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LoR: U.N. Squadron

What happens when you cross and anime with a shoot ‘em up game and the most humanitarian entity on the planet? A flying army of mercenary’s knows as the U.N. Squadron! Craig and Chops go deep into the history of this game and its plausibility of actually happening in the real world, along with their retro relapse which seems like a faint dream….Oh and don’t forget to vote on this weeks Character Theme Music Bracket!


LoR: Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic is back again to stop Dr. Robotnik from taking over all of reality with the Chaos gems but this time…he’s in 3D?…Chops and Craig debate what level of “3D” this installment in the Sonic series is as well as get into a their retro relapse that is nothing like the title of the game. Also they’ll bring you the latest in the Character Theme Music Bracket for this season.


LoR: Batman: The Video Game

What’s that I see in the shadows of the night? A caped crusader of sorts? Why it’s Chops being stalked by the murderous Craig WK. Today, the two chat about ‘Batman: The Video Game’ for the NES. They cover the unique stages, the amazing music, Joker’s mysterious lighting ability, and the vast enemies in the game; like the Deadly Roomba with a knife duct taped to it. In the Retro Relapse, the team is relieved to finally play a game they enjoyed. Then, opposites attract as the first round of...


LoR: Metal Slug

Hit the dirt and take cover, because this week Craig WK and the Glitch are talking about Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001. The guys discuss their first experiences with the game, reveal the team that created the series, and breakdown the 2 VASTLY different endings. Next, our retro relapse has us running from ghosts and the Character Theme Music Bracket continues. So, save all the prisoners you can, it’s time for The Legend of Retro.


LoR: Kirby's Adventure

This week, Craig_WK and the Glitch fulfill their mighty appetite as they chat about Kirby’s Adventure on the NES. The guys go over the origin of Kirby, list off the possible powers in his new copy ability, and question the way German’s view Kirby. For the retro relapse, Craig fills us in on some retro gaming news he gathered from PAX West. Then, the first round of our Character Theme Music Bracket continues as an electric guitar battles the classical styles or an organ piano. Checking out...


LoR: Street Fighter Alpha 3

Get ready and go for broke in this week’s Legend of Retro as Craig WK and Xander discuss one of the games that built their relationship. Find out what makes this game so special for our hosts and why you should give it a shot if you haven’t already. Join the club in retro relapse and find out how the character theme bracket is going. All this and more on The Legend of Retro!


LoR: Animal Crossing

On this week’s episode of The Legend of Retro, Craig WK and Xander hop on a train to their new lives. Listen in as the guys can’t stop talking about one of the most simple games on the GameCube. Learn about the heartbreak as residents skip town where the grass isn’t necessarily greener, why squirrels hate Xander tons, and who woke up early to go fishing. Get lost on a short tour in Retro Relapse and get updated on the character theme bracket.


LoR: Grandia

Discovery and adventure await you on this weeks episode! Craig W.K. and Chops talk about the amazing game that is Grandia. With a digital remaster on its way, they will go into the story, game-play and the amazing score that accompanies one of the best RPG’s on the PlayStation. They’ll also get into this weeks tough match-up on the Character Theme music bracket and talk about today’s Retro Relapse.


LoR: Gears of War

In this week's episode of The Legend of Retro Xander, Craig WK, and TheGlitch have no regrets as they talk about Gears of War. Learn the guys favorite weapons, enemies, and beloved online experiences, get old testament with Retro Relapse, and dive into this weeks character theme matchup!


LoR: Tecmo Bowl

Do you know about Tecmo Bowl? Well, Bo knows. Unfortunately, due to scheduling issues, Bo Jackson was unable to join Craig_WK and the Glitch as they chat about this superb sports game on the NES. They discuss the game mechanics, the teams that are best to play as, and the surprisingly outstanding music. Next, things go ‘downhill’ in the retro relapse. Then, the guys finish up the show with two new entries into the Character Theme Music Bracket. All this and more, on this episode of the...


LoR: Super Mario Land

30 years ago today, North America was introduced to one of the greatest handheld games ever made, Super Mario Land on the Nintendo GameBoy. Chops, Craig_WK, and the Glitch sit down and chat about how this game came to be without the help of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto and the bizarre creatures that “explode” out of this game. The Mario adventure continues into our Retro Relapse. Then, our Character Theme Bracket gets mellow as two new contenders duke it out. All this and more, and this...


