding for Business

Personal branding is imperative for today's professional, but how does personal branding overlap into helping your company or brand? Ryan Foland knows. He's an expert on the subject and the co-author of the book Ditch the Act which helps you mine your own experiences to be more genuine in building your personal brand. Jason Falls chats personal branding in an episode brought to you by Get.Online domains. Jason has one! You should too.


Are You Priced Appropriately?

Burger King tried to charge Jason $3.63 for a 32-ounce soda this week. McDonald's sells them for $1.06. That conflict sets up a great food for thought episode of the podcast as Jason asks you to consider your pricing structure and if there is opportunity to improve.


Where is Word-of-Mouth headed in 2020?

Word of Mouth Marketing has always been a bit fuzzy in terms of what it is, how you build it and beyond. WOMMA Hall of Fame inductee Geno Church joins Jason Falls to talk about where Word of Mouth Marketing is heading in 2020 and how brands can begin thinking about it.


How to Turn Fans Into Customers with David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott is the worldwide best-selling author of the book The New Rules of Marketing and PR, but he has authored several other books, one of which hits shelves in January. His new offering is called Fanocracy: Turning Fans into Customers and Customers int Fans. He wrote the book with his daughter Reiko. We dove into the topic of loyalty marketing, engaging your customers to become fans and advocates and much more in this podcast episode. Do yourself a favor and learn from one of...


Beware of Google My Business Scammers

Jason Falls's pal Chris ran into a business owner who paid who he thought was Google to help his ranking. But that's a sure sign he was duped by a scammer. Google never guarantees rankings to solicits money from businesses over the phone. Jason goes over what Google says you should know to not be scammed over your Google My Business page or rankings in this Frida food for thought episode.


What businesses need to know about new personal data protection laws

As if GDPR wasn't enough, the California Consumer Privacy Act is now forcing businesses to upgrade how they handle and manage consumer data. Tim Hayden and his company, Brain Trust Partners, help companies with digital transformation, including showing them what needs to now happen to comply with personal data protection laws. Jason Falls dives in with Tim to learn more for your business.


What Can the Automotive Industry Teach Us About Digital Marketing?

Eric Miltsch has a couple of decades experience leveraging digital marketing for the automotive industry. He's so good at it, that he eventually co-founded a software platform for car dealers and brands to make selling cars online easier, optimized for search engines and even connected via social media. Jason Falls sat down with Eric to learn what he knows the rest of us can use.


New FTC Disclosure Guidance for Influencers is Here

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has finally issued a round of content aimed at clarifying its disclosure policies related to those with online audiences. The new brochure "Disclosures 101 for Social Media Influencers" and its accompanying videos and examples goes deeper than the regulatory body has ever gone and both simplifies and hardens the obligation. Jason Falls shares the details and reaction on the podcast.


Defy Expectations and be a Pink Goldfish

What does it mean to be a pink goldfish? Authors Stan Phelps and David Rendall stopped by The Jason Falls Show to tell me. They've penned a new book called Pink Goldfish, which helps people understand how to defy normal, exploit your imperfections and captivate your customers. So they want you to expose your flaws and weaknesses to drive your content marketing.


Always Build Your Email Marketing List

In sales, the phrase is "Always Be Closing." In marketing it should be, "Always Build Your List!" Building your email marketing list is the one, always on, aways be doing this no matter what activity every marketer should ensure is happening. Whether you are a multi-billion dollar corporation or a dumb guy with a blog, building your list means laying the foundation for future sales and success.


That time I gave Ted Kennedy booze

Yes. You read the headline right. Jason Falls once gave Ted Kennedy booze. He was 10. Years old. True story. In this episode, Jason tells the story of how a 10-year-old him gave one of the more well-known political figures of the last 50 years a pint of moonshine. He spends time talking a bit more about IZEA's new influencer marketing survey and a new feature rolling out soon, if not already, from Twitter.


It's Time to Get Into TikTok

TikTok is one of the fastest growing social networks and it's high time we paid attention to it. Who better to give us the TikTok low-down than Jason Falls's 11-year-old daughter Katie, and avid user? Dad interviews daughter in this food-for-thought episode of The Jason Falls Show.