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JMS415: How to Craft a Winning Freelance Proposal

Creating proposals is the key selling activity for freelancers. It's like writing a sales letter for a copywriter. Or, building a pitch deck for a sales person. It's what makes or breaks you when getting hired. And, a lot of people will give you paint-by-numbers, step-by-step "systems" for writing proposals. And, that's great. But, I want to give you the "art" of creating winning proposals. Things I started learned way back in my days doing face-to-face sales and adapted to how I get...


JMS414: How to Become a 6-Figure Freelancer

Make six figures as a freelancer? Gimme a break. Even just writing that in the subject line makes me want to vomit in my rum and Co-- I mean, coffee. You don't want wanna make six figures. You'll be over-worked and miserable. You have to sell your soul, ruin relationships and kiss your client's feet. Seriously, run away... That's what they say, anyway. It's so weird to me. Everybody wants it, but nobody wants to talk about it or admit it. And, the people who've done it get all sweaty and...


JMS413: Keep Pushy Clients In Check

Every client will push try to push the scope of your freelance projects. It's rare to find one that won't. And, if you let them, not only will they walk all over you and take advantage... it can cause a project to fall apart and both sides end up unhappy. So, it's your job to manage scope. Not just for you, but for the client, as well. How? There's four things that you can do... from how you sell your services, through the project and even to months AFTER the project has ended to keep scope...


JMS412: 3 Criteria For to Find YOUR Freelance Niche

The very first thing you need to do when you start freelancing is figure out what YOUR niche is. But, a lot of people miss the mark when explaining exactly what that is, why it's so important and how you know if you've got it right or not. So, that's what I'm going to give you in this episode... the 3 criteria to KNOW you've got the perfect niche FOR YOU.


JMS411: How to Create an Attention-Getting Freelance Portfolio

Your portfolio will make or break you. It’s usually the first thing a client will look at and it’s the main thing they’ll use to decide whether to hire you or not. So, nailing it is critical. In this episode, you'll learn how to create a portfolio that gets the attention of your client and convinces them to hire you.


JMS410: How to Package and Price Your Freelance Services

You're one freelance service away. All it takes is just ONE properly packaged and priced freelance service to jumpstart your freelance career. And then, you never look back. And, all things you imagined for yourself when you decided to freelance can come true. For me, it was Michael Hyatt. After his project, I had people knocking down my door to hire me. And, I stumbled into creating the right service offering to take advantage of it. I got more work and made more from that one package than...


JMS409: How to Rank in Google for Key Freelancer Search Terms

This episode is about how to rank in Google for your key freelance search terms. The keywords that will bring you targeted visitors looking to hire someone. Can you imagine what would happen if you ranked #1 for a search term that got 6,600 searches per month and was all people wanting to hire someone right now? That's the idea. And, it breaks down to two steps: 1. Create a piece of long-form, cornerstone content designed to rank high for these terms AND pre-sell your services. 2. Create...


JMS408: How to Get Started Freelancing

In this episode, I walk you through your first steps as a freelancer to get started on the right foot, get clients and start building your freelance business. Full premium version of the episode is on Skillshare here:


JMS407: The Psychology of Story Selling and Using It to Get Freelance Clients

Stories are naturally entertaining and will make your content more engaging... yes. But, that's not the POINT. The point isn't for your audience, it's for you. It's to get hired more and sell more of your freelance services, product, etc. That's why YOU need to do it. I'll show you why in this episode. If you're ready for the next level, enroll in my course, Turn Content Into Clients. Learn how to get free access to it here:


JMS406: FREE 1-Year Skillshare Membership. Plus WHY Content Marketing

Here's the link to the contest: Here's the link to the course: One of the first questions you might have is WHY content marketing? In this episode, I'll show you some eye-opening statistics on content marketing's effectiveness. Plus, my own personal experience and why I call content marketing the "great equalizer".


JMS405: Turn Content Into Clients. My New Course Is Live!

This is the link to learn more about getting free access: Here's the description of the course: When I first started freelancing, I had no idea how to get clients. No plan for how to grow my business. I didn’t know what worked and what didn’t. I took any client I could get, worked on projects I had no passion for, worked with clients I couldn’t stand and was terrified month to month: “Where will the clients come from?” “Will I make enough to pay my bills?” “Will...


JMS404: The Top 5 Mistakes All Freelancers Should Avoid

I've made a lot of mistakes in my 15 years as a freelancer. Some that held me back or kept me limited for years. And while I think, most of the time, that experience is invaluable. Certain mistakes should be avoided at all cost. They're simply too debilitating. And, the only valuable lesson you learn from is "not to do do it". These are those mistakes and what I've learned over the years to avoid them.


JMS403: Use Fiverr to Create Your Freelance Service Offers

Do you want to sell more and be able to charge more for your freelance services? Have you ever come across a product or service that just felt like it was made for you? You saw it and just HAD to have it? When you did, did you really need to be sold on it? Probably not. You knew you wanted it the instant you saw it. That's no accident. A lot of time and research went into that. And, as a freelancer, the more irresistible the offer you put in front of potential clients, the more you'll sell...


JMS401: Finding the Time to Build Your Freelance Business

Back when I was just a freelancing tadpole… I was working a 9-5 at a local pizza joint. I’d spend my days slinging pizza and my nights working on client projects and trying to build my freelance business. I had more than my share of “all-nighters” in those days. So, I can 100% relate to this question I got from Jan: “My problem is that I do not have much time to build my own website and so portfolio or blog as doing lots of clients work while having 9-5 job but I know it is dead important. I...


JMS400: How to Start a Blog to Get More Freelance Clients

When I first started freelancing, I had no idea how to get clients. No plan for growing my business. Constantly worrying about where my next client was going to come from. Would I be able to pay the bills next month? Would it all fall apart and I'd have to go back to a 9-5 job? And then, I discovered content marketing. I learned how to build a funnel. I learned what a lead magnet was. I learned how to build landing pages and write blog posts. And suddenly, I had a plan. I KNEW where my next...


JMS399: Should you bill clients for "admin" time?

Yes. But, you need to be clear on what you're charging for and what you're not... and it needs to make sense. Plus, ways I've figured out to approach clients about it, so they don't get mad and walk away.


JMS398: Ageism In Tech

Is ageism in tech real? If so, how do you get around it and still get hired? In this episode, I share 6 ways older developers have gotten past the preference for younger developers.


JMS397: 7 Skills to Go From Good to Great as a Developer

Inspired by the great Jessica Chan's post on Instagram. What are the non-tech skills you need to cultivate to go from good to great in web development? 4 of hers, three of mine.


JMS396: I can't get a developer job. What should I do?

8 things to look at and rework if you've been applying for developer jobs and can't get hired.


JMS395: I Am a Web Dev and I Am Burnt The F#*K Out

This Reddit thread blew up over the weekend with lots of devs feeling the same way. Is that you? If so, here's advice from the community and my own thoughts and how to deal with feeling burnt out and overwhelmed.