LoR: Simpsons Arcade Game

Today, we are talking about The Simpsons again, so Craig_WK and the Glitch brought back Sean the Arcade Phantom to discuss The Simpsons Arcade Game. The guys tell us who were their favorite characters to play as, point out hidden references to the show, and get confused about the bazaar things happening at the Channel 6 studio. For the Retro Relapse, we travel to a galaxy far, far way. Then, the Character Theme Bracket continues with two villains going head to head. Can the team reach Moe’s...


LoR: RollerCoaster Tycoon

Welcome boys and girls to the Legend of Retro Amusement Park. Today, Craig_WK & the Glitch get stuck on broken-down rides as Park Owner & Special Guest Deadite from the GameZilla Podcast discuss RollerCoaster Tycoon on the PC. They chat about their favorite parks, coaster designs, and best ways to earn money. Next, the retro relapse has us running from the cops, and our Character Theme’s Music Bracket continues on. So, prepare yourself for thrills & excitement but be careful of pee flavored...


LoR: Dragon Quest

Grab thy legendary sword, tis timeth for the Legend of Retro podcast. This week, Craig_WK & the Glitch cover the game that help create the JRPG genre, Dragon Quest. They discuss origin of the development team, the amazing artwork, and why walking up and down stairs SHOULDN’T BE SO DIFFICULT!! Next, the guys go on a similar adventure in this weeks retro relapse and continue on with the Character Theme Bracket…despite certain members of the team using a loophole for one of the entries.


LoR: Cool Spot

HA! HA! HA! HA! Welcome to this cool, crisp, and refreshing episode of the Un-Legend of Retro. This week Chops and Craig W.K. take you to a magical place with Cola-Nuts, James Bond references and a satisfying platformer on the Sega Genesis. Then, we find that future crimes don’t pay in the Retro Relapse, and the Character Theme’s Bracket continues as Nobuo Uematsu goes up against…Nobuo Uematsu. If you were looking for an episode with structure and consistent hosts, then you’ve gone to the...


LoR: Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire

Grab your Super Potions and Pokeballs because in our Season 5 opener, Chops and Craig W.K. talk about the third generation in the Pokemon series, Ruby and Sapphire. They’ll run down the list of enhancements this game made to the series as well as their favorite new Pokemon added to the Pokedex. They also cover this weeks Retro Relapse which is based on a popular detective movie that was released almost two decades before the game was. Then, Xander introduces our new bracket to help kick off...


LoR: Season 4 Finale - Fan Bracket

Its the end of this season for the Legend of Retro so we are going out listening to the tracks you picked to accompany our Intro Music bracket! As always there’s great music that we weren’t able to include in our bracket but we are happy we get to hear it here. Let us know what you think of the choices on our Discord or our FaceBook page. Enjoy this fan filled episode!


LoR: The Oregon Trail

YEEHAW!!! This week, Craig, Chops, and the Glitch pack up their bags and travel along The Oregon Trail. They breakdown the origin of the game, the scenarios you come across, and the many ways tragedy can strike in the 17th Century. Then, our wagon ride continues into the Retro Relapse but somehow Robots are involved and the Glitch forgot the Super Scope. Can the guys successfully ford their way to the end of the episode, or will dysentery set in? So, grab the cattle and the youngins, it’s...


LoR: Orphen: Scion of Sorcery

In this week’s episode Craig_WK tricks the Glitch into doing another episode about a game that’s based on an anime! While the Glitch is concerned about orphans, Craig_WK springs yet another insidious trap on the unsuspecting co-host with a Retro Relapse from another intellectual property from across the sea! All the while, our Opening Music Bracket heats up as it nears the end of the competition.


LoR: StarTropics

Take those bananas our of your ears, it’s time for the Legend of Retro Podcast. This week, Craig_WK and the Glitch go on an Island Adventure to help High School student Mike Jones discover the whereabouts of his missing Uncle. The voyage takes a wrong turn into the stomach of a giant whale where the only way out is to consult your gamers manual. Then, everybody goes Kung-fu fighting in the Retro Relapse and later, the Glitch is very pleased with the two competitors in this weeks Opening...